Sunday, February 26, 2017

Road Trip

Last week Michelle and I met up at our half way spot .... just for coffee which turned out for coffee, and lunch... and afternoon..... lots of giggles  trying to stretch my arms out far enough for pictures....

I got a lovely bundle of pressies from Michelle.... very spoilt.  The kingfisher is a Michelle original and I happened to have a handy frame just the right size at home.....

thank you Michelle - I love all my new goodies....xx

The week began with the end of the Splendid Sampler blocks... here are all of mine together.... in amongst the fallen gum leaves...

I have started sewing some sashing and corner stones....

 ... just waiting for my design board to be freed up so that I can lay the blocks out and see where I want them all to go....

I love doing my hand stitching in front of the TV... so a couple more Dutch Treat blocks have been completed....

I like the way this one is with one side in reverse.... 

Righto, Gotto Go....  coffee time....


  1. Beautiful work on the kingfisher, what a special gift.

  2. Good morning my friend,so good you girls could catch up.
    Happy birthday to you Fiona,i love the gifts Michelle gave you especially the kingfisher,what a beautiful piece of art work,hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  3. My Gosh! This Michelle is so generous. She always have goodies for you and always lovely goodies too. She must be super rich! She's rich in talent and has a rich heart full of love too. That kingfisher is gorgeous! Your DT blocks are gorgeous too. Such tiny little pieces. Love, love, love the reversed one. Awesome work. ;^)

  4. What wonderful gifts and the painting is beautiful.
    You really have a lot of wonderful projects going, they are all going to beautiful when done.


  5. Quilty and crafty friends are so special! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with the talented Michelle. Gum trees are among my very favorites, even though they really only grow in California in the US. There was a big one in my grandparents' backyard and I'll always associate the smell of eucalyptus with my love for them. Your blocks looks great among the dusty hued leaves!

  6. Beautiful gifts and so nice to meet half way and have so much fun :)

  7. It looks like you've had a nice week - starting in the best possble way with a coffee/lunch date with a lovely friend and a birthday....and followed by some yummy sewing :-) Michelle really was very generous but we all know you deserve it :-)

  8. I do love our catchups! Great to hand deliver the gifties...So glad you like them. Your DT blocks are amazing...the reversed shadow one is lovely. Looking forward to seeing your Splendid Sampler blocks together xx

  9. A Michelle original - lucky you! And other delights too. Well done with all those SS blocks - I am looking forward to seeing all the variations of finished quilts around blogland. xx

  10. What a perfect catch up!
    Can't wait to see your sampler blocks together.
    Gorgeous new Dutch blocks. They are both wonderful

  11. How nice to have met up with Michelle for your birthday and receive those gifts especially the Kingfisher..
    How good to have completed your SS blocks and also work on the sashing..
    Love those DT blocks..

  12. What lovely birthday goodies! Love those blocks, too.

  13. Friends are such treasures! And so are those applique blocks you are making! XO

  14. Awww aren't you a special one... well, we all knew that, but lovely to get those gifts from Michelle and be able to catch up with her. Love your SS blocks, they are so pretty xx

  15. Too much fun when you two get together. Look at that pile of blocks. And then another project on the wall! And then all The Dutch treat blocks as well. Busy, busy!

  16. well done on getting all the splendid sampler blocks done, can't wait to see it come together


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