Saturday, July 14, 2012


First of all I would like you to meet Kiegan - one of my grandieboys living in the UK

It's his birthday today

here he is looking out for trouble
which is very unusual for a 6 year old (?????)
Kiegan likes to be called Jake
which is also unusual for a 6 year old (???)
Jake wants an army fighting party
is that unusual for a 6 year old ??
the cake will be a tank
which will be chomped up by a happy 6 year old


Thanks Heidi for hosting FNSI this month

I spent Friday morning cutting fabrics and having these blocks all ready for sewing together......  and then Friday afternoon and night on the machine time was spent putting them together......

#10 Kurume kasuri kumitate ichimatsu
(One-square check structure)

# 11 Kurume kasuri igeta juji
(Kurume well curb cross)

# 12 Yosegi juji masu
(Cross squares)

#13 Yosegi koshi tsunagi
(Linked check)

#14 Kurume kasuri musubi
The blocks are from this book which I am going through far too slowly....

I had better lift my game and do them more often... I am only up to # 15 of 132 blocks..... 

If you are interested the blocks so far are on THIS page 

I've also started counting the pieces (just for fun)
so far the grand total is 339 pieces for the 14 blocks
I wonder what I will finish up with?

So many people have sent me pieces of fabric for this - thank you - I'm loving playing with them all

So far the 'quilt' collage is looking like this

of course some TV was enjoyed and I finished this block ......

I love FNSI... always manage to get quite a lot done and go to bed exhausted

and when you wake up it's the WEEKEND

Righto, Gotto Go... there is a Widget who has asked to go for doughnuts.... no arguments from me

well I do have a birthday to celebrate


  1. Your blocks are all gorgeous. Love the cute butterfly. Happy Birthday to Kiegan(Jake). Hugs,

  2. I know you'll have a special time with the Birthday Boy...
    Its a lovely quilt.
    Mama Bear

  3. The Japanese blocks are lovely, I particularly love the knot block, very effective. Hope you win the lottery to visit grandies in UK next year! Our DS is about to turn 6 and I have started preparations for the party, luckily for me I dont have to make a cake the shape OR the colour of a tank! That sounds like a Masterchef challenge to me!!

  4. In my experience, unusual boys are the most entertaining! Hope Jake has a great day, and glad you had such a productive night. It will be a masterpiece when finished.

  5. Fantastic effort Fiona... LoVe #14 block! This quilt will be gorgeous! Great FNSI for you I think! :)
    Oh and Jake shares his birthday with my hubby! Hip Hip Hooray :)

  6. Your grandson is adorable and typical for a little boy.
    Your have really made a lot of beautiful blocks, that will be a gorgeous quilt and so nice to have fabrics from friends to use in it.


  7. a big Happy Birthday to Jake ....

    and well done on your FNSI Fiona ... you achieved much more than I did ...

    love all you lovely little blocks ... I do think your finished quilt will be very effective indeed ... and beautiful as well ...

    have a great weekend ...

  8. wish you could be there for Jake's birthday.
    Your japanese blocks are fantastic. I love the way you have fussy cut some of the fabrics.
    Enjoy your doughnut with Widget!

  9. I think young Jake is quite typical of a young boy - if my Andy is anything to go by :) your blocks are lovely, and I especially like the butterfly one.

  10. I think young Jake is quite typical of a young boy - if my Andy is anything to go by :) your blocks are lovely, and I especially like the butterfly one.

  11. Happy Birthday Kiegan (Jake) and your blocks are looking wonderful. hugs

  12. Happy birthday Kiegan - love the knot block and they look fabulous all put together. Donuts, yum. I am still in my PJ's and just had raison toast.

