Monday, April 16, 2012

QAYG - adding the wadding

I had such fun playing with this yummy scrummy pallette of colours:

It is a Quilt As You Go project so I thought I would just show you the method I use to get my fabric and wadding together smoothly.... 

First I cover my table with a plastic cloth so I don't get sticky spray over my work surface
(Hubz made me a board that fits over my dining table - shown HERE)

then I clip the plastic to stretch it out smooth and stop it slipping....

 Place the fabric on the table... and I use some tape to stick the corners.... especially when it is a long strip you don't want it to move... smaller pieces probably don't need tape...

fabric is right side down....

here is my long strip of backing fabric ... don't want it shifting...

prepare your wadding/batting by rolling it up loosely.... 

spray your fabric  well with your chosen spray fabric glue as per directions on the tin.... 

then place your wadding at one end and start rolling gently.... I use a ruler to push roll... this give it an even pressure as you go along....

just make sure you are going straight.. go slowly and smoothly and carefully .... 

when done... I like to iron the other side just to make sure any wrinkles are definitely sorted out....

if you have another layer to put on top just do the same
(I was stitching strips over this for the QAYG)

Of course this is not only for QAYG - I use this method when I am glue sandwiching a project too

I think I need a snack after all that

what's your best quilt sandwiching tip?

Sea Spray is the shop sample I made with these fabrics .... as a Quilt as You Go method there is a lot of preparation work and sewing..... but suddenly as you put on the tracks it all comes together .....

would be fantastic for a man quilt.... or a rustic theme...

The whole quilt is made by machine....

with careful placement of the backing pieces you really have a double sided quilt...

The kit containing these fabrics and the pattern are available from The Quilters Angel.....

I love being able to make the shop samples... it's a great way to try out new patterns.   I have some fun Christmas ones to do next......

Hubz loved this one... he thought I should just take back one of the old blankets.... somehow I think they would have noticed the exchange!!

There is not much in the garden at this time of the year.. but these begonia's are still flowering.... such delicate buds...

Righto.... Gotta Go..... I'm sure I can find something that HAS to be done today..... (besides the laundry!)


  1. Ahh kids go back to school today so I think the only thing I will eb doing all day is catching up with the laundry and the housework that has been neglected for the last two weeks! Love the colors in this new quilt xx

  2. The quilt is fabulous. Great colours. Just finished cleaning the house. Now blog hopping since the internet decided, finally, to play nice then i'm off to sew. Hugs,

  3. wow and double wow Fiona this quilt is stunning i love it and the colours,well done my friend on a wonderful finish,and also thankyou for showing us how you sandwich i have never used spray but it looks like a great idea.xx

  4. Beautiful! The quilt and the cake. I love those fabrics.

  5. Thanks for the ruler tip, l spray my wadding, rather then fabric, but l am sure it will work just as well in reverse! Great colors, makes we want a coffee!

  6. OMG...Bubz the quilt is amazing...and so is that cake...

  7. I love this quilt and what a star you are to make it so beautifully. have a wonderful week.

  8. Just love the fabrics you used in this quilt. Looks great. Thanks for the QAYG tutorial Fiona.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS - girl - this is stunning - I LOVE this quilt!!! Never tried a QAYG but it would be worth it to learn for this quilt, lol!

  10. Love it! The colours are gorgeous. Wish I could use the spray but gives me an awful headache inside or out. You are a very clever girl Fiona. That cake looks yummy too.

  11. Hello Fiona,

    Doubly talented. Love the cake and the quilt.
    Happy days.

  12. Love your method, I might have to try it.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial - great pattern for a quilt - you've done a lovely job of it.

  14. That is a very attractive quilt (can't say pretty or the men might decide they can't like it :))

  15. The quilt sample looks great. Wonderful sewing from you! The colours work very well together.
    Do you have a preference for the brand of spray baste that you use?

  16. Another beautiful quilt,I love the colours. I want to try the QAYG method so thanks for the tutorial. Never used Spray baste either. Hugs

  17. Fiona,
    What an amazing quilt. Is this one of your designs. I love it, I have some warm batiks that this pattern may be perfect for.

  18. What a great quilt pattern. The fabrics are lovely.

  19. A finished quilt of shop quality, a helpful tutorial & a gorgeous cake - yes, you are amazing! Tracee xx

  20. what a compliment from Hubz!
    It does look fantastic. Lucky you to get to try all those designs!
    Look forward to seeing your christmas commissions.

  21. This is a beautiful quilt...I love the colours. Thanks for the tut. I always press my layers back and front. before I pin. I find it binds the layers together and easier to quilt.
    Hugs Tanya

  22. It is a beautiful quilt. I loved your tutorial on basting the quilt as it is an area I struggle with! I will have to look into the spray adhesive.


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