Friday, March 7, 2014

Hoo won?

This is the winning banner made by Chriss from our club - all the attending members had a vote and personally I found it very hard to choose .... 

well done Chriss...they have the loveliest expressions

Now I sit with a lovely group of ladies (I am informed that they are indeed ladies!) ... not all of us made a banner but these are ours......

Christine's "Bad Hair Day"

 Bev M's "In The Dark"

 Lynn's "Canungra"

 Bev B's "Night Owl"

My "Mantra"

It's a bit cryptic so here is the verse on the label
(one has it's eyes closed, one has no ears and one has it's beak tied)

"Don't listen to everyone's flaws
Don't listen to everything you're told
Don't speak if it's not kind
Always look for the good in people
Not everything is truth
Only speak words of kindness"

It's amazing how very different they all were....

Righto, Gotta Go, apologies in advance... not sure I will get to answering comments this time - sorry


  1. Oh Fiona! How hilarious! I voted for yours. I had no clue who's was who's, and Christine's was my second choice.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am so stoked.

  2. I love them all and I am pleased I didn't have to vote on them....
    Great words in your verse Fiona....

  3. They are all beautiful. No wonder you had trouble deciding. I just love your very true!

  4. All wonderful rugs, and love your verse and owl piece, really creative.


  5. What a talented group, lots of imagination in these clever creations.

  6. Love them all! How cool: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Love it!

  7. Well done, Chriss! I didn't get a chance for a closer look after it was announced. :D

    I love yours anyway, Fiona, but the verse makes it so much more significant and thought provoking.

  8. Love seeing everyone's interpretations of the owl theme. I think bad hair day is my favourite. Yours is a very good mantra for life.

  9. Congratulations Chriss
    Love the words with yours - like the 3 monkeys!

  10. All lovely. Love the verse on yours Fiona. Hugs, xx

  11. Wow, so many cute owls! Love them all :)


  12. What's talented bunch. I love them all

  13. What a hard choice to make. Lovely seeing the close ups, they're all brilliant

  14. Oh my! Those are all so lovely and very clever indeed.

  15. They are all so wonderful. I would not have been able to pick one either!

  16. Great banners. And I obviously liked yours first time round! Not a surprise!

  17. They are all awesome Fiona,very clever ladies,safe travels my friend.xx

  18. I would have had a hard time choosing they are all fantastic!! hugs Sheila

  19. Crickey!!! There are some fantastic creations here. I love the bad hair one....but they're all great.
    Cheers, Anita.

  20. Your group is certainly very creative - great thinking outside the square. Intersting shape to have to fill. I love yours :-) and also congratultion to the winner!!

  21. Hi Fiona... wow these are amazing works... I love the Night Owls...

    And yes I do love the interpretation of the "Hear No..." saying, plus that hanging is totally stunning, beautiful work!! x

  22. Love all the owls and your plane quilt too.

  23. Wow, all the owl wall hangings are gorgeous. I love yours and the thought behind it!! Hugs Wendy

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