Monday, October 17, 2016

Quilt As You Go.....

I have kept in touch with Joy over the years and at the moment she is doing a series on dealing with UFO's - most, if not all of us, have them.  Everything we work on is a UFO isn't it - or it would be something to go on OPAM.....

Personally I list mine at the beginning of each year.... I photograph them and post them on their own special page on my blog.  I do make an effort to work on them (in theory something all the time) and mark off when they are done.  

One of the things Joy mentioned is inheriting UFO's and this week I took out one I inherited some time ago.....

Some flannel squares from Kris at Tag Along Teddies

There was already some made with wadding inside so I went and dug out my odd bits of wadding to cut out more.  (I always keep those strips cut off along side quilts if they are a reasonable size)

and soon I had a nice pile of layered blocks ready for sewing....

Diagonal lines across each corner and by the end of the morning I have this nice pile of ready to put together blocks.... they are going into a drawer until further notice...

Sometimes I like to work on a UFO in steps... this is one of those times.  It did clear out a good number of those little bits of wadding I had hanging around...

On Friday night Kris gave me an OPAM prize - how fun is that.  One of her newer patterns with the Beetle Boogie which is so sweet and bright, some embroidery threads and a piece of fabric (which will go well with my Splendid Sampler blocks so it went straight into that drawer)

Thanks Kris, OPAM is such fun and prizes aren't expected but are such fun! 

I also splashed out on some background fabrics - I've been wanting to make quilts from Toni's gorgeous book HAPPY QUILTS and now I have the perfect reason.  Grandieboys needing quilts for their beds at Dads place.... I wanted a variety of blacks, whites and greys for the backgrounds....

Wild Things .....

... and SuperHeroes....

As you can see I have already started gathering up some fabrics from my stash/scraps for the applique...

These will be fun!!  It really is the most delightful childrens quilts book (and stuffies to match)

Righto, Gotta Go - there is a heap of tracing to do for these blocks.... I want to prepare them for a retreat next month.... hmmmmmm, maybe some late nights????


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,congrats on your lovely win,that's such a beautiful pattern from Kris,I can see that quilt on one of your grandie boys beds,you have lots of lovely projects to do hope your day is a good one xx

  2. I love flannel fabrics. So much fun to work with. Congrats on the prize for OPAM. That will be a fun quilt to work on. I just adore the Wild Things Quilt. Too cute. Wish I had such a pattern when my boys were young. Anywho! You enjoy! ;^)

  3. The flannels look like they are going to be a fun quilt and some new quilts to make, looks like you are going to be having some fun, quilting.


  4. what a great way to use up the wadding scraps, I've got a huge bag. Have fun with the new quilts

  5. Looks like you will have fun making these boy quilts, Fiona! What a good little project tucked away in your drawer, how kind of Kris to share her unwanted UFO! Also great OPAM win from her as well, lucky you :-)

  6. That flannel quilt will be a lovely warm one to snuggle under. I do enjoy working on a ufo and seeing it finished

  7. Quilts for the boys WILL be fun! Can't wait to see them! Congratulations on receiving such a lovely prize! XO

  8. Love the feel of flannel on a cold day :)

  9. Hi Fiona. I have a collection of flannel to make in to a quilt - it's been hanging around for a while. Have you used wadding the same size as your quares of flannel or a little smaller? Fun projects for your grandchildren. xx

  10. Ah, that is the UFO you said you were working on - you got a lot achieved, well done! I love flannel quilts... and oh, the Beetle Boogie Quilt!! I have to go buy that, because DH loves volksy's - when we met he had a beetle that he had basically stripped and put back together again! I NEED to make one of those quilts for him! xx

  11. Your new projects are going to be gorgeous. You win from Kris is great too.

  12. Always something interesting happening out your way. Is organisation the key?

  13. Good approach to UFOs and definite progress. The two quilts you are planning for the grandies will be fun!

  14. Hmm I have sooo many UFO's it's really overwhelming.... perhaps like you I need to create a page for them...

    I was doing a self imposed ban on starting new projects but I m excellent at coming up with rationale for new projects....


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