Friday, February 16, 2018

Keeping up with the blocks......

This month for Holly Cottage (Michelle Ridgway design)  stitch-a-long is the cottage block....

there is quite a bit more work in this one than the others but I do love doing this kind of detail and mix of applique and embroidery....

This is the last of the blocks and I have joined up the row....

Next all the rows go together and borders to add.....

At shows I try and avoid demonstrators showing the latest gadgets and things..... in my time I have bought some junk, and things I didn't find useful at all..... but I got sucked in again!!!

This time it is a little plate that helps clean silver and jewellery...... 

This is my very favourite little piece of silver I inherited.... I use it all the time as my sugar bowl...

I put it upside down as you can see the pretty work easier....

There it is with the plate...only after a short time the difference can be seen...

the plate causes hydrogen bubbles apparently and these knock the dirt... can you see how grubby the water has gone...

... after only a few minutes and no rubbing or scrubbing...  just a rinse and a wipe...

... my beautiful bowl is back in action....

Anybody used these?   Please warn me if there are problems....

The demonstrator cleaned quite a few of us onlookers jewellery - I have a silver chain which is lovely and clean now, including others had diamonds and gold which came up beautifully too ....

I'm impressed...... now I have a drawer of random silver cutlery to clean.... this makes it fun!!! haha

This week the last of the Anthology blocks were sewn!!!!!  We did 11 (but I added another which we had done last week to make a tidy picture!)

Very exciting ..... now I need to clear some time and my design wall to place them all out and start joining.....

This week's Dutch Treat block is a cottage .....

The little windows are supposed to be all individual little appliqued squares but I couldn't cope with that so I did a larger square with a line of back stitch.... (I'm not totally insane yet)

Righto, Gotta Go, that random cutlery is calling me!!!


  1. Good morning my friend ,wow that thing looks amazing i think its great that you dont have to do any scrubbing and boy it came out so clean,what a marvelous thing. Loving your blocks Fiona i must get back to mine,too many things distracting me,lol,hope your day is a good one Fiona xx

  2. Your HollyCoattage blocks are looking wonderful. Love the little cottage in the DT block, good idea with the window!! The Anthology blocks arecoming along really well. That silver cleanjng thingy works really well, not seen anything like that before.

  3. Hi Fiona, your silver cleaning plate thingo looks amazing! Great job on your cottage - so very pretty.

  4. I wish i'd seen that cleaner as i've a few things here need doing. Have fun with your random bits of cutlery. Love your cottage & the DT block. Can't wait to see anthology all put together. Hugs, xx

  5. Your pretty bowl looks marvelous! Silver oxide can be cleaned with all sorts of methods, so I'm sure the plate is safe. It's funny to me that you simplified the Dutch Treat cottage, but enjoyed all the detail work on the Holly Cottage block :)

  6. Your stitching is coming along nicely, as always. Didn’t your bowl come up well. I think there are a few methods that work like that, some with aluminium foil and washing soda. I don’t think there are any problems.

  7. What a pretty bowl, all shiny and new again! Looking forward to seeing your blocks set into quilts, too.

  8. those blocks just keep on coming! And that's a fun way to clean silver, much easier

  9. Holly Cottage Christmas is looking great! That is the sweetest bowl and it certainly has come up a treat. In my opinion there ain't no simplifying those DT blocks lol! Legend is what you are!

  10. Very pretty cottage block. DT block looks great especially the window :)

  11. I do love that Holly Cottage!!! Your bowl is so pretty, and looks really lovely now - what an interesting concept. Better than a toothbrush and polish, lol.

  12. Wow! I have lots of silver pretties that need a clean! I might have to get some details of this sheet from you ... Or rent it from you for an afternoon! :0) Pretty blocks coming together in all your projects, Muss Clever Clogs. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  13. Well done on the cottage block and getting the row together.
    And you have reached the last of the Anthology blocks as well. I see a lot of finishes coming soon!
    The silver cleaner looks interesting but I know nothing about it, sorry to say.

  14. What a lovely cottage and I love what is on your design wall.

  15. The cottage is very beautifully done Fiona... it's going to be a gorgeous quilt!
    And that silver cleaning looks interesting... never heard of the product but I certainly hope it's a good quality thing, given the things that many of the purchasers will clean with it.

  16. I don't think there will be problems with the silver cleaner. When making silver jewellery and other silver items requiring soldering, we use a mild acid solution to clean the silver up. This doesn't damage the silver, so can't see your method damaging it at all. I would warn you to make sure no steel is put in the solution (i.e. using tweezers to take it out), as this can copper plate silver.

  17. I did have one of those plates I wonder where it is - I have 2 silver cutlery sets that I am sure could be cleaned up...except we don't use them so why clean them??? rather be sewing!
    Always gorgeous sewing.

  18. I do love the fabrics you are using for your AHCC :-) The silver cleaner seems like a good idea - wow the difference in your sugar bowl...! Nice to see the progress on your projects too.


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