Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Christmas everyone....

I'm a bit late wishing Happy Christmas - but the love is there!!!

There was lots of last minute stitching ....

Twin Tawny FrogMouths were born to us ..... I only have my phone camera so it is not clear but I assure you these babies are very sweet... and so good.... not whiney or noisy or demanding at all!!

They are an Australian native bird and if you google it you will see much better pictures....

We are having fun watching them - they are moved from branch to branch each night so part of our morning ritual has been looking for them..... often mum and dad are there too....
In this picture mum is sitting with the twins

.... I finished the Wild Things quilt for a grandson.....  I rather love this one....

... as the pictures are big and bold I used monofilament for around all the applique and then echoed around each Wild thing..... then some wobbly geometric shapes in the border....

The superheroes quilt was also finished..... I rather love this one too!

... In this one I also used monofilament around the applique and then some wiggles and circles in the backgrounds....

Both these quilts were made from Toni's book Happy Quilts

.... then there was more birthing it seemed in our house..... looks like a breach delivery????

... and a superhero was born....

... and so was a Wild Thing....

I've only done a couple of stuffed toys before and this time I used felted woolen fabric - a little bit bulky but also forgiving for the shapes....

... here they are placed under the Christmas Tree for Jack and Blair.... whose Dad was with us for a few days over Christmas...

I spotted them all packed in the backpack ready to take to Melbourne for these little men....

I can't wait till I hear how they respond to them...

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The best thing about making quilts is them going somewhere to be used and loved isn't it?

Righto, Gotto Go.... Christmas is over, house is empty .... I really don't like the after feeling so perhaps I will find some sewing to occupy me!


  1. I love the monster and the superhero quilts but the dolls? O. M. GGGG!!! They are really adorable! Excellent work! I'm sure you will hear the grandkids scream with delight, miles away, when they see what grandma made for them. Just awesome! ;^)

  2. good morning my lovely friend,wow i love these quilts and love that they have a matching toy to go with them.
    Oh the boys are sure going to squeal with delight when they receive these,safe travels for your boy xx

  3. So adorable, both the quilts and the dolls! Well done!

  4. That bird is so cute, fun to be able to enjoy them in your area. Love how the quilts came out and I am sure the boys will love their matching dolls.


  5. I love that you've done characters to go with the quilts, what a wonderful combination. The boys will love them

  6. The baby twin are very cute!! Love the quilts you have made and the toys, I am sure the boys will love them!!

  7. I just love these 2 quilts and know they will be a hit and loved for a very long time. How neat they get a special friend to mind their quilts on the way home. Tawnies are a favourite....special that you have twins. Merry Christmas to you and yours too xx

  8. Christmas Greetings to you also Fiona... I hope yours was full of family & love.
    Well those quilts are just too much... I feel the need to confess I can't wait to make such things for 'small people' in a few years... as my girls are only 22, I'm sure I'll have to wait a while!
    The quilts are amazing, great job both with the applique & sewing, but also with the quilting really looking so fab, of course. Toni's book is a cracker for sure.
    The baby birds are adorable, it's fun to watch them grow & learn; we do that with a dove family that live in our bougainvillea.

  9. I'm sure the boys will be rapt (wrapped) in their quilts and new little friends.

  10. Oo, I can't wait to see pics of the boys loving their new quilts and stuffies! They all turned out so fun and jolly and cuddly and wonderful :) I have my copy of Toni's book in hand and am reading every page...

  11. Beautiful sewing for your grandsons Fiona...those quilts are just perfect for the young fellows, as are the softies. How awesome to have the Tawny Frogmouths living nearby - you seem to have a good property for wildlife. Merry Christmas to you as well!

  12. Lovely to see your owl family. Very special.
    Great finishes on your quilts and dolls. Hope they travelled safely to their new homes.
    Yes, it always seems strange after the madness of Christmas. I am taking down all the decorations and the room always looks bare and empty.

  13. Great quilts and toys - fun things for boys. Lovely to be able to follow the progress of the owls. I hope that you had a great Christmas and all the very best for a happy and productive 2017. xx

  14. Love Tawny fun to have a little family in your yard...great quilts for the grandie boys and what a fun idea to have a little mate to go along with them...Happy 2017!

  15. Love the toys and quilts and how they go together. Toni really designs some delightful things doesn't she? Bet the boys absolutely loved them! (and will for years to come!)


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