Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sampler Blocks.....

Tuesday Sewing Day with the girls added another 92 pieces of fabric to our sampler quilts....

Album 2 (23 pieces)

 A lot of the time is spent cutting up these little pieces

Churndash (17 pieces)

 .. the sides on these rosebuds are only 1" ....

Rosebud (28 pieces)

 ... 6 " blocks and they can get quite fiddly .....

Sickle (24 pieces)

.. so far we have done 25 out of the 140 blocks....

... starting to look like a quilt....

here are some catch up pictures of the 3 different styles.... it's very hard to get pictures that show off all the colours well...

I am learning quite a bit with regard the use of colours for contrasts and how placement of the colours highlights something different in the blocks

Susan and Dzintra are both also making these blocks ... pop over and see what they have done ... anybody else game to join in??????

For my handsewing in the evenings I have got back to my In My Garden stitcheries (Natalie Bird)

I'm working on them by colour rather than finishing a stitchery at a time so it's taking a while to have any done...

Righto, Gotto Go.... I have sampler blocks homework to do!!


  1. Wow they are really starting to come together... love the other colour choices also xxx

  2. Fabulous! I am hyperventilating just looking at those tiny pieces. You are all so very clever. It is going to be a wonderful achievement and look beautiful. Cute stitchery too.

  3. Wonderful blocks and stitchery. I love stitchery with sayings, need to start designing some for fun.


  4. Oh Fiona all the blocks are just lovely....fantastic, love them all! I have one to catch up for this week and hopefully get to blog them as well!

  5. Wow Fiona these blocks look fantastic and I love your stitching as well,you are doing so well with this quilt,I hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. Oooooo..more homework??? Someone there is a slave driver!! Lol!! Your blocks are amazing Well done, they look fantastic together. The stitcheries look wonderful too.

  7. Love your sampler blocks - interesting to see how the different colour choices make them look so unlike! Stitching is a very peaceful way to finish the day, I reckon.

  8. such gorgeous blocks, well done to all ofyou!
    cute stitching too.

  9. Dear Fiona,
    your blocks look stunning, wonderful work, and they are so percise, wonderful.
    This is a beautiful project, where did you get the pattern from?
    Stitchery is cute too.

  10. Wow - that's a lot of little pieces! But well worth it, the blocks are beautiful. How lovely that you have a group to work on the project together.

  11. Wow those blocks are looking amazing Fiona. Loving all the gorgeous colors and fabrics

  12. Really beautiful Fiona, so many little pieces. You are well on the way..

  13. Wow...your piecing looks great. Love the stitcheries...they are really sweet.

  14. Hi my friend... lovely to catch up on your posts... so much amazing quilting going on here & it's great to see your Sampler progress... wonderful to get the chance for some sewing with Michelle!

  15. Quiltalicious! I envy you your patience with working with such tiny pieces!

  16. your doing well with all your blocks...........

  17. ooHHH..lots of pretties to admire. xox

  18. Lovely sampler blocks. I enjoyed seeing the 3 colour ways.

  19. Wow your quilt is coming along beautifully, love the colours and the design of each block. Your stitchery is a wonderful way to relax after a long day piecing.

  20. Your sampler blocks are really coming along well , and I must say your piecing is perfect!! Are you doing three of each or are these other colours some elses work ? It looks like a fun project but I must not be tempted :-)

  21. Those blocks seem to be coming together pretty quickly, loving the colours

  22. The sampler blocks are great and they look good together. xx

  23. Your sampler blocks are beautiful, it's interesting seeing the different looks with different fabrics and colours. Love your stitcheries too, Wendy xx


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