Thursday, April 13, 2017

War quilts.... (photo heavy)

I recently went to a very interesting quilt exhibition ...... photographs were allowed which i much appreciated since I remember so badly and its great to share ...

If this comes near you I recommend visiting - so much research and diligence has gone into it and the craftsmanship is amazing....

I am assuming a blog is social media????? and it's ok to share these pictures.  If anyone feels I shouldn't be please tell me as I really don't want to.  The work Annette does collecting and documenting is amazing... there is also an Australian quilts book which I lust for.... hmmmm

Here we are standing next to one of the amazing quilts....

information about it...

the print that was used for the centre embroidery...

... a little bit of close up detail...

.. and a bit of history....

Wool mosaic....

another incredible piece ....

so effective with the stripes...


I loved the applique in this one..... just amazing...

another, quite different but also great designing....

A selection of what there was..... I have more!!!!

Righto, coffee time...... Not sure if people are interested in these.. there is nothing like seeing them in real life though, and especially if you enjoy a bit of history.


  1. Those quilts are sensational Fiona, there is so much work in the applique ones. Shame they are not labelled, ut then if some were done while soldiers recuperated in hospital, maybe they just did bits here and there. Looking forward to seeing more. How good is it that there was one from the Napoleonic era.

  2. I see this exhibition is coming to the ACQ in Melbourne so I will get along and have a look. Thanks Fiona for the heads up.

  3. Fabulous! Definitely want to try and get to see it xx

  4. Awesome post Fiona,oh goodie i see that Sue said its coming to melb so i will get to see it.
    What a shame that the makers arent known ,if only those quilts could talk,lol.
    Oh my the workmanship and attention to detail is a delight to see,thankyou for sharing my friend.xx

  5. so much work has gone into those quilts, it's amazing to read the history behind them too

  6. I do love seeing the amazing work and detail that goes into these quilts. And finding the story behind them makes it extra special.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fascinating. The colours are so vibrant and they all have a definite masculine appearance.

  8. Always the way, the out-of-towners see it before the locals :) We locals usually wait until the last minute!! Looks wonderful. There was another exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery a few years ago of some more of Annette Gero's collection. I think there was a book about it too.

  9. Oh I truly do want to thank you for this....amazing work.

  10. Wow, how lucky you were to get to see this - and thank you for taking the photos and sharing them!

  11. Amazing quilts and documentation thanks for sharing your photos look great !

  12. Wow what amazing work in these quilts, thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Such fine detail in these quilts! So much history, just fascinating! Thanks for sharing, Fiona. If you have more, please write up another post :)

  14. amazing.......Annette does such great work in the area of quilt history.............

  15. Love historic artifacts especially quilts. These are so awesome. WOW! What a collection. Love the applique one with the reds on black columns. So amazing! Gorgeous! Pure delight to see. I was surprise to see so many diamonds. Most interesting. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. ;^)


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