Sunday, April 3, 2016

FNWF and something different...

Cheryl had us all over cyberly for FNWF - which is always fun...  I spent it over at The Quilters Angel with a lovely bunch of girls...

When I arrived there I stood a while to look at the sunset (it's going down earlier and earlier now!) and watched the bats fly over....  

I sat and worked on another of the Scandanavian stitcheries of Rosalie Dekker.... there is a lot of stitching in these but with one colour it is great for taking off to stitching evenings...

This week I have been  catching up with sewing blocks for The Splendid Sampler


well one of those is not a block from The Splendid Sampler but a splendid use of one of my quilts...(I needed an extra picture to balance the collage!)

Today I popped along to the Library to take part in their monthly social/craft gathering....

This is the book I chose

.. and this is what I did with it....

a couple of hours of measure, mark and fold - a quick stop for some yummy scones with jam and cream.  Although it wasn't hard I did find I had to focus especially on making sure the marking was right so the folds are in the right places.

Righto, Gotto Go....  I've got some wool and linen out to play with

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Love the stitching and those blocks look great. I really like the there a pattern for the folding measurements?

  2. Love the fabrics you're using for the Splendid Sampler. I decided not to plaly along with that one, but have another small sampler project in mind to tackle.

  3. Your Splendid Sampler will be indeed splendid. Love the potted flower and the rabbits. Just lovely. The folded book is awesome! It is a great way to make art out of some everyday things. You did a great job. ;^)

  4. Always love your stitchers, beautiful work. Do you use a thicker thread?
    I am thinking of trying some with larger thread, the dmc seems to unravel and gets slubs which make mine sloppy.


  5. Beautiful sewing as always. I, too, love seeing bats fly over. Happens here a lot when my gum trees are in flowers. Love to see the bats hanging around in my garden.

  6. Wow the folded book looks fantastic . Loving the look of the wool and linen and your splendid sampler blocks !

  7. That book looks amazing Fiona, you did well with the folding and measuring, or should that be measuring and folding!! Lol!! The SS blocks are looking lovely too. Very pretty stitching, is always good to have something to take along when you go out for sewing. I see bats in the Boatnic gardens in Geelong, they amaze me with the noise they make!! Hope,you are having a wonderful weekend.

  8. good morning my lovely friend ,wow your blocks are looking fantaatic,lol,love the pic of widget sitting on a quilt,amazing what you did with the book,you clever chicky,hope you have a wonderful day my friend and i wish you were with us today Fiona xx

  9. I love your splendid sampler blocks, they would fit so much better with my things than yours :D ...and so would your heart book <3

  10. Lovely stitching!
    Your blocks look wonderful and great pic of your bunting quilt.
    Your book art looks'd need some patience there.
    The wool goes so well with the linen, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  11. Such lovely projects Fiona and the linen with wool is just gorgeous!

  12. Lovely projects Fiona. Love what you did with the book. Hugs,xx

  13. lots of lovely projects to work on.........

  14. Your blocks are coming together beautifully and look at the book, is there anything you can't do? The linen project looks really sweet love the colours.x
    You can keep the bats up there!!

  15. Lovely that you got to stitch with the girls as well. Very nice stitching. Love your SS blocks and neat to do something a little different x

  16. A beautiful sunset Fiona. Sew nice to go stitching at The Quilters Angel with your friends.
    Your SS blocks great. The last one I'd tricky?

  17. So many nice things, love the book, very clever xcx

  18. Lots of creative sewing happening . I am loving your splendid sampler blocks 😊 hugs

  19. Lovely wrap up of your doings...that looks like an Anni design - looking forward to working with some wool this weekend . . .

  20. Hello Fiona,

    The evenings are certainly getting shorter, I don't like the thought of bats flying around but I guess they do match the library book. Amazing cutting of the paper. Enjoy your stitching projects. Have a great week.

    Happy days.

  21. Gorgeous blocks and love your 'balance' :o)
    The book is amazing ... I'm thinking lots of concentration or a wonky heart?

  22. Lovely to see you blocks and I did spot the wool felt!!
    Fascinating to see the book folds. I have seen pictures but I have no idea how it is done.

  23. Oh to clever with the book Fiona... & of course it would be simply unacceptable to have an unbalanced collage;)

  24. Dear Fiona,
    lovely Friday night stitching. I love your book, this is so cool.


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