Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A start on April

I made these cute little baby shoes last month for my neighbour and friend ... totally forgot about sharing them on my blog but they can go into the April finishes...

Made in some sweet Tilda fabric and in Size 1.  Very cute, but I really don't know how practical they would be.  Babies are very skilled in kicking things off.

There is a lovely botanical garden just 10 minutes from us where we like to go for a wander - dogs are allowed too so little fat one comes with us...

Every time we go something else is flowering, or seeding, or got new growth and this last lump of rain has given so many plants a boost...

I am hoping some of the non Australian readers might enjoy some of our unusual plants...

Velvet Beauty-Berry (I can't find that this is in fact an Australian native) but I did love the colours of the pink flowers with the very purple berries...

This wattle is flowering, a lot of the wattles have little round puffs... they have a lovely soft scent and remind me of my childhood....

there are a few different coloured hybrid flowering gums.... the flowers are quite big...

... and I just love the gum nuts they produce... perfect houses for gumnut babies, fairies and elves....

This banksia doesn't flower from the stem but from the ground... its like a big church candle and 8" tall... so much detail in those hundreds of little tendrils...

This hakea flowers come off the main stem like the leaves.  A delicate round pom pom amongst very thick leathery leaves....

There are very interesting and unusual plants and animals here.

I seem to seldom bake these days but I did send Hubz off to work on his birthday with this double sized chocolate cake covered with sprinkles for a bit of fun.... apparently is was yum!

I got a couple of gifts last week... Christine found these cute little clips and made labels so they can be used to number and hold blocks when you get them ready in rows....  not only are they very sweet but useful too and you can see they are already working for me!!

Lyn visited Tasmania recently and brought back this cutest little 3 dimensional tree made from Tassie timber... (that's a small size cup it is next too)  It looks so delicate but its actually quite strong and sturdy.

I have been sewing.... this is my latest group of Dutch Treat blocks.... funnily enough I was sewing that bottom right one just when Cyclone Debbie was hitting up North (the block is called Hurricane)

Today is sewing with the girls day... and we will be doing Rainbow Scrap Challenge houses..... it is multicoloured.... all those pieces that don't fit into one particular colour.... I even have a scrap of multicoloured thread....

Righto, Gotto Go.... time to put the kettle on and build little beach houses...


  1. Hi Fiona,those little shoes are so cute ,love them.love all the plant pics we do have such a derverse variety,thankyou for sharing.
    Love those cute clips that Christine gave to you ,what a great idea,love your blocks you must've done quite a few of them now.
    Hope you have a lovely day with the girls my friend xx

  2. Lots of good stuff happening..... Will have to do the garden next visit.....

  3. The shoes are cute and would be fun for dolls too. I do have patterns for doll clothes and shoes.
    Love the variety of flowers and plants you have in your area, so beautiful. No blossoms here yet, hopefully it will stay warm this time.


  4. Oh those wee shoes are just sew cute....
    What a beautiful walk through the wonderful park...lots of amazing flowers....
    Hugz 's birthday cake looks delicious!
    Fabulous gifts from your friends and the DT blocks look fantastic. You'll always remember when you stitched the Huricane one...

  5. oh, those shoes are so adorable!

  6. Cute shoes Fiona. Thanks for sharing the flower pictures - they are amazing! xx

  7. Great garden...love the shoes ❤️❤️❤️

  8. The little shoes are delightful.
    How wonderful to have such gorgeous gardens nearby!
    You have been very busy with your blocks and cake baking!! Busy bee!

  9. Cute little shoes......hard to believe our feet were once that small! I love those trees, their flowers are gorgeous.

  10. Awww those shoes are just gorgeous!! Lovely to see the Aussie plants.. don't miss the wattle making me sneeze though :) xx

  11. Those shoes are just so cute!!! Even if they do get kicked off they are lovely just to look at. Thank you for the trip to the gardens, so many beautiful plants and flowers here in OZ. Haven't seen the long wattle flower before only the round ones. That is one huge chocolate cake, I am sure it was enjoyed!! Your DT blocks are amazing, cute clips and tree. Hope you had a wonderful sewing day.

  12. Where to start! I love your beautiful photos of our native flowers and plants. Your chocolate cake does indeed look delicious (in fact, it has inspired me to bake as soon as I finish typing), the clips are lovely (I now want some), but my absolute favourite are those adorable little shoes!! Our family have turned to baby items after a few years; we are close to welcoming the first great grandchild.

  13. So many cute things Fiona....those shoes....aww! Adore the birdy row clips! Love that teeny Tassie tree. I am a big fan of our natives...many are stunners in bloom and foliage! I can see why that cake would have gone over a treat with the work mates! Each DT is so interesting xx

  14. The baby shoes are sweet, Fiona. Were they difficult? I was gifted a pattern to make them, but I haven't tried, yet. I really enjoyed seeing all your flowering plant pictures. So different! Enjoy your day! XO

  15. This non-Australian loves seeing your countries beauty. And of course reading of all your quilting adventures.

  16. The little booties are very sweet - I see patterns like that and also wonder about the practicality but then they look sooooo cute.....how can one resist making them! Nice to see your photos of the local natives, interesting how each country has it's own specialties and 'look'. Handy and gorgeous clips and of course beautiful Dutch Sampler blocks - a fun co-incidence when you were sewing the hurrcane one - you'll always rememnber where you were and what you were doing when you look back at that block!

  17. Your plants are so interesting! So unlike anything that is native here in the States.

    Now I'm craving cake. I do love me a good birthday cake, not a fancy restaurant "flourless death by chocolate" froo froo thing.


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