Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A mini vintage style quilt....

I do love old 'vintage' linens, and I do love quilting and when I feel I really need some 'me' time I put the two together for a play....

This is a linen napkin and I used a cotton background and some French General charm squares (because FG goes with anything classic doesn't it?)

I do whatever markings that I want before I set it up to quilt.... and the linen is well starched.  Here I used a frixion pen (I know, I know there are lots of warnings but I have found no problems on whites/creams and its a lovely thin line)

I first added a layer of wadding under only the linen - so that it would have a little bit extra puff.  This is sewn roughly around the edge of the linen using water soluble thread.  It's amazing stuff just don't lick it when you want to thread the needle ....

 The thead was changed and I quilted carefully around the edge of the linen onto the background - which now is pinned onto it's own wadding.  Here you can see the line of water soluble thread holding the linen down - that will completely disappear.

little daisy feathers around the circles....

this gives a perspective of size ... they are pretty cute...

... after all the daisies were done I used a ruler to form a swag around the edge....

.. a lot of filling in of the swag and those lines seem to take ages - they are only 1/4" apart ...

.. here you can see how the centres have puffed out.. the lines I drew on are still there waiting for a bit of  'heat' to remove them...


It's at this stage I give the whole quilt a really good spray, to dissolve the water soluble thread and also to let the quilt just rest into a good shape.  Then it is gone over with a steam iron to remove the frixion markings.

I think making these little puffs took longer than anything else - at least that's what it felt like.  they are fiddly little things and I now have a new found admiration of people who make quilts using heaps of them!

I just attached them with a couple of stitches in the middle. 

... now for some trimming up and tidying....

.. and spending a lovely evening hand sewing down the binding... I love that part though part of me is always a bit sad to be finishing...

.. and here is my new textured, vintage piece

Not sure how useful these little things are - but sometimes we just need something that is pretty and has no use at all - just for fun!!

Righto, Gotto Go... proper size quilts waiting now - the holiday is over and so is 'me' time!!


  1. good morning my lovely friend,wow you are amazing ,thankyou for showing us how you do this,it has helped me alot.
    Your mini looks fantastic Fiona and so sweet with those tiny feathers.
    Hope you have a happy day my friend xx

  2. Wow Fiona that is gorgeous! And using things I've never heard of too (water soluble thread/frixion pen)!

  3. How lovely! Thanks for walking us through the steps. I need a lot more practice on my quilting, and you've inspired me.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt and love how you quilted it the finishing touches.


  5. Gorgeous Fiona. Love it. Hugs, xx

  6.!!! Fiona, I am in awe of your quilting talents and thank you so much for the detailed write up and photo's.....simply stunning!

  7. That is incredible, Fiona, so beautiful!!! You are an AMAZING quilter!

  8. OMG Fiona that is absolutely stunning, you sure are a very talented quilter.

  9. Oh my! It is beautiful! Your quilting is amazing xxx

  10. Your quilting is amazing.....

  11. Oh my .... Look at you .... Such a clearer girl xxxxx

  12. Oh Fiona this is just amazing and so beautiful

  13. Very creative.....but it's your quilting that makes it amazing. Gosh you're getting really clever!

  14. Dear Fiona,
    you are just amazing, I'm in awe, so gorgeous.

  15. What an adorable mini quilt, although every thing you do is always lovely, perhaps you should go for ´me´time on a regular basis xcx

  16. Oh wow Fiona - this is just stunning - & oh-so dainty! Who cares how 'useful' it is, main thing is that it's eye-candy, which is more important!!
    A x

  17. What a gorgeous distraction! Love the little swags and filling.

  18. I should have looked at this post sooner. Love the quilting work you have done here. Such lovely use of the designs in your work.This would have taken a good while to do but what a wonderful result!

  19. Fiona, this little project just blows me away! It is so clever! I love the quilting! XO

  20. Ohh tis gorgeous Fiona, such patience!


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