Saturday, March 22, 2014

Holiday Time Views and postcards ....

Hubz and I went off on a road trip to Tasmania for a couple of weeks ..... 1500km by car then on the ferry overnight and drive around Tasmania, back on the ferry and northwards 1500km..... it was great....

Before I went away I sent off a postcard to Selina....

The postcard exchange was hosted by Sheila, and I love these little swaps .. so keep an eye on Sheila's blog if you fancy doing the occasional postcard... it's a fun collection from all over the world.  This stitchery is from a little extra design on a pattern by Natalie Lymer.... gotta love little fat bluebirds.....

There is so much to show you from our trip so I will do it in looooong picture posts.... these are some of our views....

Sunset whilst on the Ferry

Early morning clouds greet us when we arrived in Tasmania

 the little lake where we stopped for breakfast 

Brady's lookout

Farmland - North East Tassie

so many lovely pictures on the way

Red rocks at Bicheno


The Hazards

near Coles Bay

 East Coast

Coles Bay


View from Mount Wellington (outside Hobart)

Salmon Ponds

Cradle Mountain

Huntsman Lake

... and when I got back this is the postcard from Selina waiting for me.... perfect Spring themed picture....

Thank you so much for the postcard Selina and thanks to Sheila for coordinating the swap

Righto, Gotto Go.... so many pictures to sort through


  1. Must have been ESP or something - Tassie looks so beautiful - I'd love to do a trip like you have done, Sunrises & sunsets over water are always so beautiful.

  2. such gorgeous photos. Tasmania is definitely a little piece of heaven.
    love the sky reflected in the lake and the sunrays peeking through the clouds in the farmland shot.
    beautiful postcards sent and received.

  3. beautiful photos of Tassie.Pleased you had a fabulous time but nice to see you pop up again.
    Love the postcard you sent Selina.
    I have a soft spot for tulips and guess what I also got a lovely postcard like yours from Selina....Aren't we lucky

  4. lovely cards sent and received Fiona and love your pics,good to have you back my friend.xx

  5. What an amazing trip, such a diversity in landscapes.


  6. Your pictures are beautiful! Tassie looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love the postcard you made, and the one you received is so springy and pretty.

  7. I would love to see Tassie too I do have a cousin living there as well.
    Lovely post cards...... it is sew much fun to create and receive these little wonders in the mail.
    in stitches

  8. Oh thanks so much for sharing your trip to Tasmania , wow , beautiful pictures ! Your postcard to Selina is so pretty and Selina's postcard is a lovely spring postcard too , lovely work ladies ! Thanks for participating .

  9. You gals shared great postcards and I love the photos...:)

  10. Lovely postcards. Beautiful photos. Hugs,xx

  11. Welcome home, glad you had a lovely holiday and safe trip. Missed your stitching posts while you were away!

  12. Wow, that was a quick're home already! Love the pics, it looks such a beautiful place. We hope to go one day too.

  13. thanks for sharing the gorgeous postcards and the pics of Tassie; I recognised most places from my years spent living there. It is such a beautiful State - so glad you enjoyed it, Fiona.

  14. What beautiful photos looks like a wonderful trip. Your postcard you sent was beautiful

  15. Lovely snaps Fiona...Tassie is a wonderful place to visit I think!

  16. Absolutely darling postcard you sent off Fiona, and what lovely pics of your holiday - looks like an amazing place!!

  17. Gorgeous postcard sent and received . Love your photos and Tassie, I'm missing it already :-)

  18. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. I just love it in Tassie. Great photos, Fiona.

  19. Gorgeous postcards and fabulous pics of beautiful Tassie

  20. Incredible pics there Fiona. I want to get to Tasmania one day. Many miles to reach such beauty, but worth it.
    Cheers, Anita.

  21. Gorgeilicious photos Fiona, you're a girl of many talents!

  22. Beautiful pics Fiona. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  23. What stunning pics of your trip. The postcards you and Selina swapped are darling, so happy looking.

  24. Love the postcards, and some stunning photos, looks like you had a wonderful time

  25. Wonderful photos and cards Fiona! xx


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