Monday, October 9, 2017

... the weekend that was ...

Weeks and weekends are going too fast.... doing too much? getting old?  what is it to make time just spin by?

I finished off my last scrap baskets.... black and white, pink and brown....

... and here all 12 of my baskets fit in the bookcase....  I hope they don't just gather dust.  I need to sort out a little box of scraps and put them in their special places now....

The baskets are quite big so I doubt if they will ever fill (in fact some are almost empty) but it will be useful to have them sorted in their colourways.... I adore scrappy projects.

I stitched another little block towards my Gardeners Journal quilt that I am sewing with Michelle....

... and took up my Dutch Treat which has been a little bit ignored lately...

...out and about I came across this counter top....  that could match my Dutch Treat blocks?

Ages ago I made up this quilt top and quilted it... but never got round to finishing it off.

With the weather warming up but evenings still cool we like a light quilt on our bed and this one is the one... so I need to finish off this binding...

This weekend we had a Lost Trades Fair at our local Cobb and Co Museum.  Hubz wanted to go and I reluctantly tagged along...

Gosh I loved it.... 

This wonderful character was making little stools that twisted to adjust the height 

.. this is one of his finished stools.... so beautifully done...

... candle making with real bees wax....

... here he is making pieces for restoration of buildings....

... like this to include into an ornate ceiling....

... another stall for fixing heritage buildings but using an age old method of lime.... fascinating...

... of course lace making.... I just cannot keep up with the movements these ladies do for this....

this guy makes chairs, completely by hand..... so interesting.. he chatted the whole time while he worked...

... this is what he was making.... all by hand... so so clever...

... making wooden spoons ... you can see some of them hanging on a bar behind him...

... and another character making wooden buckets.... just gorgeous and I would have loved one of these.

They were quite expensive but would last a lifetime.... if I was 20 years younger I probably would have ...

But I did make some purchases......  I do love honey and wanted to try it creamed.... Hubz uses honey in some of his homebrew too...

All in all a very interesting few hours ......

Righto, Gotto Go.... Monday jobs are calling... hope you have a wonderful week ...


  1. Love to see your colourful basket gathering together. I am finally trying to sew one. Not far along enough to say it is a success yet. Stay tuned. It sounds like you had an awesome day. All these trades looks so interesting to watch and learn. Glad to see someone is keeping them alive. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  2. It seems you got a lot done this weekend, beautiful pieces.
    The trade fair looks like a wonderful event, I love seeing hand made items and traditional crafts.


  3. I can imagine that show would have been very interesting - it's good to see some of the trades being kept the bobbin lace too - I tried it but found it too hard to do when trying to talk with people at the same time...
    I think you have all the colours covered now in your scrap baskets..clever idea.

  4. Your Scrappy baskets look great on the book shelf. I think I'll make a few for the kids Lego and they love my empty cotton reels Sew would be good for that too...
    Good to keep up the the Gardeners Journal and your pretty DT BLOCKS.. gorgeous tiles.
    Have you finished binding the quilt?
    What a fantastic outing . Sew many talented folk keeping up the traditional crafts. My DD Sandra and hubby are in an re enactment group and make lots of things by hand for that. She would love to visit the Lost Trades FIr...

  5. People call me insane doing Dear Jane but wow.. your Dutch treat is gorgeous. Beautiful goings on near you.

  6. that looks really interesting, my kind of day out. I've recently discovered one of my neighbours makes lace

  7. Lucky you.....the Lost Trades Fair would have been wonderful to visit! You have had a productive weekend, I am now binding the Secret Squirrel project so my weekend wasn't all frittered away.

  8. The lost trades fair would've been fabulous to attend. Love your baskets. Hugs, xx

  9. Love your baskets and GJ and Dutch Treat look wonderful! What a great way to spend some time. Love watching true craftsmen. Yum! Creamed favourite!

  10. Hi Fiona love your scrappy baskets and your blocks are looking fantastic,well done.
    looks like lots of wonderful things happening at the Lost Trades Fair xx

  11. Would have loved to see that Trades FAir Fiona - right up my street! Amazing what lovely crafts are still alive and well. Your baskets look fantastic - I gave up after the first one! xx

  12. Love those baskets, I really need to make some too! The fair looks like it would have been wonderful! I bet that creamed honey way delicious!

  13. I would have brought a chair and a bucket, what wonderful workmanship and so heartening to see these original crafts kept alive, thank you!

  14. The baskets look wonderful as does the lost trades fair.,great photos.

  15. Oh, that fair sounds like a wonderful time! All that fine woodworking, so interesting. Of course, those craftsmen/women would be VERY impressed with your Dutch Treat blocks, too. The tiles to match are great. Maybe you can do your kitchen up with Dutch Treat tiles :)

    I had to laugh at your comment that you would have bought the bucket 20 years ago. As we get older, the lifetime warranty isn't as good a deal as it used to be, is it?

    The fact that your weeks are flying by means you're having fun, stitching and creating. The days are only long when you're bored or stressed...

  16. Fiona the baskets are brilliant & they look so good all sitting together!
    Great to see all those wonderful crafts being demonstrated... very restrained of you to not take home one of those wood buckets!

  17. Your baskets are great and look wonderful on the bookcase. The Lost Trades Fair is great isn't it? We went to the one down here earlier this year with Robyn and Phil, saw much the same things being made. We also saw a woman using a big wheeled spinning wheel, was fascinating.

  18. Love all your baskets. What a great idea. Looks like wonderful craft demos. Great to see old crafts being displayed.

  19. That looks like a very interesting outing! I love that there are still people keeping the old arts and crafts alive... they are so clever.... love your baskets, they look gorgeous sitting there all in a row! xx

  20. Well done with your last baskets. Are you sure you can't fill them up?
    I'm intrigued that you haven't had creamed honey before

  21. Wonderful and facinating to see old crafts being continued, brilliant day out. Lovely baskets, ideal for so many uses xcx

  22. Fascinating fair! I told Sue that I would come over to their next one for a look.....! Lovely blocks that you have completed too. You omust be very good with your scraps, I'm sure mine multiply when I'm asleep - my baskets would be overflowing for sure!


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