Monday, April 2, 2012


First things first..

The first Aus name drawn for the diary was Sue from Charlotte's Cottage (#7)

and the first overseas name picked was Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World (#6) so the book goes there

Mr Random looks like he was being lazy about choosing numbers

Congratulations ladies, please send your snail mail addresses and I'll get the diary/book sent

Last months book club book was Memoirs of a Geisha.... and the girls came round here for tea and to watch the video......  in keeping with the Japanese theme I made some sushi....

thanks Marina for the idea of pickled ginger to go with it.... went down a treat.....

..... in keeping with my sweet tooth I also served cupcakes ... they also went down a treat.....

chocolate cupcake and pink rosewater icing... like little turkish delight cupcakes....

(they are tiny mouthful size cupcakes)

"Geisha Girl" is the name of a favourite bush

a tough plant which has bunches of these bright flowers much loved by butterflies
My header picture is the fallen flowers all over the grass

During the film I did some knitting for a change

one of those fun fishnet lace scarves

On Sunday I fixed up a cake for Hubz to take to work to share with the team in the office

because they are office based I thought something healthy with fruit in it

A light chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and splashed with melted chocolate

Righto, Gotta Go
a whole new week to enjoy 

In keeping in theme with Geisha I really want to get some more of my Japanese blocks done


  1. Well done to Sue and Sheila!
    that sushi looks so yum, the pickled ginger is quite addictive I even like it with cold meat.
    you will have to give us a peek at your Japanese blocks. Happy stitching

  2. Thanks so much Fiona ! The book looks fantastic , something to look forward to for sure .
    Oh that cake looks scrumptious , you made me hungry , cupcakes and cake , my mouth is watering .
    Love your new header , such pretty flowers.
    Hugs Sheila

  3. I forgot to say those scarves are all the rage here too , so much so they can't keep the yarn in the shops . Since I rarely knit I have not made one yet . Hugs Sheila

  4. Congratulations on your lovely give away. Love the look of your scarf, all ready for Winter!.
    Seems like you had a foodie weekend - mmmm - delicious!

  5. congrats to Sue and Sheila,well done ladioes.Yummy Fiona wish i was a member of your book club.Hubz will be most popular at work with that cake,lovely post Fiona.xx

  6. Your food is killing me...that cake looks scrumptous!

  7. Sushi & cupcakes - yum! Hubz cake looks scrumptious & he will have some very happy workmates. Tracee xx

  8. I'm heading to your house right now! Yummy....

  9. Your cake looks yummers but had to laugh at it being called "healthy". Not to say I would'nt love a big slice to consume all myself.

  10. Love the look of that cake...nice scarf..

  11. lovely scarf. Gorgeous healthy cake for Hubz - we need to visit his workplace if that is the sort of treats served there.

  12. Your a great cook, glad I don t live at your place I would be huge with all that temptation

    What s next for the book club?

  13. Congrats to your winners!! I've never had sushi, I suppose I must try it done day, sure looks pretty! But the cupcakes and cake look prettier. *G* Love your fishnet scarf!

  14. Still laughing about your healthy "fruit" cake... Wow it looked absolutely delicious. Love the scarf.. I've seen a few of those around blogland lately. Love the black and white. I'm always up for sushi and pickled ginger.. is it too early for dinner???? Great post Fiona xx

  15. Congratulations Sue & Sheila!! ... I love the look of your sushi!! Yum!! And those cupcakes and the cake - delectable!!! ... Love the purple in your flowers!! ... And Your scarf is amazing!!! I have grid to make those, but I just got so darn frustrated!!! Still have it partially started sitting in my room!

  16. I don't know what I expected when I read something with fruit, so had a chuckle when the photo revealed have been busy making sushi and is a lovely scarf too..

  17. I thought your header flowers looked familiar ... I have a 'Geisha Girl' in my garden too :)

    Lovely scarf and I'm happy to see you went with the healthy fruit with dairy option ;)

  18. Congratulations to Sue and Sheila. Now my mouth is watering thinking about Turkish delight cup cakes!! Hugs

  19. I loved that book! But I can't believe you didn't invite me, sushi and turkish delight cupcakes? You can't get better than that!

    I love the scarf, I tried to knit one but can't get to grips with the yarn.

  20. Sushi, cupcakes, scarf, and then some more cake! Sounds like my kind of day.


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