Saturday, June 18, 2016

The week that was......

What a week for all sorts of reasons - Hooray for weekends!!!  Even though I don't go out to a 'paid job' I still looooovvvvvveeee weekends.   Maybe because Hubz is home and I can pretend to be the Boss for a couple of days and supervise activities????

This sweet Christmas stitchery (from Michelles Christmas book) was appliqued on some wool and stuffed to make a sweet door hanger.....

I only started with door hangers a couple of years ago (through blogging) and now I love them and want one for each door in the house!!!

Michelles book has a whole bunch of patterns and I want to make most of them.   Do you find pattern books such great value?
(no I don't get freebies to shout out for her, yes, she is a good friend of mine)

I sewed all my Sylvia sampler blocks together on Tuesday.... tidies it up so much and I love how it is looking.....

you can see the extra seams on the sashing as I went around each block and trimmed back because they were not equal sizes....

It is 70 x 92" at the moment and I want to put borders on the sides to widen it up a bit.  I will do squares with left over fabrics alternating with the sashing fabric and then maybe another inch around the whole quilt .... what do you think???

Us three are going to be working simultaneously on getting these finished, The Splendid Sampler blocks and Dutch Treat now??????? hmmmmm we may all be hauled away in straight jackets soon?

I did a bit of secret micro quilting too over the week..... I really love love love doing it but it takes ages for a small piece really... 

... and I have been busy with a few "job's".... I'm so lucky to get pocket money for something I love doing....

Both of these have quite busy fronts and I have done the quilting so it doesn't take away from the lovely fabric - but then we can see it nicely from the back... this makes it a reversable quilt???

... all over informal flowers on a lap quilt....

a larger quilt with more formal pieced blocks so each block has this design and a feathered border around the whole edge

Really lots of fun and a great way to have my mind focussed on loveliness instead of so much of the ugliness that seems to be happening in our world..... 

Righto, Gotto Go, young widget is coming for the night - he wants to make sausage rolls and watch murder mysteries!!!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend doing something you love


  1. love the look of the Sylvia quilt, the extra seams definitely don't look out of place.

  2. OMG.... Love it all ... Gee you are talented πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  3. Hi my lovely friend,oh I so love your door hanger,oh boy your FMQ is amazing I always enjoy seeing your beautiful blocks,this quilt is stunning,well done FIONA xx

  4. Very pretty door hanger.absolutley Love your sampler blocks and they are come together so beautifully!
    Your quilting projects look so pretty from the back too. It's good to find happiness in the simplest of things.
    Have a great night with your special boy

  5. Hello Fiona,

    Enjoy those sausage rolls and the little grandie. Wow the blocks look wonderful all together. Your quilting is just beautiful Fiona. Have a great weekend, hope the Supervising job goes well.

    Happy days.

  6. Gorgeous work on the door hanger. Does that mean two for every door so there is one on each side??
    Your sampler quilt is totally amazing. It looks stunning all put together and that's even without the borders. you have done an amazing job.
    And of course, lovely work with your quilting.

  7. Beautiful door hanger and quilting. I really need to practice on my new machine but for now, we are heading back out for the week and spending the week in the mountains.


  8. Your sampler is beautiful. Well done getting all the blocks stitched together, its a big job just deciding which one goes where!

  9. You have been love your sampler!

  10. Lovely happy stitchy post! Sylvia is a beauty. I really love that sashing, it sets all the blocks off beautifully. Of course your quilting is just stunning! Makes my heart happy to know you are having fun with my book....lovely job hugs xxx

  11. Your quilting is so lovely. I wish I lived near you so you can quilt my quilts for me! The sampler is stunning-- your colour combination makes it.

  12. Sweet stitchery door hanging and Syliva looks fabulous.......
    Great quilting on your "paid job" and how intricate is the quilting on the lace! Amazing....
    Have a great week.

  13. Your Silvia quilt is quite amazing and the quilting on the others are fantastic too. Love the little door decoration. Hope you enjoy your visit with Widget xcx

  14. All lovely Fiona but Sylvia is stunning now she is all together. I can't imagine it with a border but I am sure you are going to come up with just the right thing. xx

  15. Sylvia is such a stunning quilt. Love it. Love your door hanger, so cute. Hugs,xx

  16. Love Michelle's xmas book too and your door hanger is just gorgeous. Your quilt is just stunning Fiona - a work of art. Could just keep looking and oohing over it

  17. The Sampler looks awesome, congratulations. Enjoying your quilting too.


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