Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend fun....

A lovely way to start the weekend was sewing with friends..... I got to go to Friday night stitching at The Quilters Angel hosted by Marion, as well as be part of FNWF hosted by Cheryl...

(thank you both for a lovely evening)

I finally finished this block which I have been working on all week.... (Michelle gave me some tips for getting into those tight curves in the green leaves)

Indiana Rose (11 pieces)

One of the ladies who comes to stitching came bearing lovely stock that she and her man grow (thanks Sue in case you read this!) ..... fresh flowers do cheer up the place don't they.. and such a lovely scent in the evening ...

Mostly I am using scraps from a couple of previous quilts for this sampler quilt, so I did treat myself to a bit of fabric for the sampler whilst I was there ...

On Saturday Hubz and I went off to a local national park .... this is the stunning view 

... we went for quite a long walk down and up through the forest... this is part of the Palm Tree area...

...looking up....

Palm Tree Creek was little more than a tricklye.. very dry for a rainforest...

After a 4km walk up and down hills we needed a treat (we shared!).....

another stunning view from the cafe we stopped at....

This morning I did my 'homework' for Sylvia's Sampler....

this one was sortof cheating as I still had strips from a Nine patch swap I did so I used them...

Nine patch (9 pieces ... surprise!!)

 This one was Foundation piecing....

Northwind (12 pieces)

So I have now sewn 322 pieces in the 21 blocks I have done for the sampler.... (heehee)

Righto, Gotto Go ..... chilling time....


  1. Oh wow I love that applique block and the fabrics are gorgeous!!
    pretty new fabrics and your other SB blocks look lovely. You are making such lovely blocks.
    beautiful views to look out on while recharging your strength.

  2. Hi Fiona,i love your block its so pretty and i also love your new purchases. Wow what beautiful pics and views and such a lovely walk to do,yummy those scones make me want to run straight out to the kitchen to start baking,lol,enjoy your Sunday my friend xx

  3. Dear Fiona,
    lovely applique block and the pieced blocks look great too. Such percise sewing, very neat.
    Wonderful pictures, what a view.

  4. WOW, you have had a lovely weekend :) love your blocks :)

  5. That a lovely applique block - what size is it? What a gorgeous view! Yes, I think I would have shared too......two scones is one too many for me, no matter how nice they are.

  6. Your block is beautiful! Sewing with friends is the best isn't it?? What a beautiful place to those big trees.....nice to have a treat. Your fabric shopping looks lovely....very nice SB blocks...makes me tired reading the number of pieces you have used!! Lol!!

  7. Your post was sooo yummy...xox

  8. Love your blocks. Beautiful place you went for a walk to. Hugs, xx

  9. You've been busy. Doing so well keeping up with the sampler.

  10. Your blocks are beautiful and your walking trip are beautiful too. I love the forrest !
    Happy sewing
    Enjoy your sonday

  11. the perfect blend of all the ingredients for a delightful post today!

  12. What an amazing view, scones look a bit of ok too. Love your blocks it's gorgeous.

  13. Gorgeous applique block Fiona - lots of curves in there. What a beautiful national park - perfect way to spend the day

  14. Your applique block looks beautiful. Sylvias quilt is going to be lovely. The scent of stocks is one of my favourites. Your NP visit is definitely on my list....especially if there are scones, jam and cream x

  15. Lovely work on your blocks Fiona. Good to see you getting out and about in the fresh air. Works up a great appetite for those yummy scones.

  16. Your applique block is gorgeous! And so are those treats. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! I love seeing other parts of the world.

  17. Gorgeous applique, such clever fussy cutting and tiny curves, well done! Love your new fabrics too.

  18. Your applique block looks wonderful, Fiona. Lucky you having a private lesson with Michelle. xx

  19. Hello Fiona,

    Have to agree with Christine's comment re the private lesson. Love the "Calendar" view you have on your walk. You have a great day now.

    Happy days.

  20. Beautiful appliqué block Michelle taught you to make. Nice to have a private lesson.

  21. A wonderful appliqué block and great pictures from your walk through nature.


  22. Fiona, that Indiana rose block is just gorgeous. You really do make the most beautiful things. Love the photos from your weekend trip... looks so beautiful. xx

  23. Replies
    1. Your Indiana Rose block is perfect Fiona. Looks like you got into those tight corners just fine.... they drive me nuts! lol
      Lovely blocks for Sylvias Sampler too. Love the photos of your day out.... in particular the scones...yum! What do you mean... you shared!! lol

  24. Your applique block is gorgeous. xx


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