Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Time....

I have followed Lori for some time and had great tips and ideas from her so this was fun for me to do...

My printer (supposedly wireless) has decided to resign duties so I drew out the provided pumpkin pattern freehand (luckily it is fairly easy shapes!)

... firstly I went over my pumpkin with a darker thread just to highlight it....

... then with a lighter thread I simply had fun using a number of Lori's filler ideas....

Even though I am scared of spiders I added one - he looks a friendly spider!!! the spider is another of Lori's quilting ideas...

I also sandwiched the pieces for the back of the cushion....

here it is finished and bound....

.. with the back done in my favourite envelope style (not too straight lines!!)

QuiltShopGal hosts heaps of things you can join in and Lori has heaps of free tutorials on her blog ... worth popping around to both of them ....

They really are worth doing... I am learning heaps each month and trying out things I would probably never do...

This week the Sampler girls and I finished a few more blocks....  fiddly blocks...

Night and Moon (29 pieces)

Road to Oklahoma (20 pieces)

we also caught up with this foundation pieced block

Crown of Thorns (41 pieces)

for homework we had to finish another which was a combination of foundation piecing and lots of Y seams.... not easy to do those on tiny pieces....

.. these corner tulip blocks are 2 1/2".....

.. there are a few wobbly bits a but it is such a sweet block - but I will only be doing one of them!!

Here is a picture of all of our blocks together this week

such different colours and the blocks end up looking quite different... and yet they go together rather prettily - we are having such fun

.. this is a new bird visitor ... a pair have started coming regularly for breakfast..... 
'Little Corella' ... they are quite shy so a bit of a blurry shot....

I also had a lovely surprise dropped off by the postie this week

Dear Cheryll from Gone Stichin' had a birthday and gives out a gift!! and I won!!

Look at all this loveliness... buttons, fabric, pins, thread, notebook, purse and pin helper (just perfect for me as I pin my quilts for quilting)

This week Cheryll has not Gone Stitchin' but Gone Cruising! happy holiday my friend and thank you so much for a lovely present

Righto, Gotto Go... new toys to play with ......


  1. oh boy do I like how you quilted your pumpkin pillow Fiona.
    Sure glad that is not a funnel spider just a happy little Halloween spider. ;0)
    in stitches

  2. Oh WOW Fiona your pumpkin is just gorgeous .....I love it!!!! Love your blocks too....they look fantastic! I haven't gotten back into sewing yet......nor blogging a lot either as having so much internet trouble here.......geeeezzzz!!!!

  3. I love how your pumpkin came out, I need to practice quilting pieces like that.
    I have been collecting Zentangle designs and practicing when I can, think it is also a great way to get used to making free motion designs.


  4. Gorgeous pumpkin. Looks fabulous. Love the Sylvia blocks. Hugs, xx

  5. You are amazing what you can do with your quilting... Love love love that pumpkin......
    Hmm the corella so sure ain't shy in Dongara. We have hundreds invade the town over summer...
    Nice giftie you received from Cheryll.

  6. Hi Fiona,wow you are amazing my friend that cushion is awesome,you are so very clever with your FMQ,i have enjoyed watching your journey with it.
    Oh your blocks are beautiful and i love the birds hanging around too,at the moment we have a lot of those pink and grey,i think galah's or cockatoos,i am not real good with my knowledge of birds,lol,xx

  7. Your pumpkin quilting is amazing, it is going to be a fab cushion! Your blocks are beautiful too. xx

  8. Another amazing quilting creation! You girls are so clever with your Sylvia blocks. I love your little visitor xx

  9. You are so cleaver ... Lucky you on the win πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  10. Dear Fiona,
    such nice quilting, love the pumpkin pillow, even with the friendly spider.
    Great sampler blocks, your sewing on the tulip block is just amazing.
    Great gifts, they are always fun to get.

  11. Gorgeous quilting on your pumpkin pillow and I love your little spider.
    Some more beautiful blocks to add to your collection, those little tulips are amazing.

  12. Lovely work on your pumpkin cushion. Great work with all the quilting designs. And the spider does finish it nicely.
    This block pile appears to be growing quite well. Amazing work.
    And it looks like those birds know where you live. Lovely visitors.

  13. Your pumpkin is quite lovely Fiona. Your quilting skills are amazing! I enjoy your posts so much!

  14. What a lovely pumpkin! You awe me with your talent. And that 'modern tulip'...12 Y seams!!!!!! Yet it looks so deceptively simple.

  15. Just counting, there are 49 pieces in Modern Tulip. Whats the record in one block?

  16. Your pumpkin is- of course - lovely - I especially love the middle section.
    Amazing how the fabric choices change the look of the blocks you are making...
    Congrats on the win - lucky you!!!

    1. Fiona LOVE that gorgeous pumpkin quilting - just stunning. Your sampler blocks are looking great. Lovely win from Cheryll

  17. I love that you quilted the spider with such a strong contrast in thread color. This is my favorite from this month's challenge.

  18. Your pumpkin cushion is brilliant and I love the spider. More great little blocks and a great gift. xx

  19. Fabulous job on the pumpkin! Oh, my goodness, if I could only accomplish half of what you do!

  20. That pumpkin is just brilliant, Fiona! I love it, even the spider *shudder*. And I love your tiny blocks, oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wow Fiona, I love the Pumpkin, well done , your skills are just amazing!
    All the blocks are coming along beautifully, it's going to be a stunning quilt

  22. My wireless printer has had to be wired up since the day we bought it! Love the cushion cover, i especially love the checkerboard quilting in the pumpkin.

    What's a pin helper? Is it the wooden stick in the photo? For closing safety pins?

  23. My wireless printer has had to be wired up since the day we bought it! Love the cushion cover, i especially love the checkerboard quilting in the pumpkin.

    What's a pin helper? Is it the wooden stick in the photo? For closing safety pins?

  24. as you can see, I'm behind on my blog reading. Love the pumpkin

  25. Your pumpkin pillow looks awesome , great job indeed!! Love your blocks too , you have been very busy creating some wonderful things :-) hugs


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