Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Mini ... and other stuff

Another lovely parcel waiting for me on my return was my Easter swap mini from Maria

It took my breath away.... I just love it

 ... and... and.... and...
Maria put all sort of other lovely goodies with it.... isn't that bright teacloth just so happy and fun (it's already hanging in the kitchen to keep me out of the 'back from holiday' blues!) ... and chocolates, and coffee, and thread holder ... and the special little coaster and labels from Cheryll for the swaps

much more than expected and a lovely surprise... thank you so much Maria and thanks to Cheryll for organising... I so love my collection of mini's....

Now... on holiday I didn't go to any quilt shops... in fact I hardly went into any shops at all.... even though Tassie has lovely lovely quilt shops... we just did not have time for it all....

But as always quilts... and food were very important and on my mind.... so a few happy snaps...

Breakfast, smoked (Tasmanian salmon) with scrambled eggs

this cute little scrap pieced quilt in an old miners cottage...

...if they still sold this stuff I would have gone to buy some....

... but instead I limited my diet to delicate things in life....

a quilt challenge done and shown in Bass and Flinders museum ... the challenge was what they may have seen when they first arrived in Tasmania....

... one of my stylish hairdo's I had on the trip....

Tasmania has amazing seafood, scallops were a first for me.. and a favourite... also fresh squid....
(PS .. this was a shared platter!)

This poster at the brewery reminded me of a quilt pattern... I'm sure you can see the dresden plate...

We had testers of beer at the brewery and I loved the apple cider ..... 

At Clarendon house this hand quilted quilt was on one of the beds..... I've forgotten the name for this style so if anyone knows it please let me know...

 I had another hair do at the end of the holiday when we had Nowhere Else to go....

so we went and had some icecream.....

It's not that long for Easter now... and so I have put my lovely little mini up... doesn't it look just great in the stand.... and cheers up my room no end.....

Righto, Gotto Go..... I have to sort out my clothes... a whole bunch of them shrunk in the Tasmanian water!


  1. Beautiful mini and some lovely goodies
    Still enjoying your trip
    Great hair do's Tassy is a bit like where I live Always windy

  2. Such good times to be had in Tassie, glad you enjoyed it all.
    I love your easter goodies, the mini quilt is so cute.

  3. Awesome pics Fiona and love your sense of humour,your hairdo,s were amazing,lol,thankyou for sharing and I hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  4. I wish I could have been with you! Love the Do. Mine looks like that quite often.

  5. Maria has made you such a gorgeous mini, Fiona. Enjoy those yummy treats (or have they already gone!).

  6. Gorgeous mini. Fantastic photo's. Hugs.xx

  7. Gorgeous mini...and what wonderful ohotos Bubz...

  8. So funny! I had the same hair do yesterday. It is very "tendance" right now. (You made me laugh so hard!!) so glad you had fun ... and enjoyed the weather! Got to go ... Don't know why but i'm suddenly hungry !! LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Tassie is definitely on my list of places to go. Were you asking about the quilting pattern on the whole-cloth quilt? or just the style of quilt? (Don't know the pattern, sorry)

  10. Yummy, what nice food! Love the hair styles too.....the wholecloth isn't Welsh quilting, is it? Because I always understood that was done in strips.

  11. LOL...LOL..funny that tassie washing water!

  12. loved read this post :) such a beautiful mini quilt!

  13. Gorgeous mini and treat photos, enjoy your travels .

  14. Hello Fiona,

    My first breakfast in Tassie was smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.Blueberry pancakes were another favourite too. Love the new hairdo, no wonder the royal family has left Tasmania of its tour. Enjoy your Easter mini.

    Happy days.

  15. LOL I just love your do... That's why I have a spike....
    Delicious food and fabulous places to visit in Tassie..
    Enjoy your mini..

  16. love your new easter mini from Maria and seeing more of your gastronomic adventures in Tasmania.
    so loving that hair do you should go with that!
    Ithink that quilt is called a whole cloth quilt.
    we did the brewery tasting too, yummm

  17. Lovely Easter goodies. Your mini is lovely. All those yummies have made me hungry!

  18. Food looks amazing, mini is wonderful, hair is gorgeous flowing in the breeze and next time just buy stretchy pants then you won't have that shrinkage problem from the water.

  19. Your Easter mini is delightful!
    Love seeing pics of Tassie. Great fun!

  20. gorgeous photos, makes me keen to get down and visit the Grandies - only about 5 weeks to wait. Love your Easter mini and goodies.

  21. Gorgeous MiNi ... wonderful pic's... & delicious looking food!
    WOW what a great post! :)

  22. Now that is something to come home to....just awesome

  23. The Easter mini from Maria is so sweet and all of the extras are pretty special too . Thanks for sharing more photos of your trip , such fun :-) hugs Sheila

  24. The mini you got is soooo cute !! You are very lucky !

  25. Your holiday looks wonderful, I have been browsing through your photos. Lots of yummy food and fun hairdos!! Love the quilt you made for grandieboy and it looks like he loves it too. Hugs Wendy

  26. Spectacular quilts and food that looks too pretty to eat!

  27. Thanks for some more lovely photos. Pretty mini quilt - is Easter that close!! xx

  28. Your Easter goodies are fantastic Fiona! Tasmania looks like such a lovely spot to visit, and I know there's lots of great quilt shops too, I'm sure you must have found a few of them...?

  29. I have been gone , been sick some ,
    Your mini quilt is toooo cute.
    Hope I can get in your swap again. Been doing a lot of jewelry ( steam puck) type ,and paper clay ,it is so fun to work with. Looks like you have been having fun too. Laura

  30. Lovely mini and great goodies!
    Love the holiday hair do!


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