Sunday, April 22, 2012

FNSI April ....

now I have my nanaglooms in control
(thanks for lots of cyber hugz)

Linking up with Bobbi and Heidi for FNSI this month...

We were invited to join in making pillowcases for a very worthwhile cause... and whilst I didn't do the pillowcases I did spend much of the day making a quilt for a good cause....

A bunch of us girls met together for most of the day at Quilters Angel to work on quilts and other things we make...... Kris was there and we discovered we were twins (you can tell I am almost as young as she is?????)

I made my bag using Kris's lovely pattern....

Anyways... Kris helped me to pin up a quilt top (thanks darlin') with the backing and wadding and I set to work doing a meandering quilting all over.......

We had a little widget come stay the night so I didn't get too much stitching done in the evening

.... we set him to work on the garden first thing in the morning.....

he worked hard until he got a little sidetracked with new found treasure 
(seems that runs in the family??)

Later I did continue - and finish -  the quilting using the extratimefridaynightstitchinforusdownunderwhilstothersinthenortharehavingtheirfriday ....

Hubz said he really thought there was some excellent fabric in it .....

I made an appropriate expression about that comment!

... and a subtle suggestion that he changes his tune.....

He has gone to finish the work in the garden ......

It will be a great 'blokes' quilt (just not my blokes) ... the quilting is done and just the binding to do now...

and because he was good I let him have some of the blueberry crumble I baked using Bronwyn's recipe HERE..... very yummy... leftovers with custard tonight....

Righto... Gotto Go... some binding to stitch on........


  1. Looks like you have been very productive -and thanks for the reminder about the blueberry crumble - I'm about to do the shopping (grrr - hate grocery shopping) and am going to make that for tonight.

  2. Love the fabric on that 'man' quilt - such fun! Your little visitor was a great help, I'm sure.

  3. Nice to see the Little Ones getting out and about in the Garden...Great Minds Think Alike both Bags look Lovely...Nice Piccie Girl's...

  4. lovely pic of you and Kris,yes you both look a like with those beautiful bags,love the tower.And how cute little widget in the garden,thats what my youngest two grandies do,get a container and off they go and collect nails as my little GS calls them,lol,great post Fiona.xx

  5. twins separated at birth, I'd say! lol
    your bags do look lovely and the man quilt is great.
    Widget looks like he is doing a great job at pest reduction.

  6. Lots happening there. Love the fun in the garden especially with children and snails. Good to see the quilt moving along so well, and so close to finished. Yum - blueberry crumble.

  7. I heart blueberries, and that looks sooo yummy! Looking forward to seeing that bloke quilt when it's all done! :) Little Widget is soo cute!(my little one gets sidetracked like that.. not that he gets it from me or anything.. lol)

  8. Still ovng that bag, must make it a high priority on my to do list. Lots of things going on and nothing like seeing alittle man playing with snails int he great out doors. xx

  9. You have such a flair for writing as well as sewing - gorgeous post.

  10. Great photos, especially of you and Kris and your lovely bags...funny the fascination little ones have with snails...he looks like he is having lots of fun...

  11. What a fun post & love the pic of you & Kris. A couple of great bags! I wonder what that appropriate expression was you said to Hubz??? Gorgeous crumble - yum. Tracee xx

  12. Hello Arnie and Danni,sorry Fiona, twins yeh!!!! You buy the same fabric share the same love of all things France, yep twins. Love that little snail collector when he is finished in your garden he can come here. A great post Fiona.

    Happy quilting.

  13. That yummy blueberry crumble should keep Mister happy! Love the Eiffel Tower bags!

  14. Lovely work as always. Good to see you putting that very cute widget to work in the yard.
    Hugs Tanya

  15. What is it about small boys and snails! Mine spent the morning helping daddy concrete...just darling seeing them help! Phew so glad that I cannot smell your dessert, my hips appreciate it!

  16. Fun post , your grandson is adorable and I really love those photos of him they are so natural not posed which I love.You made great progress for FNSI , fun quilt .hugs

  17. Lovely bags that you twins have !!! That is a mean bloke quilt, looking good. Love the pics of the grandies - Matilda too, she is so cute, and the snail gatherer is very busy with his treasures.

  18. Nice to met your twin Fiona...LOL
    Lots of great work on your extra night..
    Love your new garden assistant.

  19. What a delightful duo you make. Lovely pic. Very cute little gardening widget and I am popping over to get the recipe. Sorry you have had the nanaglooms and as I am starting reading all this blogs from the wrong end I shall read why later.

  20. What a fun the little one and his ventures...and your purses.

  21. Nice photo of you modelling your bag, the bag is lovely too! You have a very cute garden helper and that crumble looks yum!

  22. A hilarious post Fiona, love your little man gardening too.

  23. Very nice picture of you,Kris and the lovely bags:-)
    Crumble is yummy,I`m sure the garden helpers enjoyed you baking.
    Exciting quilt to be!

  24. Sweet post! Love it!
    Now I want some blueberry crumble!

  25. Distractions are always welcome. They give us the much needed rest, no?

    Those "bloke" fabrics are great. I am not going to look at the blueberry crumble, I will gain weight just looking at it.


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