Friday, September 1, 2017

September = Spring

One thing I love about where I live is the seasons.  Whilst we do not have snow we can get cold in winter... so log fires, and soup and extra quilts, ugg boots and jumpers.....  and it's a short and relatively mild season and mostly filled with happy sunshine.....

Spring on the other hand.... is glorious.... cool evenings, warm days, still holding on the comfy socks for a while, shooting buds, spring flowers, the carnival, bbq's on the patio ... also pollen and sneezes ... there is always a price to pay...

1 September is the first day of Spring for us, and though the weather doesn't automatically change to me its a day of hope - dreaming of what is to come... I love it....

The beginning of the month is also show off what I have done in August.....

Linking up with Joy for Finishing Stitches these are blocks I have completed whilst working on my Unfinished Projects...  

4 more blocks in the Dutch Treat Quilt done in reverse applique....

and for OPAM hosted by Kris and Peg I have 6 finished projects... my first big crochet project - a ripple blanket, a baby quilt, a Christmas banner and 3 scrap baskets

The baby giraffe quilt was one of my UFO's at the beginning of the year one completed item for Finishing stitches...

Meanwhile I started a new project (it's only fair I do that since I finished some!) ..... sewing along with the No Fuss Stitch-a-long with this cute quilt with stitcheries and I am using some of my older ranges of Tilda fabrics...

Righto, Gotto Go.....I liked Susan's idea of cutting all the pieces for the above quilt so I want to start pressing my fabrics to start that today....


  1. I just posted about looking forward to Autumn! I am not fond of Winter or Summer but Spring and Fall are wonderful!

  2. Good morning my friend,love what spring means to you ,i too look forward to warmer weather.
    I love seeing your Dutch treat blocks,they look great using different colours.
    Well done with your beautiful finishes for last month Fiona xx

  3. Spring means SuMMeR is on its way... I LoVe the summer heat.
    Great finishes for August too... xox

  4. I am getting ready for fall, it means more time inside and time for more projects, lol.
    Hopefully it will be a mild winter. Lots of wonderful projects.


  5. Love spring time too, love the smells in the air and knowing th weather is going to warm up soon. Love your DT blocks, well done on all your finishes.

  6. I love this month as it's the start of autumn which is my favourite time of year :) look forward to seeing your September projects

  7. An excellent month for achievements.....I don't mind spring, but it does mean the weather is getting warmer and summer is coming and I don't do summer very well......autumn is my favourite time.

  8. Love the Dutch Treat blocks. They look so lovely. Great finishes. Hugs,xx

  9. Beautiful work, love the dutch blocks.

  10. I have been waiting for Spring to arrival and frighten away the cold. So far, so good, but Monday looks like Winter sneaking back for us.
    You have had a busy time with a lot of finishes. I always enjoy seeing the Dutch blocks.
    Yes, you deserve a new project!!

  11. Happy Spring! Loving your Dutch treat blocks!! Thanks for joining in again this month :) xx

  12. Good on you with your finishes Fiona...nice to see them all in one post - very impressive looking :-) You've made a beautiful start on your No-Fuss as well.... which colour thread are you using? I always enjoy the change in seasons, Spring appears to be well and truely here for us.

  13. A significant tally for the month - well done. I hesitate to welcome Spring - it means summer is too close. (Ditto Jennifer above)


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