Friday, February 3, 2017


At the beginning of each year I notice quite a few challenges, swaps and sign ups in blog land.  I do love these sort of things.  I get very motivated to work on things if I have a 'group challenge' and also it's a great way of meeting new bloggers, which in turn gives new ideas, and new projects ....

I am thinking carefully about what I join up with so that I am realistic as well as doing things I want to do....


Peg and Kris host OPAM, which is basically keeping a running list of the projects you make with a goal of doing at least one per month.  It's not stressful and you don't get eliminated if you don't get a project done.  The big count is all the project all of us who take part have done and we join with bloggers world wide....

You can read all about OPAM on Kris's blog HERE, or on Peg's blog HERE

In January these are the projects I got completed....


Joy is hosting Finishing Stitches, another stress free way of working on projects, but these ones are specifically from your stash of UFOs.

Joy will do a linky each month that we can link a blog post to, and there are two parts to this challenge.  One part is for a complete project finish and the other part is the completion of a block for a project.  Again, stressfree, you don't get eliminated and you can take part in one or both sections....

Finishing Stitches Monthly UFO Challenge

You can read more about the UFO challenge at Joy's blog HERE

Of the projects I finished these one's were UFO's (projects I had started before 2017)

Part A is completed projects

Part B is blocks towards a project

These are the latest Dutch Treat blocks I have done...


Somehow I seem to have collected up a bundle of scraps - of all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes.  I really hate throwing any pieces away so am happy to participate in a challenge that will use some of these pieces

So Scrappy's blog is HERE and there is heaps of ideas from people of what to do with those scraps...

I am doing two parts for my scrap challenge

Firstly I will make a basket in the colours to hold the relevant colour scraps

... and then I am making lots of mini houses ....

February's colour is Sea Green - those ones that are not blue, nor are they green....

Another stressfree challenge, link in when something is done 

Righto..... I'm off to see which UFO's to work on this month..... are you joining in with any of these?  Or which ones do you like doing? (if any) 


  1. Sounds like you will be busy Fiona...good to find stress free things to be doing though. I am joining you in the Rainbow scrap challenge. Enjoy.

  2. You really got a lot of beautiful things made last month and the challenges look like fun ways to keep the projects moving and finished.


  3. Great finishes and challenges Fiona.

    I'll be joining you in OPAM and just trying to sew for enjoyment.


  4. Great finishes and challenges Fiona.

    I'll be joining you in OPAM and just trying to sew for enjoyment.


  5. Love the mini houses, how big are they?

  6. love the colours you've got for this month. Lovely seeing all the little projects getting finished

  7. OOOh - you are such a temptress.... I am already in OPAM - and the one from Joy sounds easy enough too - so I'm off to join in...Been tempted by the rainbow one - but as much as I love your houses - I might go back to when they did crazy blocks...that sounds like a better option for me!

  8. I have joined OPAM again this year as Kris and Peg keep me on track....
    Have fun playing along with your challenges....lovely baskets and cute little houses...

  9. ooh! will have to dig through the scrap bin for blue greens. Some lovely finishes there - you are so inspiring!

  10. Awesome finishes my friend ,I will enjoy watching your progress with your challenges xx

  11. Looks like you have a lot of sea green to keep you busy this month. I love Rainbow Scrap Challenge as you know. I haven't fished out the green from the sea (stash) yet. I'm keeping it for this weekend. I like the idea from Joy, Finishing Stitches. I also participate in Scraptastic Tuesday at Nicki's block. It is a once a month (second Tuesday) show and tell and there are prices to be won. Any scrappy project is welcome. You did excellent work on your OPAM for January. Thanks for the links. ;^)

  12. Great collection of sea green fabric, I can only think of one print in my scrap bag that fits this colour :( But will have lots of fun looking for more! Purple blocks look great, especially the houses.

  13. Wow, you are getting organised! It is smart to only choose the challenges that are realistic for you. Good luck!!

  14. So many great ways to find encouragement, Fiona... OPAM is going great still, so many people find it motivating. I must go check out some of the links! Thanks for posting them. x

  15. great way to keep motivated and inspired too.
    Love your little houses and your new dutch treat blocks.....amazing

  16. Great post Fiona - I keep looking at all the fabulous new projects there are to start (fresh projects for a fresh new year) but my Palace is groaning under the weight of all my previously started projects.... love those linkys you have listed for giving that little push that's needed to get those moved along somewhat.

  17. Great challenges to join :) And I think you are going to be one of the most productive people who've joined up! xx


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