Monday, September 18, 2017

Blocks and Gardens.....

Last week I think us Twba Tuesday Girls set a record and got 8 of our blocks sewn.....

Quite a good effort considering all those tiny half square triangles....

and so my quilt is growing.... 36/196 blocks.... this will be a huge quilt I think.  I'll see how my fabric goes - not sure I have enough of this range so I might do another one with half the blocks..

It is the season for our annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and Hubz and I went to visit a few of the gardens this weekend....

This one won the country garden section - we enjoy a trip out bush so it was perfect.  Although the countryside is so so brown and dry there was this delightful little oasis full of colour...  

Another little block for the No Fuss Stitch-a-long has been sewn....

The Grand Champion garden is not far from where we live and in a smallish block in suburbia is this one full of Australian Natives.... they were really doing their spring thing and the birds just loved it....  Amazing how many plants they managed to fit into the space.

We definitely want to do more of these plants in our garden.... 

Dutch Treat blocks are coming along - I do one in between some of the other more relaxing stitcheries....

all those little pips were a bit of a challenge....

The last place we visited was an Historic home where both the homestead and the gardens had been opened.  It was not a competition garden so it was lovely that they let us go and have a mooch around.

Harrow house was another bush drive which is always lovely.... again very dry farmland around it

Karen over in the USA with family who are helping people affected by the latest Hurricane is collecting blocks for an auction to help an agency which took in pets during the hurricane to keep them safe.  It's her birthday coming up and she wanted some doggy blocks....

I made the middle one first but didn't think the contrast was good but I will send it anyway....

The blocks are pretty cute and provided free from Sew Fresh Quilts ....

Righto, Gotto Go.... Monday and grown up life is back ........


  1. Arrgh grown up life. Love your blocks. The gardens are so pretty. The little dog faces are so cute. Hugs, xx

  2. Good morning my lovely friend,boy you sure have been busy,love those blocks,i didn't realize how small the pieces were,well done to you and the ladies.
    Thankyou for showing us the pretty gardens,love that yellow is it Warratah,its stunning.
    Your doggie blocks are so cute,Karen will love those,hope your day is a good one Fiona xx

  3. WOW!!! Just a fabulous post with lots of lovely blocks and beautiful gardens..
    Love the Doggy blocks and will check out the link. Thanks XX

  4. Those gardens are so beautiful. But those doggies are steal the show. Too cute. Maybe that DT block was a tough one but it is gorgeous!! Have an excellent day! ;^)

  5. Beautiful blocks! Your home town is just so lovely at this time of the year. Natives are great and you get nice feathery visitors as a bonus. Sounds like a lovely weekend wandering xx

  6. Love your blocks......gorgeous gardens too, but I have to say the native one really speaks to me, I love it.

  7. Not quite sure what is my favourite ... you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Interesting to see the garden tours so early - but I guess the seasons are slightly different over in Toowoomba! How beautiful they are. Lovely stitching too, I'm impressed with how well your Anthology is growing. Beautiful doggy blocks :-)

  9. Beautiful blocks and gardens, nice combination of how to spend your time...sewing and looking at other peoples gardens, bliss!

  10. Those are beautiful blocks and a lot of piecing, but coming along nicely.
    The gardens are beautiful. I decided to move the trailer and use the area for gardens and a future gazebo, so I have a tranquil place to sit outside and nice for guests.


  11. Those little half square triangles... how fiddly but how great they look! It's going to be an amazing quilt! Love the dog blocks too... xx

  12. More of your amazing blocks. I agree, 8 is a darn good effort in one sitting.
    What a delight to be able to visit these lovely gardens. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.
    And the dog blocks are delightful!

  13. You are one busy beaver Fiona. Your blocks are beautiful both the Anthology blocks and the DT blocks. The gardens are a riot of colour, thanks for sharing. Love the dog blocks they are very cute.

  14. Gorgeous gardens, I love a colourful garden. Great doggy blocks and of course all of your work. xx

  15. Love your puppy blocks! I need to make at least one for Karen now that I'm back home. And I always love when you share garden photos, since your local plants are so interesting and different from ours :)

  16. Oh, Fiona, I am 'sew' blessed! Thank you very much. You are such a busy quilter, I can't believe you had time to make not one, but three pups for me! I enjoyed your beautiful garden photos today! So many new to me varieties. XO


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