Friday, April 22, 2016

Cooling Down...

I have been wanting to make up this heat pad from Anni Downs book "Some Kind of Wonderful' for some time..... this week I finished mine...

A brown linen background and lovely wool for the flowers....

I filled mine with barley since I haven't been able to find wheat - but rice would also work...

Our evenings are definitely cooling down (traditionally we have our first frost at Anzac weekend which is this upcoming weekend ....

At last I put on my huge big scrap happy quilt on the bed... so glad to be using it ....

We tested out our fireplace which we haven't used before - I was surprised at just how quickly it warmed up the room.  I'm really looking forward to having this fired up...

I finished off my practice recessed applique trial - it took me ages but I did enjoy it.  I have actually gone with a different fabric for the top but also in the bluegrey colour...

I decided I wanted a special case to put this long term project (Dutch Treat) in so pulled out this pattern which I have made before by Marilyn....

I did this stitchery ages but ages ago and it is the right size so I will be using that on the front

... and I found some pretty fabrics to use in a bundle of pieces passed on to me by a friend 

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed Superman having a fly-by.... 

did anyone else spot him????

Righto, Gotto Go - that bag needs cutting out....


  1. Well done on finishing your practice block looks great and very tricky.
    Have fun making your new project bag.
    Great to see your beautiful quilt out, the cooler weather definitely brings out the bug quilts on the bed!

  2. the "barley" wheat bag looks lovely and I also like the look of the sewing case....I hope you will come and share your progress on Design Board Monday!

  3. We had never had a fire until we moved here six years ago, but now we wouldn't get rid of it even though it makes for more cleaning because of the ash. Love your heat pad, they are very useful!

  4. good morning my lovely friend,wow i love your new heat pack it looks fantastic and how good does your quilt look on your bed.
    Cant beat a wood fire,hubby will sit for ages just watching the fire.
    Lol superman didnt appear down my neck of the woods,you crack me up,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  5. Love that heat pack, it's nice to be reminded of great projects sitting in books on our shelves! No cold weather here yet, it's like Spring!

  6. Love your heat pack and your quilt looks beautiful on your bed. Still hanging out by the post box waiting for my book. Your trial block looks great. It will be lovely to have a special vag to keep your blocks in. We wouldn't be without our fire after 20 years of having it.

  7. You've been busy Fiona! Love heat packs...I go to bed with 2 though I do know of someone in Tassie that has 5! Lovely quilt too. I can stare at a fire for ages! Will look out for Superman!

  8. That is a beautiful heating pad and a nice way to have something pretty to use.
    Love how the quilt looks on your bed.


  9. Your heat pad is so pretty! And your quilt looks fabulous on the bed! :0)

  10. The heat pad is gorgeous. How pretty does that quilt look on your bed. Love your trial block. Hugs, xx

  11. Your fire will be lovely in the cooler months - never cold enough for me to have a fire but I love watching them. And your gorgous heat pad under your warm and lovely quilt - you are all set.

  12. love the idea of using barley instead of rice, and the quilt looks fabulous

  13. Love that gorgeous heat bag Fiona and your quilt looks wonderful on your bed. Nothing like a wood fire is there

  14. Dear Fiona,
    lots of good stuff, love the heat pad, and your finished reverse applique. Very nice designs and very well stitching on both of them.
    We still have our fire place going, hoping summer will come soon, when Australia is starting winter already.

  15. Cooling down !!! what's that ?? DD and I nearly expired from the heat in Melbourne and now it's over 30 at home..Phew!!
    Lovely Heat Pack and your reverse applique looks good.
    The Stitchery will look great on your project bag for Dutch Treat..... Sew one finished at AQC in Melbourne. Amazing....

  16. Love your heat pad, so useful and pretty too. Your bed looks really dressed with its lovely quilt. My one top is still waiting to be sandwiched and quilted! I´m sure you will be quite toasty with your burner, we wouldn´t be without ours xcx

  17. Your heat pad looks great - I love that book. The sewing case looks like a good make too. Sadly Superman didn't come our way! xx

  18. LOVE your heating pad!!! I use rice in all of mine, but they're never so pretty, lol. We just love those things, they really take the ache out and warm up your bed nice. :) Your quilt looks so gorgeous on your bed. I really like your fireplace, I need one of those in my sewing room, lol!

    I've never tried reverse applique - probably never will, though yours is lovely. Really like that bag too, can't wait to see it finished!

  19. The quilt looks fabulous on your bed. You will be able to relax with that beautiful little heat pad sharing it's warmth.

  20. It is interesting to read that you are cooling down and have used the fire. We are having beautiful days in the mid 20s and are enjoying cooler nights, but haven't needed the heater yet.
    Your heat bag turned out really well and the quilt looks lovely on the bed.
    Enjoy making your sewing case.
    But I am still searching for superman!

  21. we lit our fire this week.......finally cooled down........yummo.....
    keeps you so snug........lovely heat warmer.....


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