Sunday, February 7, 2016

FNWF... and a bloggy friends meet up

Thank you dear Cheryll for this months FNWF sewing.....  

I spent it with the stitching group of ladies at The Quilters Angel and worked on some hand stitching for a friendship block - part of the sampler quilt I am doing

Sampler block sewing this week has been on my own.... the others have gone off to Tassie for holidays leaving me behind!!! but that's ok as I am off on my own holiday later this week...  

Gentleman's Fancy (25 pieces)

Glorified 9 patch (13 pieces)

Follow the Leader (29 pieces)

Last year I took part in a monthly series of Free Motion Quilting hosted by Darlene at QuiltShopGal (do you remember all the cushions I made)

I was so lucky to win a gift voucher from Gotcha Covered Quilting.  When I went online I was concerned that the postage was going to be the cost of mailing whatever I bought and the Aus$ is pretty week at the moment so I wrote and said thanks so much but I wouldn't be able to use it.  

Carrie from Gotcha Covered quickly got back to me and said she would try and put something together that would be less costly to mail.....

What a lovely surprise when this parcel arrived in the post.... there is a metre of the plain grey and she added two half metres of the others that match.... how amazing..  Thank you so much Carrie and also to Darlene who had heaps of work putting together the tutorials and prizes the whole year..

They are gorgeous high quality fabrics and I'm dreaming up what I might make with them

these lovely bulbs have started floweing in a number of our pot plants we inherited here.... they are crocus plants (thanks to instagrammers for letting me know!).  So pretty and delicate and I have been promised some pink ones too!

Here is what they look like in the pot with another plant... lovely and they have flowered and flowered for ages

Saturday brought along a road trip.... Hubz dropped me off for lunch and he went and did a few chores in a shopping centre....

I met up with Michelle and Raewyn who is visiting all the way from New Zealand....

Raewyn brought along her gorgeous Calender Bears quilt (Michelles's design) for us to admire... of course I got some quilting ideas from her too!!

It was a lovely few hours that sped along far too fast for my liking ......

(thanks Michelle I stole the pics from you as mine all came out too dark! xx)

Righto, Gotto Go....  the grass needs to be mowed before we go on our holiday....  but I'll chat before that ....xx


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,what a lovely post,congrats on your lovely win and your blocks are looking fantastic.
    Boy you sure do have a green thumb your plants are looking lovely.
    Boy how lovely for you girls to meet up ,I so wish I was there with you girls,yes I can imagine how fast that time went Fiona,how lovely to spend time with such lovely friends,enjoy your Sunday my friend and I hope you have a wonderful holiday,are you off to spend time with some widgets? Xx

  2. Love your blocks, those will be beautiful together. Quilters are the nicest people and what a special thing for them to do for you. I do wish shipping costs were less, would love to send to others over seas but the costs just keep going up.


  3. Dear Fiona,
    neat pics of your little get together, great to see pictures of your beautiful blocks too.

  4. Ooh loving that block in your first pic!!! Your blocks look so good, how in the world do you get them pieced so perfectly. Congrats on your win! Glad you got to meet up with friends!

  5. Good to see you kept on track with your blocks.
    I am impressed with the way the shop helped you out with the fabric.
    The flowers in the pot look lovely.
    Now, how lucky are you to spend a day with Michelle and Raewyn. Looks like a lovely time.

  6. A lovely week - despite your stitchy friends abandoning you!

  7. Wow gorgeous blocks Fiona, they look great

  8. Love your blocks, especially the nine patch. My crocuses are just starting to come up so I'm looking forward to some flowers soon. Always fun to catch up with bloggers in real life.

  9. Awesome blocks .....always so good to catch up with blogging mates xxxx

  10. great new blocks! how thoughtful of CArrie to put together a package for you, they are gorgeous fabrics.
    Wonderful get together with bloggy friends.
    your crocus'look so pretty.
    hope you are off to somewhere wonderful for your holiday!

  11. Spending time with friends is a great way to pass a weekend! I have some of those little crocuses in white, yellow and pink.....the pink ones are a little bigger, but they're all pretty.

  12. Looks like a lovely catch-up! Enjoy your holiday!!

  13. Your friendship block is so cute. Love the fabric you've used for the dresses. The sampler blocks are awesome. How many more to go ? Cant't wait to see them all together. So fun to be able to meet bloggy friends from afar. Looks like you had a good time together. Enjoy! ;^)

  14. Beautiful blocks fellow FNWF crafter. That was so kind of the people to organise that fabric prize for you. It looks like you had a fab day with friends.

  15. how nice you girls got to catch up.............
    lovely blocks too.........

  16. Sounds like you had a nice visit. Your blocks are beautiful. I love the friendship block.

  17. Oh lots of lovely blocks and fabric to see and those flowers are so pretty.
    How awesome to have blog/friends catch ups.
    Happy holidaying :)

  18. Your blocks are looking wonderful Fiona. So ice to have a lovely catch up with Michelle and Raewyn. Very nice flowering plants at your place.

  19. love the friendship block, such sweet little ladies.

  20. What a lovely blog meet--very special. The crocus is c very pretty-- I should get some for our garden. Where are you off to on your holidays? Have a lovely holiday.

  21. Hello Fiona,

    How lovely to get a parcel, postage is a real killer. The way letters take time is bad enough without the extra cost. Lovely to meet up and discuss all things patchwork.

    Happy days.

  22. More lovely block to add to your collection. What a great opportunity for you all to catch up.

  23. I enjoyed my visit here, seeing what you've been up to lately. Thanks for the link, too...I'd like to get some exposure to FMQ as I've not learned to do that yet.
    Mama Bear

  24. What a wonderful catch up, love your friendship block !


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