Thursday, October 13, 2016

A new sewing machine....

My friend Christine spotted this little machine at an op shop recently.  As she has a vintage singer she offered this little cutie to me - only $40 so I didn't hesitate....  I have always fancied a 'vintage' machine but not enough to spend too much money on one!

My first Elna... and she is a cutie....

the sides open up and can slip off....

I am still working out turning the dials.... the one on the right is hard but I believe there is a knack to it and need to have the one on the left in the correct place... so far no luck so I will be taking it to my wonderful machine servicing man.

I just love this little speed control with the hare and the tortoise... I always loved Aesop's fables....

... she can sew.. the tension is not perfect - she will go for a service and check over and I'm sure we will become great friends....

.. she doesn't have all her accesories ... I will look out for some of the missing ones, including the darning foot and plate as I would like to try quilting on her....

... speaking of quilting I worked on this lovely quilt a couple of weeks ago... I rather like those hearts in the border....

.. and I have done a few of the Splendid Sampler blocks ..... I am a bit of a way behind but not too worried.... they will get done in time....

Shell designed by Jane Davidson....

Homeward Bound....

At Home Anywhere....

I had a space on my design wall so I put up my Dutch Treat blocks to have a look .... you can start seeing the idea I am going for with the colours... I am still working on blues and then I have some greens and browns to do....

Righto, Gotto Go.... I need to trace out some more DT blocks .....


  1. All the blocks are looking great and the heart quilting is gorgeous
    Cute little addition Hope she works well after a little attention

  2. How kind t give that poor abandoned machine a new home, hope a service and tune up will get it tip top!
    Very pretty hearts.
    Wow, your Dutch treat blocks look great up on your design wall. Very inspiring! The colour effect looks great, clever you.
    Lovely splendid sampler blocks too.

  3. So industrious! I just love the quilt with the hearts and your Dutch Treat are amazing.

  4. Hello my lovely friend,wow what an awesome buy,you will have many a happy time on your elna,enjoy.
    Oh i do love seeing your blocks Fiona and how cute are your quilted hearts,well done my friend on your lovely work xx

  5. I can't get enough of the heart quilting. Such beautiful work. Did you FMQ these? They are so even. Great work! I love the shell block and the DT blocks. Love your layout. It will be a stunner, I can see it from here. Hope your newest treasure comes back from the "spa" ready to roar. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Score! She looks like a great little machine. I love the little hearts in your border. Do you do that all free hand? How do you get it to turn out so perfect??

  7. What a fun machine, I think mine just has too many things on it.
    Love how the hearts look, that is a fun design to use.


  8. what a lovely machine, I'm sure she will work just fine after a service. Loving the fabric you're using in the splendid sampler

  9. that machine is a little cutie..........goodluck with her.........

  10. Lucky you to find a Stella. My parents bought me a Stella in 1981 and I still gave her. She is a great little machine. She doesn't take up much room and is handy to take away with me. Enjoy. Your blocks are progressing famously.

  11. What a great find! Look at all those lovely blocks! You've been a busy girl. Enjoy your day! XO

  12. Christine's eagle-eye for a good thing was working just fine Fiona... I hope you get Stella sorted & she becomes a good help with your sewing!
    Makes me think maybe I should get my little base-model Janome from 1993 serviced up and have a play :)

  13. Such a lovely machine! Happy sewing ♥

  14. I hope you have lots of fun with your new machine, what a good find! Love how your reverse applique blocks are looking, so you're not just sewing up random colours afterall!! Lovely SS blocks - I never did sart making them although I have been saving them...!

  15. Wonderful blocks, especially like the colour variation in the DT blocks when they are laid out. Your quilting is sweet, the tiny hearts are gorgeous, such attention to detail! Do you always use the darning foot? I use the one with a clear base, but wondering if my darning foot would give better visibility?

  16. Such a lovely machine. Love all you blocks. Those little hearts are adorable. Hugs,xx

  17. Those machines are wonderful. I had one for many years in my other lifetime. I worked it really hard and it stood up to it well. Loved it. have fun with yours.
    Lovely quilting, by the way!
    Those blocks are looking wonderful - from both groups. And the numbers are growing.

  18. Isn't it fun to get a "new" machine? Looks like she has a nice assortment of stitches.

    I noticed your heart quilting on Instagram, but didn't have a chance to comment there. So I will say it here: great job!! Those hearts are amazingly uniform and symmetrical :)

  19. Have fun with your new machine, hope she works beautifully after a but of TLC. Your blocks are beautiful, the colours look great and your quilting is amazing!!!!

  20. Love your heart quilting and so neat, you are very clever with your quilting. What fun to be had with your new machine hope the service works. Great blocks, lovely colours, enjoy your weekend, xcx

  21. I'm sure it will be a great little machine Fiona and such a good bargain. Your blocks are just lovely

  22. I am sure once your machine is serviced you will have a great time to have her , she sure is cute . Lots of great blocks getting done , great work !

  23. I have two Elna machines and 2 Janome machines all the feet and accessories are interchangeable and Amazon has a set of 32 feet in one box for about 25.00 I just purchased last week which includes the button hole foot and the 1/4 inch foot.
    Have fun Mary Burnette

  24. I love those hearts! Enjoy your new machine. xx


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