Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Woolen things.....

As you know the gig in swaps is you get a present and you give a present.... I showed my gorgeous gifts from gorgeous Peg yesterday ....

Peg was holding on to opening her gifts until my parcel had arrived so now I can show what I made for her....

This is a Scandanavian style bag which I made with felted wool blanketing

there is applique and stitching on the front as you can see

I wanted the felt firmer than it was so I quilted it with wadding and backing so it's quite thick

.... I had fun with the feather quilting on the back....

I have never quilted on wool like this (I have always gone around any applique) and I was very pleased with the effect it made...

... the hardest part was stitching the two sides together... basically two wools, two waddings and two linings so I used one of those heavy duty curved needles.

.. with persuasion it can stand on its own to be used for whatever Peg fancies.

I added a few useful sewing things as well as a small supply of my upcycled blanket felt... it's thicker than what you purchase in the shops but just as nice to work with if you don't mind the extra texture....

Today I am working on something that Kris passed on to me ... a project she fell out of love with and she know I can't resist

Most of the rows are done and so I am going to applique another row with angels and stars and then sew the rows together....

.. then I think it will be the perfect quilt for in the car for those occasions you just need something soft and warm to snuggle under on a journey.

Righto, Gotto Go... before I play I make myself unpack a box ...


  1. That was very CLeVeR of you Fiona. And it made a wonderful gift too. Hugs xox

  2. Dear Fiona,
    love the bag, such a neat idea with the felt. It looks wonderful.

  3. I bet Peg was thrilled with your gifts, your purse is gorgeous, as well, as the other gifts.
    That is a wonderful quilt and nice fabrics, can't wait to see it all together.


  4. I love the bag you made for Peg, Fiona - and a fabulous gift filled with the lovely goodies :-) The quilting on the bag is gorgeous and although it was a tough sew the seam joining is an effective finishing touch. Looks like you are having fun with your latest project.

  5. Your bag and bird are so lovely...only one box before you get to play?? I think thats reasonable

  6. Love the bag Fiona......terrific quilting too.

  7. The bag you made Peg is wonderful, Fiona. How clever are you!

  8. Love that bag, the edging is beautiful

  9. gorgeous bag Fiona, love the quilting on the back and front. The applique looks amazing too. You are very clever.
    your new adopted project looks interesting, looking forward to seeing your finish.
    happy unpacking!

  10. Love, love, love the bag. beautiful work with your quilting. This is a gorgeous gift!

  11. Hi Fiona,wow i love that bag,you sure put together a gorgeous parcel for Peg,oh i cant wait to see your new quilt,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  12. It's a beautiful bag Fiona. xx

  13. Bubz.....I loved my gifts.....the bag is magnificent.......I am still in lucky am I....xxxxxxxx

  14. That is a really stunning bag, lucky Peg!

  15. What a gorgeous bag you made, love the appliqué and the quilting is exquisite!!!! Very njce that you put lovely goodies inside too. ..looking forward to seeing your adopted project.


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