Monday, February 3, 2014

Lucky for me......

.. that I got into a couple of swaps early....

... before anyone found out I missed sending a swap parcel!!!!

Silly me signed up twice for the same swap but only sent off one.....


Lucky for me my partner was most gracious about it ..... this parcel is sent off now....


Each year I try and do a Block of the Month and this year I am doing some sweet stitcheries I got as a gift from a real... and bloggy friend Christine at Bluebirds and Bumblebees ..... 

this is January's block (Australia Day) 

... now Christine is the designer of this lovely set so it makes it even more extra special to be sewing them.....  the little bluebirds feature on each block .....


My scrap busting project last year was scrappy stars..... and this year I am finally putting the blocks together.....

.... well if you put the bliming flying geese shape blocks on the right way round they are scrappy stars....

I guess I am making scrappy boxes.... though I can see stars appearing.... sortof ...

I'm not unpicking... would you????

Righto, Gotto Go, February bluebirds to sew.....


  1. I wouldn't......that's cool!!!!! I really like it and it will be a very original finish!!!!!

  2. Hello Fiona,

    I love that Aussie themed block. There are not enough of them around. Your swap partner will love opening presents from you.

    Have a Happy Monday.

  3. Your scrappy boxes are rather gorgeous and Christmas presents now... I'd be thrilled!

  4. Those blocks are lovely...and lucky person getting those gifts,...

  5. Your Bluebirds are So Cute!
    Thanks xx

  6. Oh I love it when bloopers turn into masterpieces! It's beautiful. You mustn't unpick, but leave it like that so that you have a fabulous story to tell!

  7. I think the box within a box looks fabulous, you can always do a scrappy star quilt next time

  8. Oh dear, you are having an unusual day. It's a scrap quilt........soldier on. Those bluebirds are so sweet.

  9. No way would I be reverse stitching after all ...its that what you wanted the finish look to be (chuckle)

  10. They're all the same, so I'm guessing this is your take on those blocks, unintentional or not, and they still make good use of your scraps.
    Great little blue birds stitching.
    Enjoy those boxes.

  11. lol thats something that i would do,the main thing is that it got there in the end,and now your partner will have an extended xmas,what fun.
    No i dont think i would ,its looking great Fiona.xx

  12. Better late than never. Lovely looking parcels. I love the sweet bluebirds and your quilt looks great.

  13. Love the bluebirds, you blocks look great, I wouldn't unpick unless you really,really, really want to.

  14. Keep going with the blocks they look great. Love the bluebirds !!

  15. How cute is that Aussie themed block....
    I always love scrappy things, yours looks great.
    I'd be happy to receive those gifts at anytime....

  16. that was an oopsie lol
    How special though to get all those christmas goodies now!
    love your little bluebirds, these are going to be such sweet stitcheries.
    Your blocks look great, I wouldn't have mentioned that they were meant to be any different to what they are.

  17. Lovely projects as always Fiona. Very cute stitchery. I love scrap quilts too - must do one this year.

  18. Love the bluebirds, sweet, and the blocks are very original and when you do your lovely fmq it will be stunning

  19. love the bluebirds with the Australian sweet!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  20. Perhaps if you had only done one block you could unpick but now - no way - no need - looks great as it.

    Oops about the swap - oh well...

  21. Love the new quilt design! And I love your bluebird stitchery. I'm sure you made up for being late with your swap items. I wouldn't mind getting some gifts at this time of year.

  22. Awwww- pretty little bluebird stitchery.
    I would love to be your swap partner, you always send such good stuff.
    Oh my, I think your scrappy "stars" look great. Picking out? All depends on how much you wanted a star quilt ;-)

  23. Absolutely no picking out....
    You have an original.
    Greetings from Mama Bear

  24. It will be exciting to get all those presents now! Your bluebird stitchery is gorgeous, love the pattern and your scrappy blocks look lovely, I agree, no unpicking :) xx

  25. It would be fun getting Christmas gifts now :-) I wouldn't take those blocks apart , they looks great and I can see stars ! Hugs Sheila

  26. Step away from the unpicker Fiona!!
    It's a FionaBubz original, & I say Go For It... x

  27. Love the blue birds. Is that a pattern for sale?
    Glad the swap sorted out.
    I agree with the majority. Leave it as is - don't unpick!

  28. Definitely don't unpick! It looks cool just like that.

  29. I dont mind it, but unpick it if it bugs you. No point being unhappy with it, cos then you wont finish it. Then again it works if you do like this "new" design!

  30. If the gifts received by your swap partner are anything like the ones you sent me Fiona, she will be over the moon. Hugs......


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