Thursday, February 22, 2018

... a new Flimsy....

Monday night I spread my blocks over the design wall ......

Tuesday morning ready for sewing with the girls trusty little Elna came out....

.... the initials of my four children in this block....

... representation of grand daughters...

 .... and grandsons.....

... and Africa (though I don't think this is an African elephant)

I didn't realise until I had sewn them together but the D and F (Hubz and I) are sewn together..... Aaaaaaawwww - it must be a sign!

... the intial of my maiden name....

... and the initial of my maternal grandparents (who I loved so much)...

.... and of course a little dog.... as long as I remember we have had dogs in our home...

... and there we have it.

I think I'm not adding borders - I'll just bind in that sashing colour.

Widget was having a day off school so he was trying to help me get an outside picture....

... but it was too windy!!!

I had this to say on my Facebook.... but I'm interested in your comments .....

"Two friends and I have been getting together regularly for a few years. Since August last year we have been working on this quilt in our own choices of colours.
I get comments about my ‘hobby’ being expensive so I have done some sums. I’m estimating the cost of the fabric as $200 for the top of the quilt. We have spent around 160 hours working on our blocks - so that’s $1.25/hour entertainment costs. (A movie of 1 1/2 hrs is $16 I think). That’s not counting the priceless time with friends, sharing problems, laughing, crying and sometimes just comfortable silence. So it’s cheap entertainment and you end up with a quilt and some special memories! Now there is still more fabric to get and wadding to buy and quilting and binding to be done (estimate another $200 for materials). My ‘work’ is the quilting and for this size I would charge $180. So direct costs for a quilt like this is about $580 and that’s not costing out 200 hours of work. You can work that one out at what you think time is valued at.
Although it might be cheap entertainment it is an object of value - it’s not a cheap handmade gift ...... just saying ..... and no I am not able to do your mending or sew your curtains because you don’t have time ... my job is quilting and my time is valuable too."

I don't often publicly rant, but this time I did! 

These blocks were all made from The 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology by Carol Hopkins.  182 blocks.

Righto, Gotto Go..... a flimsy to fold ..... and a backing to make?????


  1. The quilt is fantastic, great to have special pieces on it as well. Love the helpers photos.....and well said, why do folks need to say anything about our hobbie,they should keep their opinions to themselves.....there is no price on doing what makes you happy.

  2. Ahh--what about those that smoke--that is very expensive hobby--or those that drink a 6 pack of soda or beer every single day--
    one can not put a 'price' on something like quilting or knitting--cause in the end you have a useful product to keep you warm or to enjoy--so you just keep right on stitching and don't let others ideas upset you---us quilters know what we are doing and why we are doing it--
    enjoy, di

  3. The quilt looks amazing Fiona, love the helper photos!So special to have all the special family blocks. Well done on your rant, I get the same sometimes....I figure quilting is cheaper than buying lots of jewelry or designer hand bags, we are not out constantly shopping for clothes or having overseas trips...people can mind their own business, if you are happy, the family is happy then there is no problem. You cannot put a price on any hand made thing.

  4. Anthology is a stunner and I love all those special touches than mean so much to you. Widget did give me a giggle but how kind to help Nana out. Handmade quilts are so much more than fabric and thread. I have had personal experience of the love and affection that can be sewn within a quilt and bring like minded people together in friendship......well said my friend xx

  5. I just love your Anthology and counting it as a finish for me too hehehehe.. I always tell ppl IM a quilter not a sewer, I do not mend or take up pants :) ohh unless I do it for myself or the kids lol

  6. So many special memories stitched into this quilt......never thought of the cost in that way .....but yes priceless memories of high value........time $$$$value is never factored in......
    I like rant......

  7. Wonderful, Fiona! I don't think any of us need to apologise for our hobbies or interests - why should we? I can easily spend (and have done) more than twice the price of your quilt costs without labour on a hand-made instrument which gives me pleasure to own and to play, but I don't count the cost because that seems immaterial.