  13. Happy birthday to Keigan (jake ) he is so handsome . Your oriental blocks are gorgeous ,keep up the great work ! Hugs Sheila

  14. your blocks are gorgeous Fiona and love your butterfly,have a great weekend my friend.xx

  15. Happy birthday to Keigan (aka Jake)! Great work Fiona. Your blocks look terrific. A very successful night for you.

  16. Happy 6th birthday!! Yes, he's normal. Ours went army mad for a year or two and then got it out of their systems and moved onto something else. And had fun in the process.
    Love the way the Japanese blocks are turning out. They look wonderful. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Hi friend! Gonna play catch up tonight. LOVE those Japanese blocks. YOu know when you see something that makes your heart beat faster because it inspires you so much, well that's those blocks. LOVE them!

  18. Those blocks are beautiful. There are some stunning Japenese fabrics around

  19. Those blocks are beautiful. There are some stunning Japenese fabrics around

  20. Happy Birthday Jake (aka Keigan) I thought he was looking for his Grandma :-)
    Your Japanese blocks are looking lovely, I like the ones with the Geisha girls on. Hugs

  21. Sounds like you had a FriDay sew in?
    Great progress on your pretty blocks.
    Donuts to celebrate an absent young ones birthday - Perfect.

  22. I love the idea of sewing during the day on Friday, getting more FNSI stuff done! The blocks are stunning Fiona, you will end up giving the book a good going through...

  23. Have a fabulous Army Party JAKE....
    Sounds like a great 6 yr old theme..
    Your Japenese Blocks look great together and your Butterfly is cute..

  24. My Uncle was Albert but always known as Jake. A 6 year old and an Army party sounds good to me.

  25. Happy birthday Jake! Hope you had a wonderful day. Love your blocks and those Japanese fabrics are just gorgeous.

  26. I love seeing photos of kids doing 'nature' things!! Great pic of the birthday boy. Beautiful blocks!

  27. Happy birthday to Jake- the best kids choose their names! Gosh I love all of your oriental blocks, your fabic choices are fabulous, and there are certainly enough block patterns to keep you busy for a while.

  28. Your Japanese blocks are so beautiful, and of course I love that butterfly! When I was Jake's age, I wanted to be called Tilly - no idea what that's all about, but he's spot on with the tanks. Everyone loves a good tank.

  29. Your Japanese blocks are looking lovely - a bit to go but you'll get there.

  30. What a cutie Jake is! Your Japanese blocks are looking fabulous. Your blocks are like fine wine....they are maturing. ;)

  31. Kiegan/Jake sounds like a barrel of fun. Happy birthday to him. You certainly managed to do a lot of sewing! Great blocks and I love your butterfly.

  32. Ohh your blocks are lovely! Happy birthday to Jake! This FNSI is looking soo appealing!

  33. Happy Happy Birthday to Jake/Kiegan!!! Ah yes, typical 6yo I miss my own being that age. Fiona, your blocks are just stunning, that's a LOT of sewing, and so much more to go! Your little butterfly block is darling too. I've never done the FNSI....just no time to sew AND visit blogs, lol! Enjoy your doughnuts!

  34. What gorgeous blocks.
    I hope you did indeed get donuts to celebrate Kiegan's birthday.

  35. Ha ha...gotta love a 6 year old who knows exactly what he wants including changing his name!...your Japanese quilt blocks are looking fabulous...are you serious, counting the pieces for fun! for fun! that would just scare me silly, somethings it is best I don't know!!! Cute butterfly. Hope you and the Widget enjoyed the long distance birthday celebration.

  36. Those are amazing blocks! Great FNSI. :) And happy birthday to the grandbaby.

  37. Your blocks a coming together so well...they look fantastic.
    Hugs Tanya

  38. Cute comments about Kiegan/Jake! Your japanese blocks look stunning.

  39. love the fabrics Fiona.....and I'm not one for Japanese fabrics normally!!! Happy birthday Grandie.....boys and tanks???....yep!
    sugary hugs
    xox Wendy :O)

  40. Gorgeous fabrics! The blocks are coming toghether nicely!


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