Thursday, September 14, 2017

How fun when a friend comes through town!  Michelle and I met in blogland and it's great that we get to catch up every now and then..... this time at her home from home in a campsite ...

Tea, biccies and a couple of hours disappeared with chat chat..... 

... we have a no gift rule for catch ups but Michelle was naughty and had found this gorgeous piece of linen/cotton for me.... I will have to think up something special to make with it... I do love birds and these are gorgeous fat ones with character!

Gotta love a rule breaker! Thanks so much Michelle....x

One of the designers at the weekend was Lauren Wright - she is a local Toowoomba girl and only in the last year did I hear of her....

Lauren had her first book printed recently - and it is very pretty....

I was lucky enough to be asked to do a bit of quilting for Lauren when she was preparing projects for the book.....

How sweet to see this mention in the book - 

... and this is a picture of the quilt from the book..... 

...big free flowing feathers to go with her lovely applique....

Lauren had a bunch of her projects on display - some from the book and some from individual patterns....

... as you can see she focusses on smaller items - with a range of EPP, applique, wool and embroidery....

Her book can be found online at the usual places ..... I am lucky she is having a book launch right here at The Quilters Angel later this month and I can get a copy and have it signed!!

Our widget came to stay at the weekend.... I snapped this picture in the early morning!  Haha - spot the kid!

Righto, Gotto Go.... I'm going to make a doggy block today!


  1. What an awesome day you had with Michelle. Love the fabric too. The birds are so cute, hiding in the bushes and all. Lauren has a very interesting book out. Hmmm... will have to keep my eyes open for that one. Enjoy your day! ;^)

  2. Hi Fiona so glad you and Michelle got the chance to catch up,bet it was chatting non stop for you both,lol.
    Love your new birdie fabric,nice to see you being spoilt.
    Oh i have just ordered Laurens new book cant wait for it to come,great to see you are becoming known for your quilting skills,lovely to see your beautiful work in her new book.
    lol couldnt find your munchkin at first,lol.xx

  3. How lovely to catch up with Michelle.....and what gorgeous fabric! Such pretty projects in Lauren's book, you are lucky to have a local designer and to be acknowledged in her book too......mind you, what I have seen of your quilting is beautiful, so no wonder.

  4. how lovely to be mentioned in print, great appreciation for the beautiful work you do

  5. Lovely chat up with Michelle. Gorgeous gift.. Hmm would make a pretty bag ???
    What pretty patterns in Lauren's book.
    Nice to get a mention for your beautiful work...

  6. P.S did have to look for Widget....LOL

  7. Great you girls got to catch to again... Cute fabric......

  8. Wonderful for you and Michelle to catch up, that fabric is verh pretty. Laurens vook is lovely, great quilting from yourself. I had t OK search for Widget too, he is well buried!!

  9. HOw fun to meet up with Michelle! That new book looks quite lovely. I'll have to check it out. Congrats on your beautiful work, and getting mentioned in the book!!

  10. How fun that you are in Lauren's book! And I love fat little birds, too, like Michelle gave you. I have a stash of bird fabrics that I can't bring myself to cut up. Gotta change that attitude...fabric does not reach it's full potential until we sew with it...

  11. Lovely to catchup, almost under the shade of a Coolibah tree lol! LOVE my quilts. How gorgeous is Laurens book and lovely you got a mention for your beautiful work too. My grandies go to bed with heaps too lol! Definitely spot the kid!

  12. What an honour to be published - well at least your name an a picture of your quilting is in there!

  13. How nice having a catch up with Michelle. Lauren's book looks lovely.

  14. Lovely to meet up with a fellow blogger - not much chance of that here! Gorgeous quilting for Lauren and widget looks very snug!

  15. It is so good to be able to catch up with friends like that.
    And isn't it exciting to see your work in print!! Lovely quilting.

    1. How nice that you were able to meet up with Michelle, I am sure you both enjoyed the visit. I made a doggy block today with another one cut and ready to sew 😊 Blogger is making it extremely difficult to make comments lately, don't know what the issue is 😣

  16. A jam packed post - I can see a Widget ear. Must look out for that book - good to support our Aussie designers - especially QLD designers.

  17. How nice to catch up with Michelle! Gorgeous fabric :) So exciting to have you mentioned in Lauren's book and of course pics of your lovely quilting! xx

  18. What a compliment to your skills Fiona, to be asked to contribute to the book.
    Wonderful time with Michelle, and with Widget too.

  19. How special Fiona - spend the time with Michelle - I love that she broke the rules, that fabric looks so cute and B what an honour to be asked to quilt for the book - you are becoming quite a published quilter - wonderfulxx and C how cool to have the Widget come to stay - love that pic of him sleeping!


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