  8. Hi Fiona i love your Anthology quilt its stunning. I dont know why people dont mind their own business it has nothing to do with them with what you spend your time and money on,and i for one have a beautiful quilt made with lots of love from friends around the world and my quilt is priceless to me ,it meant so much to me at a time when i was rock bottom,lots of love goes into making a project or quilt,you do what pleases you my friend as you only get one chance to live this life.You have every right to rant my friend,keep enjoying what you love doing and i for one get a lot of pleasure from seeing and sometimes receiving your beautiful gifts xx

  9. Oh Fiona I just love that so many of those blocks have meaning to them! I do hope you are going to be keeping that quilt!!! What a beautiful heirloom it will be... I missed your rant on fb. But as far as I am concerned I have no problem with spending money on my hobby - I don't spend it on makeup, fancy clothes, shoes, cigarettes, alcohol, manicures, ... I think us quilters would spend less on our hobby than most people spend on things they deem "necessary" in their lives!! ~ end of my rant ~ xx

  10. Oh Fiona! I feel your pain! Costs are all relative and your time does have a value. Quilting is definitely cheaper and more beneficial to health than some other things. I love this quilt with all the personal touches in it. It's going to be a special one to use

  11. Beautiful flimsy Fiona. Agree with you entirely. xx

  12. Just stunning. You must be so pleased with how it has turned out, especially with all its little personal touches. I get your rant. So many people either think we are extravagant with our hobby or at the other end of the scale want you to make a quilt for them expecting it to cost maybe $50.

  13. It is a delight to see your quilt top come together and look wonderful.
    Love the way you have played with your blocks and made sure that quite a few have special meanings.
    How gorgeous that your grandson did try to help with the photos. That is special.
    You can rant away all you like - because we all understand!!

  14. Such a lovely post explaining the additions to the blocks which make this Anthology quilt extra special impossible to out a price on it . I've had that same rant 😊 Your quilt is amazing !

  15. I did lots of liking of this on FB but I'll pop in here and say woohoo and well done some more!! You are ranting to the right (or wrong!!) people here, I'm sure we're all in your camp..... I had a cheap day yesterday - made (the equivalent of) a FQ last all afternoon - now that equates to about $1.40 an hour - cheap hobby :-)

  16. Wow isn't that just gorgeous, and how meaningful!!! Great windy pics with Widget. I enjoyed your rant - go for it girl.

  17. I'm with you 100% on the rant! It's nobody's business how we spend our own money, and quilting creates more than just "a blanket." Friendships, peacefulness, self confidence, comfort for the recipient...all these things have more value than cash anyway.

    Your flimsy is wonderful and I love all the special letters and pictures you've worked into the blocks. And the time with Widget while he "helps"....precious!!

  18. I am lucky in that I can afford to quilt, but I know many that skimp in other areas, to afford their hobby/art/passion. I give away quilts regularly and the last one I valued (6 years ago) was a kinder raffle prize, it was valued at $1,000 (insurance replacement) and we raised around $400. I always compare that to the cost it would have been for us to all bake a cake and then sell the cake for less then $10.....the profit margin is still terrible! I would have made and given the quilt away anyway to a friend anyway and I see this as my choice.
    I know people with hobbies that are more expensive then mine, golf for one! But my time is invaluable and if I get paid by the hour for my profession, I can demand to be paid for the hour for my art. I dont argue with the plumber about what he is paid, nor the surgeon. If people ask me to make them a quilt I tell them its $1,000 because that is the cost of the last one (single bed) that I had valued....they dont proceed. I dont want to make quilts on demand, but if someone else does, I belive you are entitled to be paid for your time and charge accordingly.

  19. Love your quilt & it's personal touches. It's gorgeous. Good on you for your rant. One time someone discovered i had a sewing machine & told me i could do some repairs for them, without offering to pay i might add. My reply was " i don't sew i quilt". They were stumped i can tell you. Never asked me again. lol. Hugs,xx

  20. That is such a fabulous quilt - how quirky with all the letters etc.

    I love the "mathematics" of your Quilt Value - so true when you look at it that way - and compare it to the cost of cigarettes or alcohol - we are way in front.

  21. Oh, it’s simply wonderful! What a fantastic finish! Yes, needlearts hobbies are expensive but totally worth it!

  22. Well said. Quilting is cheaper than therapy! And what's the cost of golf, skiing... Hobbies keep us sane and joyful - priceless

  23. Fiona, congrats I'm so pleased for you, this is a triumph of skill & dedication... and I love the details... the initials, the dog, the depiction of boy & girl... all those things cannot be valued when it comes to something handmade to such a high standard.

    As for your 'rant' -- YOU GO GIRL -- I hear the issue of costs from people who don't sew, but who smoke, drink, have tattoos, gamble or do a lot of shopping. As you point out, our hobby has social & well-being benefits, as well as beautiful quilts as a result; which is more than can be said for most of those other activities.


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