Monday, October 23, 2017

A short break......

This week 8 more blocks were added to the Anthology quilt.....

I've started placing them sideways on my design board so they will fit better... 

We have had lots of lovely wet days.....

I am always amazed at how forgiving nature is - only a couple of days and there is green already.... and within a week the lawns needed mowing again...

Another block for Michelle's Holly Cottage Christmas quilt is done....  I'm enjoying the applique and simple piecing....

... and another little Dutch Treat block in reverse applique has been added to my collection....
(growing slowly but surely)

Hubz had a work trip away so I decided to be a supportive and dutiful wife and accompany him.....

...... I find it very hard to resist a trip to the seaside....

... amazing how slim one feels there.....

this is a coastal town called Yamba in NSW.....

the next day we went inland to a town called Grafton which spreads on each side of the Clarence river..... while Hubz had meetings I walked across the bridge and around the area....(I took this picture from half way across the bridge)

this is the bridge from one of the little spots under a tree where I sat and took in the view...

... and looking upstream - you can see quite clearly two parts of river coming into one...

... then onto Coffs Harbour, where the beach was more pebbly .... - here is a heart pebble I found specially for you Debbie....

I love beach walks.... even if it's a bit wet!

The wet did come down for our day of no meetings but we still found things to do...

you can see two of the 'solitary islands' here.... there are several and they cause a special system of currents ....

There is a science department studying the currents and system and they have a small aquarium which we visited... 

just amazing how the corals and sea plants glow flurescently.... so beautiful

hard to get nice pictures with glows in the background of the glass.... the fish are snuggling up to the  plants here - this fish can do it and gets a nice massage and scrub -  but the plant will sting other fish

We drove by the big banana at Coffs Harbour - I didn't bother to go and stand in the rain next to it.... 

but we did get a lovely forest walk which went round other beaches .... always lovely to see and listen to

... and found a lovely spot to eat yummy seafood in the evening

It was a lovely short break for me... lots of meetings and driving for Hubz

Righto, Gotto Go.... going away means a big pile of laundry to be done (small price to pay). 

Wishing you a wonderful week ....x


  1. Thanks for sharing your little break away. I really enjoyed your beautiful pictures of scenery and corals. WOW! Amazing corals. I love the Holly Cottage Christmas Quilt a lot. So cute. ;^)

  2. Your projects arecall beautiful. Loved your holiday snaps. It is such a lovely area down there...I love it. The coastline is beautiful. Hubby will need a break to get over all that driving. It has been a bit damp xx

  3. Lovely quilts going on at your house! Looks like a spectacular trip to the seaside...great photos, thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  4. Looks like a lovely little getaway! I would never pass up a trip to the seaside.

  5. I love that part of Australia, especially Grafton in October with all the Jacarandas in flower. Gorgeous projects.

  6. Hi Fiona ,lovely post ,what a pretty area you and Hubz went to,enjoy your day my friend xx

  7. looks beautiful, and I bet Hubz was grateful for the company

  8. Lovely that you got to go along with hubby on a little break.. Love that heart stone, what a find!! All your blocks are looking so pretty up on the wall :) xx

  9. Sounds like a perfect little getaway and at least it wasnt stinking hot 😊

  10. Well done on the new blocks! That looks like a nice little break, it's an interesting part of the world......I can recommend fish and chips in the pub on the headland at Yamba, have forgotten the name. The fish and chips was excellent, the view was amazing!

  11. Nothing like a break to revive the spirits. Looks like a lovely time.

  12. Looks like a wonderful break away Fiona, nothing better than walking by the beach. Your blocks are growing well.

  13. How good that you got to tag along with hubby. You got to see lots of lovely things.

  14. Lovely that you managed to get a break away with hubby, exploring looked good too and I bet you managed one or two little stitches xcx

  15. That quilt is really growing, Fiona, it's beautiful! Love the pics from your trip, what beauty. Michelle's pattern is really darling.

  16. Your quilt is growing nicely ! Oh what a fantastic break , nothing nicer than a few days away at the beach. 😊

  17. Beautiful seaside town, even in the rain! Love those fluorescent corals, too. Sometimes we see phosphorescence in the waves as we travel in the ocean. It's really marvelous! I'm glad you had a nice little holiday :)

  18. Love how your quilt is coming out and I love the colors, you do such beautiful work.
    I wish my husband took trips like that, would definitely go with him, lol. I love that rock, that is a dream beach, would take half the rocks home with me.


  19. How wonderful to get away like that, esp. to such a pretty place. I enjoyed seeing pictures of your progress. Oh, that bird! It’s so pretty! How many reverse embroidery blocks do you have now?

  20. Lovely past of the world to visit. Anthology is growing well as is the SAl..

  21. Great pictures of your trip Fiona - such beautiful places. The beach is great in any weather right? xx

  22. Love seeing your progress with all you blocks. The DT one looks fiddley.
    How nice to join hubby on his trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery and take lots of pics...

  23. Lots of beautiful pics from your break Fiona...


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