Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Rats ............

.... well.....mice actually.... we have had several in our pantry over the last few weeks and since the peanut butter treats haven't been eaten for a week I can assume they are gone....

.... but today I had to get on and clean the pantry of mice poo..... lucky for you I am not going to show you before and after pictures of mouse poo...

.. but I did want to show you what I use for cleaning ....

 It's wonderful in the kitchen... leaves the stainless steel benches lovely and shiny....

~ Cuts into grease so well so I use it on the bench top of the stove...

~ It was wonderful cleaning the pantry cupboards... I don't know about everyone else but I find there is always spills and that sticky oil areas.... just a wipe and they were done.... 

~ I found a few spice bottles that I wanted to recycle and got the labels off but the sticky was still on the side.... just a spray of this and the eucalyptus cleaned it off easy peasy...

~ I use it in the bathroom and round the toilet too.... 

The original link that I used is HERE....Thanks to Bev (my cleaning agony aunt!) who sent me the link and recommended it to me..... 

here is how I make mine

Miracle Spray
(more or less amounts I used) - I like using cup measurements but they are in mls in the original...

1.5 litre water (1 cup boiled)
1 cup vinegar  - I used cheap Cleaning Vinegar
1/4 cup dishwashing liquid 
1 Tbsp eucalyptus - love the smell of this and I use this for all sorts in the house
3 dessertspoons "Lectric" soda (washing soda) - concentrated washing soda found in the laundry area of the supermarket.....

Dissolve the washing soda with the cup of boiling water then add all remaining  ingredients.

Fits into a 2 litre bottle.  I had a 2 litre milk bottle which I used and then I bought myself a nice $4 spray bottle which I decant it into...

It's economical, I like the idea of making my own cleaning agents... and most of all it works....  this is now my standard cleaning agent....


I have been working on my fusion blanket.... and trying to find the right yarn and cotton to use.... I got some lovely bamboo/cotton mix for the crochet

my first attempt I used a double thread of thin crochet cotton for the blanket stitch... it is not right for me... a bit delicate and wobbly ....

the second sample on the pink patch is what I will use.. .it is a finer bamboo yarn

this is where the butterflies fit in though not all the patches will have butterflies...
(the butterflies are reusing some from my Butterfly Garden pattern)

The soft pastel is recycled doona cover  .... and the brighter daisy is from some bargain flannellette ....

I think the bamboo/cotton yarn will be the most expensive part of this project - and that I got for 30% off......

Tutorial for this project found HERE - I found it irresistable

Righto... Gotto Go..... EVERYTHING needs to go back into the pantry now!!!  I would rather stitch.......

(My apologies for this spread out formatting - not sure what happened today but I can't seem to change it)


  1. Thanks for the great "recipe" for cleaning. I am definitely going to give this a try. I'll love the smell in any case. Your fusion blanket is going to be so lovely. Going to check out that link now too.. Thanks so much. Hope you get to that stitching soon xx

  2. I hope your mice are gone for good - horrid little creatures. I like the sound of your green cleaner, will give it a go. Have a fun afternoon stitching.

  3. Your blanket is looking good FIona!! Loving the addition of the butterflies!!! ... Hoping those mice are gone for good - and thanks for the recipe for the green cleaner! Don't know that I will use it while living here, but I'm keep to try some homemade cleaners once we have our own place! ... Have a great week! Hugs!

  4. Gorgeous sewing and thank you so much for the cleaning recipe.

  5. thanks Fiona i have already written out the recipe for cleaning liquard,love this blanket what a great idea and good luck cleaning out all the mouse poo.xx

  6. loving those little blocks with the crochet borders. What a great project.
    Glad the tennants have moved out.
    Your new header looks gorgeous!

  7. Love your new header - though I do miss the birds. eek - mice - nasty critters - but sure will try that cleaning stuff - think of the money I could what would I spend it on ??? Pretty butterflies - now I see where they are heading.

  8. Thanks for the cleaning tip Bubz..your blocks look fantastic...

  9. The new header was a surprise, I had to check I'd come to the right place. Love the butterflies on your squares, your blanket is going to be so interesting when it's done

  10. Thanks for the cleaner recipe, I shall keep it in mind! Our old puss Binky is (or was when she was younger) a very good mouser.....but she doesn't like travelling, so I don't think she will want to go all the way to your place to help with the meece problem.

