Sunday, December 11, 2016

An afternoon out....

Last weekend we had a really fun special afternoon tea.  

A friend of Michelle's (Robyn) was kind and energetic enough to coordinate the remaking of Michelles lovely Christmas quilt that got stolen and we met for a hand over...

Now the quilt has been needleturn appliqued and stitched, then hand quilted by people all over the world and country.  Blocks were sewn overseas and sent back and the quilt travelled many miles so as many people as possible who wanted to could participate.  All done sneaky so Michelle didn't know anything about it ....

Here is the group of us before Michelle came in... it was quite a 'bloggers' meet though of course there were plenty of non bloggers too.... perhaps you recognise some of us?

Robyn, who coordinated it all is the one holding the beautiful box with the quilt in it...

... she was a little bit emotional about it!!!

... not the original quilt with all her own hard work but I think it is ultra special for different reasons...

I didn't take too many pictures.... and I'm pretty sure you have seen a lot of different ones around blogland.... 

... this little group of us are quite international, interstate....

What fun sewing on a collaborative project such as this... 

I pulled out a UFO this week to work on.....  a table runner that I stitched a few years ago.  I don't even remember the name of the pattern and it has been sent to me by another blogger.  Once I had stitched it and cut the borders I passed the pattern on....

I got as far as sewing the borders on ready for quilting.  (the original pattern had patched blocks for the borders)

... I have kitted it up in a bag with some wadding and backing and fabric for the binding ..... I will keep it for next year but at least some progress has been made!

The runner pattern also had little stitcheries to be made into door hangers.  I didn't do as many log cabin rows and have instead made them into tree ornaments....

... used up a few Christmas scraps ...

... so that's a UFO with progress made .... and 4 little UFO's finished!!! 

Righto, Gotto Go - more UFO's and more ornaments to sew....


  1. wow Fiona it sure was a wonderful surprise for Michelle,it was so lovely to see the pics and video of Michelle receiving her quilt,Robyn did some a wonderful job of coordinating it all.
    That table runner is so cute and love the decorations,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. How nice of Robyn to organise sew many ladies to re make Michelle's quilt. Just read Raewyn's post. Love ❤️ seeing all the photos , brings a tear to my eye seeing Michelle receive her quilt...
    Yep. I remember the pieced border on the LONG stitchery table runner. I didn't do them either nor do the coasters..nice one to finish next year......g

  3. Fiona, that was such a generous thing to do and I know Michelle treasures her 'new' quilt. I like the idea of having something all ready to go on with for next, don't forget where you put it!

  4. what a special thing to do, it certainly goes a long way to heal the heartbreak of losing a quilt.

  5. Loved having you there x I loved the day and my quilt but especially all of you wonderful ladies. My friend Robyn is a treasure all on her own. I have stitched that runner for a gift a while ago too...its lovely x

  6. It was a great afternoon and a pleasure to see you again. Was a Joy to see Michelles reaction!! I notice your special photo isn't on your blog, you know the one where someone got hold of your camera???? Great looking table runner and door hangers, so good to get ufo's finished.

  7. It was a pretty special day.
    Love that runner - I have it too - I did do the squares in the border...though I don't remember the extras...(Lynette Anderson design??) I'll look it up one day . . maybe

  8. So fun to see Michelle's reaction to your secret recreation. I had just come from Raewyn's blog and read her account of the event. As I stated there......Bloggy/Quilty Friends are THE BEST EVER!!!! It's always so wonderful to see all your happy faces....definitely makes me wish that, somehow, all those miles between us would just go 'poof'! LOL!
    It's 7:00 a.m. here and so dark outside.....we are in the middle of a major snow event (7"- 9" total thus far) and so many Christmas outings today and tomorrow. My driving skills will definitely be tested!!! I guess that's what all-wheel-drive cars are for, though!!!!
    You are so organized to 'kit' your project for a later time. I'm always so happy when I have similar foresight!!!! LOL!!!!! Sending hugs back at ya....................

  9. I still love seeing these pictures from Michele's quilt presentation. Such a fun day!

  10. I think what all the quilters did for Michelle is so awesome and touching. She will never enjoy her quilt with her hard work but (I think) she has something better. She now has the quilt pattern she has loved and admired, made by friends, near and far. What a lovely and happy ending. Teach a lesson to the thief too. Just like in Whoville! Congrats to all who stitched for Michelle. ;^)

  11. That was a fabulous day. Love your runner & ornies. Hugs,xx

  12. So wonderful that Michelle now has her quilt back , it might not be the same one but this one is filled with the love of each person who stitched on it . Love your ornaments! Hugs

  13. Such a special thing to do for Michelle. The table runner is going to be gorgeous but I love the little ornaments - great use of scraps. xx

  14. It's nice to see your post on this fun day Fiona :-) Good idea to pull out a ufo and make it up as a kit for easy decisions next time! Sweet little hangings, are plowing through those ufos !

  15. Well done to all you lovely ladies for the great work on Michelle's quilt.You are very thoughtful and generous with your time.

  16. Oh stop, I just got over my bawling from Michelle's post last week, now I've started again - you ladies seriously have the biggest hearts!
    (I want to know about the photos that Sue Kiwikid is alluding to :) )

  17. What fun! I bet Michelle felt every ounce of love in the gifting of such a special quilt!! How very special to not only be a part of the making but also gifting of such a quilt!! ... Your other pieces are gorgeous as all your work - so glad to see you're still as prolific as ever with your stitching and quilting pieces! xx


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