Thursday, February 25, 2016

Solar Revolutions ....

This week I celebrated another revolution around our sun .... which has been scorching by the way!

This parcel was waiting for me when I got back from holiday...

Shez knows I love wool and made this gorgeous topper (the polar bear card was to add a bit of cool I think) Beautiful hand work.

Her work is just lovely and it is already in a spot where I had a blank space at our entrance.  Thanks so much Shez... what a lovely kind friend you are.

 Michelle knows I loved these animals from my birth land (Zimbabwe) and she found a picture and drew this for me.....  the detail is amazing and it's a beautifully done example of the African Wild Dog

.. there were a couple of extra treats too... (the chocs didn't make it to the photo shoot!)

Thanks so much Michelle, very special.

My Hubz surprised me this year by bringing home flowers (he has never done that so I nearly fell over!!)  aren't they gorgeous and they are looking even more lovely now they are opening up a bit

My daughter and widget came home and decorated these funny face cupcakes.... just perfect to bring a smile. She also found this lovely light board which will feature on blog posts (can change the wording so it will be fun - does need some batteries though!)

Heaps of messages from friends and family and calls from all my children so it's all worth being a bit older.

Bali has heaps of fabrics..there is a couple of streets dedicated to fabric shops.....  I was aiming for just one though and had a list of batiks I wanted to get to do a couple of specific quilts.  I might have got a bit extra!!

(I am not a holiday shopper so I go in and just get what I want and leave!!! sad isn't it????) However I was almost sorry I wasn't a dress maker too... so much lovely laces, silks, etc

These will feature this year, I want to learn using the curve ruler and so they are for having a play with that.

It hasn't taking me long to get back to some quilting.   I am wanting to work more with rulers - this one is small scale (those little swags are 2" across) takes a bit of time but a lovely effect....

... and of course there is hand stitching to do whilst in front of the TV at night...

Bluebird tea time teddy (designed by Michelle) has come to life...

... the other thing I had to catch up on was the boring grocery shop.... this time I added some different things to the basket to try out some of the things I tasted and learnt in Bali....

Anybody tried making Malasian/Bali dishes?

So - lots to get working on....... 

Righto, Gotto Go... best get to it!!


  1. Happy Birthday! What wonderful and thoughtful gifts.
    Love the fabrics you got, can't wait to see what you make with them.


  2. hi my gorgeous friend ,i am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday,you are a specical friend and you deserve to be spoilt,i have so enjoyed your pics of your holiday in Bali and i love your new fabrics,i hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  3. So glad you were spoilt. Gorgeous flowers from Dave! I love Shez table mat..beautiful. you are going to have such fun with that sign and lovely batiks....especially excited about that lovely quilting.....great job on blue bird ted xx

  4. Beautiful gifts. The flowers are gorgeous. Love the sign, I've been going to get myself one. :). Hugs, xx

  5. Sew many beautiful special gifts from your family and friends...
    Enjoy making your project from your Batiks...look forward to seeing them..
    Nice to see you got back in the swing again with your stitching and quilting.. Enjoy!

  6. You had a lovely birthday! If those batik fabrics go missing you will find them at my house......they are scrumptious.

  7. happy birthday.........lots of gorgeous gifts......enjoy.....
    goodluck with the cooking.........

  8. lots of wonderful goodies. Look forward to watching your quilting

  9. Happy Birthday to you. Every one is a good one!!!!
    Love seeing all your gifts and your wonderful shopping from the trip.
    I am planning on popping in for a meal if you keep cooking the Bali way! Yum!

  10. Happy late birthday Fiona,
    you have received wonderful gifts, the flowers are just gorgeous.

  11. A late Birthday wish for you.... what a lovely post... so glad you had a great time in Bali.

  12. What gorgeous birthday spoiling!
    Michelle's drawing is amazing and love shez's runner. Such pretty wools
    Your little tea time teddy is very sweet.

  13. Such wonderful pressies, love the dried shallots always add to an Asian meal :)

  14. Wow some gorgeous birthday goodies there Fiona... & new fabrics too, woo hoo... looks like you had a great Birthday !! xx

  15. Sending you belated Birthday greetings, Fiona. I am sure you had a lovely day with all those gorgeous gifts. Lovely seeing the photos in your previous post-- of Bali-- and I am sure you had a fabulous time with your family.

  16. Ooh Happy Birthday dear Fiona!!! What lovely gifts you got - goodness, Michelle is talented, isn't she?


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