Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Our dear little Grandieboy Blair turned one this week... he celebrated by standing on his own for the first time - clever boy

what a sweet little man he is...

- and even more wonderful (for me!) he also learnt to blow his Nana kisses over the internet - 

- concentrating hard on blowing my kiss - 

... he laughs a lot too ...

Well I love to sew and I love even more to sew with friends.... so that's a good reason to celebrate too?

Chookyblue is having a weekend sewing party and we are all invited!!!

Go HERE to read up about it ....  Chooky has been making some design boards - I have been gifted these before and ended up making a few and they are so useful....  just look at her recent blog posts 

I might not be able to join in all weekend (Hubz fancies a road trip on Saturday) but I certainly will be there on Sunday.

... and another reason to celebrate....

Tuesday girls got together to sew the LAST TWO BLOCKS of our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler yesterday...

Wedding Ring 1 - 37 pieces

True Lovers Knot (20 pieces)

All 140 blocks have been completed in 11 months - it has been so fun and so motivating to sew with a couple of wonderful friends - we are so lucky to be able to get together each week (bar a few) to do this project.

Thats a total of 4515 pieces for the blocks (I may well be wrong but I'm not doing a recount!!!)  Today I am going to a UFO sewing morning at The Quilters Angel and I will take these blocks to sew on sashings - there's 4 for each block so lots of that to do!!!

And what better way to celebrate than to start a new quilt??????

This is Dutch Treat and there are a few of us sewing it - 3 here and 2 internet friends - it will be fun seeing the different colours and encouraging one another

Lyn noticed that there was a name on hers though she brought it new... it turns out we all have it in our new books.  I guess they took copies of a book when they reprinted????

I have some different coloured fabrics for the background and doing all my foreground in this very sweet blue floral Tilda fabric... it gives just the perfect look I wanted

5 of Diamonds

I most certainly struggled - never having done recessed (or reverse) applique before I am trying to get a rhythm and direction of sewing and those little corners are very hard ... but it's done!


  1. Nicely done....I've not even tried reverse applique (and curves, even!). That little guy just begs to be hugged!!!! You certainly have been the busy one!!!! Enjoy your "holiday" trek......hugs.....

  2. Hooray! You did a fantastic job on your Sylvia Sampler! Well done on your Dutch Treat too....clever girl! A big happy birthday to your darling little boy too xx

  3. OH! MY!What an awesome little boy! I see a lot of children from 0-4 years old as it is my job, so I know a beautiful baby when I see one and this is truly a cutie pie! Just adorable.
    Congratulations on finishing all the blocks of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. Can't wait to see it all together. Your new project sounds real fun and challenging. I love your first block. Now, got to go, hop over to Chookyblue and see what this weekend is all about. ;^)

  4. Happy birthday to your little man FIONA he sure is a cutie.
    Love your blocks,well done my friend :)

  5. What a sweet little guy and love the static hair, lol. Those blocks are beautiful and beautiful fabrics.


  6. He sure is a cutie. Love the blocks & will eagerly follow the progress of you Dutch Treat quilt. Hugs, xx

  7. my word..that is a lot of pieces....and if you added the sashing . . . Dutch Treat is off to a great start.

  8. woohoo....getting ready for the girls as I type........just got to move some lambs and I am busy busy........glad you will be joining in the fun and have a nice day Sat if you don't join us.......woohoo Sylvia all the joining.......

  9. Love the fluffy hair! Well done on finishing all those blocks too - a great achievement. Where did you get your copy of the Delft book? Seems funny that the original owner's name wasn't removed first.

  10. Lovely post Fiona. Hope you make it to Chookys day...xox

  11. What a gorgeous little lad! What an achievement with those blocks. Enjoy your trip away on Saturday and have fun sewing with your friends.

  12. Happy birthday to your grandson!! Well done on completion of the Bridal sampler blocks!!! Fantastic achievement!! Have a great day out on Saturday and we will see you Sunday for the party!

  13. Happy Birthday to the little Cutie! So many Congratulations on the completion of the Sylvia blocks......awesome job!

  14. Belated birthday wishes to that handsome young man. Great work finishing all those Bridal Sampler blocks. No breathing time between projects?

  15. What a cutie your little grandson is - birthday wishes across the miles! Wow, that's great to hear you've done all your Bridal Sampler blocks and I am happy to take your word for it and not demand a re-count! I love your new project too, it's going to be scrummy.

  16. Congrats on your Sylvia's sampler blocks finish. Looking forward to our journey with Dutch treat ,love your block fantastic effort !!
    Happy birthday ,such a cutie !!!

  17. Hello Fiona,

    Happy Birthday Blair, he has beautiful eyes and a lovely smile and looks very happy to see you. My goodness having that name on the book is a little weird,makes me wonder what goes on in the publishing world. Good luck with your new project, it looks like it will be another big but portable project.

    Happy days.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos of your grandson. I do love the way the internet keeps us in touch across the seas.
    Congratulations on the final block completion. I a so impressed with how your group has kept everyone on track.
    And how odd to see the name printed in the book!!

  19. Fiona he is just adorable, Happy Birthday to the handsome little man - what a doll! I love your blocks, can't believe that's the last of them, wow that's a lot of pieces. I'd need friends with whips to keep me going, lol. Love the look of your new project!

  20. got to love that grin! I can't believe it's been eleven months to get all those blocks made and you've made a quick start on the next one. Looking forward to seeing the progress

  21. Blair is a little sweetie! Congratulations on finishing all your Bridal blocks - is it really 11 months, goodness time fly's. I like the look of your new Delft block and am looking forward to following it's progress. xx

  22. Your grandbaby is priceless. You are so lucky.
    Oh dear, You finished Sylvia. I had better get move on to keep up with hand sewing on Dutch Treat.
    Kathleen Mary

  23. What a cheeky grin, Happy birthday to your grandson, where would we be without skype? Congratulations on finishing your blocks, wow what alot of pieces and now onto a new quilt too. No stopping you :-) xcx

  24. Blair is such a sweet little guy. they grow up too quickly...
    Sylvia's Bridal looks will look fabulous all joined together and of course you needed something to do when it's done...You certainly picked a challenging one to do and your first block looks great..
    I am also joining Chooky's Party and playing with one of Toni's quilts...


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