Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lots Going On ......

We spent a couple of days and a night at the coast.  Great friends from the old country were visiting and we went to meet up with them on the Sunday . Hubz had some business on Monday so he left me in the unit for some peace and quiet with this view.....

... of course I found something to do.....

... and watched a cargo ship go sailing past.....

Then sewing with the Tuesday Sampler girls we got these blocks done....

Swamp Patch  (25 pieces)

Steps to the Altar (24 pieces)

Sarah's Favourite (32 pieces)

Windblown Square (32 pieces)

I've missed out some pics from other weeks but we are now up to 59 (out of 140) blocks and a total count of 1227 incy wincy pieces put together....

Then I worked with corflute, cotton wadding and duct tape......

... to make my nice new big design board - it's in 4 pieces so I can take down and add to it as I please....

... this is the row by row quilt I was doing the last bit of applique on.... that's a top finished now.  Thanks to Kris who passed on the rows to me - I love it

... I also spent some time getting to know my new sweetie pie....

... and ended off  the week with a wonderful workshop at The Quilters Angel making this tuffet....

... half way through I got hopefull about nice big cups being needed for a new bra....

I used fabrics from a William Morris range... classic and timeless I think.  Lovely day and so nice coming home with a beautiful finished item...

In the meantime I managed to wipe out my 'Feedly' list, which is what I rely on for my reading of all my favourite blogs so I am slowly rebuilding that.  Grrrrrr, I prefer spending time reading, commenting and sewing!

This weekend so far I have helped Hubz empty and clean out the very humungous slimey mosquito wriggly filled fish pond we inherited.  You don't need a slimey picture ....... but one day I'll show you it all fixed up with sweet little fishies in it... actually I think we could probably raise a barramundi or two in it!

Righto, Gotta Go..... I would like a quiet restful day - and I hope you have one too....xx


  1. So much in one week! What a view to sew by. Wonderful design board and it's such fun working the blocks together - LOVE your colours. Your tuffet is gorgeous, worn and finished. xx

  2. Good morning my lovely friend,yes I am having computer issues too,I do a post every day but it's now showing that I have done a post until hours and hours later that I have done one,lol very frustrating.
    Wow what a view you had Fiona,it looks like a beautiful spot to rest. I am loving your blocks for this quilt and looking forward to seeing your master pieces off your lovely new machine,enjoy your day of resting my friend xx

  3. Busy times. Love the design wall. Hugs, xx

  4. Wow! Looks like you've been having a blast and getting so much done.
    Enjoy your new sweetie :o)

  5. That looks like a nice place to relax. I love having waterfront and just sitting on the deck and relaxing, the best way to vacation.
    Your blocks and row quilt are beautiful, hopefully I can get some appliqué projects started this winter.


  6. Oh I love your cups!!! lol Enjoy the
    peaceful time.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Gosh, it looks like you are in a boat not an apartment, so lovely and close to the water. So jealous of the tuffet workshop, I'd do one in French general.

  8. love that design wall, such a simple, but great idea.

  9. Definitely a busy week, I need a rest just thinking about it!

  10. You have been very all your blocks and the tuffet is beautiful. How great to spend time with special friends.

  11. Now that is a view to wake up for. Love your new girl bet you will work wonders with that and very clever design wall. Your list of talents is amazing.

  12. so many lovely projects, love your new fw blocks and can't wait to see your quilting on the hanging.
    Well looks like we will have to call you little miss muffett now you have a tuffet. it's gorgeous.... though you could have gone with the william morris halter neck bra too?
    lovely view from your room on the coast.

  13. Love that tuffet....good that it got finished in a the view too.....any ocean view will do it for me!

  14. You have had a busy time, but at least there were some relaxing days at the coast as part of the week.
    Love what you have done with the design wall. They are a real bonus in any sewing room.
    The row quilt is looking great.
    What a difference that lovely Sweet sixteen is going to make. I do hope you are enjoying it!
    Sorry but I think the fabric looks better as a tuffet than a bra for you! :) Just my opinion.
    Good luck getting all your reads back on Feedly. That is frustrating!!!

  15. You are not wrong ... Heaps of awesome stuff happening in your world 💖💖

  16. Beautiful view from the unit window while you stitch.. Your tiny blocks are your pretty new tuffet...hmm not sure about the panels as bras though.....
    Who hoo you have a Sweet Sixteen.... Enjoy playing with your toy..
    Hope you get Feedly organised quickly.

  17. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself very busy, Fiona. I once somehow managed to delete my whole blog list so I know how you feel. I love your tuffet.

  18. What a fantastic view!!!! Wonderful to sit and sew and glance up now and then!!!! Your sampler blocks are looking great and growing many pieces!!! Your design wall is wonderful, so helpful...and much better than the floor used here!! Your tuffet is great...better as a tuffet than a bra me thnks!! Lol!!

  19. Gorgeous projects Fiona, love that view from your room.

  20. Hello Fiona,

    A fun post, love that you are nearly half way there with your blocks. Congrats on your new machine, she looks like she will live a long and happy life in your sewing room. Bra making!!!! Miss Muffet would be proud of your tuffet. Great to see you had a break with your friends and the view is so enticing.

    Happy days.

  21. Great view, glad you werent wasting anytime there. Also have the "design board" on my "to do lost also" looks great

  22. A busy week then Fiona. I love the finished quilt top and the tuffet is stunning - I want one! xx

  23. You have been busy but in a fun way , lots of wonderful projects on the go and lucky you with the new machine , you will have lots of fun with that . Hugs

  24. Dear Fiona,
    just love your sampler blocks, they are just awesome. Lots going on this past week, lovely to read you are having a great time with a unforgetable view while sewing.

  25. Fiona, my sweet, this is a delightful post, full of variety, quilty goodness, and beautiful stitching. You inspire me! xo


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