Friday, March 11, 2016

OMG (Organic, Modern, Graphic) ... .something new.....

I've never felt I am particularly artistic so when I saw this OMG quilt challenges on Facebook I decided this is a way I can stretch myself 'artistically'

We are given a picture chosen by Helen Godden (quilt artist extraordinaire) to use as inspiration.

The shapes need to be organic, no line piecing and the quilting should be a feature.

I have been choosing to do mine 4.5 x 6.5" to start off -  I may be brave enough to try bigger designs as I go along

This is my January piece

... and my February piece....

Just showing off the process I used - this was my first drawing which I made up from the picture.  I was really stuck and Helen suggested using the shapes and then putting them differently - and not to be frightened to overlap pieces

I chose to cut out the shapes so that I could then play with them into something I liked...

... add a bit of colour....

and then this is what I used to quilt and frame...

I am really finding this a challenging activity.  I'm not as happy with my second one, but I am learning.

Having never been a modern art follower/understander I find I am having a lot of fun... I will be creating a deep and meaningful story to all of these too!

I'd love your thoughts on modern art

Righto, Gotto Go... the challenge picture for March is out and I need to get my pencils sharpened!


  1. ohh looks wonderful! By the end you will have found a new avenue!!

  2. Well look at you an artist, is there anything you can't do? Super talented!!

  3. Love your pieces, those look like fun to do.


  4. I can see this is right up your alley with your very creative quilting.

  5. Great way to stretch what you do. Love the results.

  6. It looks a fascinating process, I look forward to seeing all your new pieces of art

  7. Good brain stretching Fiona - I wouldn't know where to start with something like this but can see it would be a good exercise....(according to my daughter) I am very symmetrical!

  8. This looks amazing, challenging but amazing!!! Well done!

  9. I think you are amazing Fiona!

  10. Oh - I like those pieces! Sometimes it's good to stretch one's self a little, isn't it?

  11. Not a bad thing to step outside your comfort zone
    Great results

  12. Just lovely Fiona. Well done at having a go at something different

  13. Wow love your results Fiona !!!!

  14. Fiona, you're a great storyteller, so your new skills & learning will love to be accompanied by your imaginative narrations!

  15. I think your two pieces are great - so nice to see something different and it's good to try something new. I am looking forward to seeing more. xx


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