  11. Nothing like hearing a good clean poo story! Glad you cleaned it up! Nice start to your blanket... it should be pretty! :)

  12. Thank you so much for the Miracle cleaner recipe...I made some up after seeing your post and put it to the test with some cleaning this arvo and it is FANTASTIC!!!

  13. Ohhhhh that sounds great! Normally I gas myself with just vinegar. lol I'm giving yours a bash....and I have all the ingredients in the house. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your project. It looks really lovely.

  14. I hate discovering that mice have been in the house. I don't like touching anything. Good luck with the clean up. But it looks like you have a head start on that with your miracle spray.
    It is interesting to see how your fusion blanket is progressing and where the butterflies went.They look lovely.

  15. Maybe you need a cat? I think I will have to try your cleaner if I can source all the ingredients! Your new project looks interesting.

  16. Ugh, I hate meeces to pieces...hope they have take the hint, packed their suitcases and vacated never to return...your fusion blanket looks interesting, have fun with it...

  17. Hello Fiona,
    Hello Fiona,

    Sounds like I should have sent Clyde across to your place, he loves eating mice. I use the cleaner on the computer keyboard too. Good luck with your crochet project, I did look at doing that but something else is calling me.

    Happy days.

  18. Thanks for the cleaning recipe , it sure sounds good and I like to clean with more natural products .Hope your mice have found a new home far from your pantry , they are such dirty little characters. Your new project looks interesting must check out the link. hugs Sheila

  19. The crotchet work is perfect....and yes, I like that second patch better for the blanket stitch thickness. Nice job! And thanks for the cleaner recipe......I just recently started making my own laundry liquid soap, and it works great.....uses the washing soda, as well! Who knew you could make it yourself and costs so little, and it works great! Yay!

  20. Oh, forgot to a dessert spoon a tablespoon or a teaspoon measurement? :o)

  21. Nice new header photo...
    Oh no not mouse poo in the cupboards..Pleased you a a great special spray fpr cleaning.
    thanks for the recipe. Will make some.

  22. Poor you ... I hate mice. we get them some times. I think you need to spend the rest of the day stitching after cleaning up that mess.
    Thanks for the great cleaning recipe.
    Your blocks are coming together soooo well.
    Hugs Tanya

  23. I don't like mouse poo either!
    Your cleaner looks great.
    So does your little blocks, so cute.

  24. Another great cleaning recipe to try...Thanks so much Fiona!
    The fusion blanket looks stunning. I took a peek at the tutorial and can see why it would be so tempting to make!

  25. The layout of the post (intentional or not!) is easy to read and the pictures bigger, so all the better for viewing!
    Thank you so much for the cleaner recipe, will try and make some by Friday so I have it on hand for 6 yr old party clean up Saturday - 8 boys inside as rain is on the forecast, could be interesting!
    Hate mice too, glad I am not single anymore, that is DH job (touch wood only rats outside no mice inside), and prior to meeting him I use to have to dispose of my single neighbours mice as well!

  26. Thanks for the cleaning stuff ... will try that one am open to home made stuff... with out chemicals etc..... Mice I think that would just about finish my month off with a bang my saga today ... and the quilt blocks how neat and so easy to do .. well done ..hugs laurie

  27. well .. i have made up a lovely batch of your spray cleaner ... and oh how lovely and fresh my home smells ... thanks for sharing the recipe Fiona ... I do think this will be my all purpose cleaner from now on .. and hubby loves the smell of eucalyptus oil ... so no more perfumed odors around here ... just the smell of the outdoors indoors ... ....

    love your very cute little fusion blanket .. not sure if i would have the patience to do that .. but will enjoy seeing yours when it is complete ...
    hugs ... bobbie xx

  28. I'm also going to try that spray. I make our own laundry liquid, bathroom soap and now I will add the cleaning liquid. It is good to know what is in the things I use at home. We had a lot of trouble with mice in the shed and chook yard earlier this year but have never had them in the house thankfully. I do set traps inside incase the dumb cat gets one in his enclosure and brings it in lol. One of the advantages of living a metre off the ground I suppose.

  29. I never realized how to make a crochet border until I saw this post. Your butterfly block is so pretty.

  30. Thanks for the cleaning recipe I'll have to give that a go. Thank goodness I've only had ants to deal with lately.


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