Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, Oh, Oh......

Mr Postie was so kind to bring me lovely parcels yesterday... there was an icy wind and I don't think it was much fun out and about.....

First to be opened was my Santa Sack from Cathy 

a fantastic deep bag 
(a good size for 6 bottles of wine - just to give you an idea of the size!!!)

Isn't that the happiest of Christmas fabrics for a bag?

it is going to be sooooooo hard not to peek into those parcels

but lucky for me look what was on one... I love that idea ... open one today.... I think I might work on that....

... and these were inside..... of course I had to try one... I had the Chocolate Chai.... what fun
(I think Mr Postie would have liked a cuppa too!)

Thanks Cathy... I know we are both going to have such fun filling our bags

then the other parcel was from Shez ....
unbeknown to me she was my secret sender for Little Bit French
(that's a card made by Chookyblue - isn't it clever)

well... I thought we were sending 'an' item... but not Shez.... so generous

I had seen when she was making these and just fell in love with the colours and fabrics she was using... so rich and her stitching is teeny weeny so neat and pretty....
I'm so lucky they came to live with me

I'm sure you will agree I was very very spoilt... and that is special quilt wash in the bottle... I hadn't heard about it and Shez remembered I had asked her so she sent me some to try.... and the other bit of pretty in there is the little roses which are soap... so clever and so pretty.... 

Hubz is not allowed to wash his hands with those pretty roses....

I made up some liquid soap using this recipe from Bev.... I didn't do it quite right and kept adding water so I could funnel it... so I have loads of soap now ..... very economical and though it doesn't lather as much as the bought stuff it works well... another saving in our household.. thanks Bev (who by the way is a great 'agony' aunt.. she has been getting so many questions from me about all these cleaning agent tips)  woohoo for Aunty Bev

Righto Gotta Go... must get things ready for cleaning.....

May your day be filled with parcels in the post and a cleaning lady like the one I am dreaming of


  1. Fiona what lovely santa bag you got and how lucky are you that you could open one one,that is a good idea,enjoy your day.xx

  2. It will be hard not to peek at your Xmas gifts. Your Santa bag is so bright and cheery just what is needed to make you forget the frosty mornings. You have been busy with all your recent finishes. They are all lovely. Hugs....

  3. Wow - just look at all those pretties! Now put that sack away until Christmas.

  4. bet you hugged the postie today!
    lovely christmas sack and those goodies from Shez she is a most generous swapper.
    All those beautifully made gifts are just amazing. Lucky you!
    Good luck with the cleaning lady..

  5. All those beautiful goodies makes it worthwhile the postie braving the weather to deliver. :) Love those lavender gifties. So pretty. Hugs,

  6. OMG.. how hard is it NOT opening gifts such as these... especially after a little teaser gift!
    GooD LucK Fi! :)
    Love the "french" gifts..sooo pretty!

  7. What a lovely lot of goodies - how lucky are you!

  8. Wow the postie outdid himself. What gorgeous gifts. Such a great idea to be able to open a Chrissy pressie now, though that would get me in the mood so I would find it hard to stop, lol. Shez really is beyond generous, the colours are stunning.

  9. Now for the fun part - the filling up of that lovely sack! Shez certainly has spoilt you. What a lovely parcel to receive.

  10. Glad you liked the bag Fi ;-) LOL I nearly took a photo of the bag with a few bottles in it, but hubby said 'what if she doesn't drink?' glad the teas were appreciated too ;-)

  11. Oh my my my! I wonder if you could make just a teeny weeny shake of those packages before they are hidden from view!? And those gorgeous lovelies from your secret sender...so rich and tender-looking. What an exciting day!

    I saw a tutorial a few days ago about making a pressing spray solution. Am going to try that and then maybe will try making a cleaning soap. Lots of interest in these lately.

    Happy Days!
    gramma sheri

  12. Fiona - what a great day you have had!! Its all so lovely - but do you have to wait til Christmas to open the rest?? that would be so hard...

  13. Shez is making great use of the cards.......gorgeous gifts in the parcel............

  14. lol I'm the cleaning lady but fully booked at the moment lol. Very different from the librarian that I was pre kidlets. Love your gifts from Shez and Cathy and have to agree the stitching is just beautiful. Cant wait to see what else you have from Cathy at Xmas time too. It will be here before we know it lol

  15. What an exciting post day- you'll have so much fun and pleasure using them all. Those roses look too pretty to use

  16. Bet you love your postie! You have been spoiled today. Enjoy the ones you were allowed to open.

  17. The postie has been good to you bringing you all those lovely gifts. They are all georgeous.

  18. Bubz.....gee you have the best post man...you have been spoilt....enjoy...

  19. Hey Fiona! I had a big giggle at your method of measurement ... measuring in wine bottles seems to come very naturally to you ... do you have a lot 'lying around'??? Tee! Hee! Hee! Love your lavender gifties ... you sure were spoilt ... but you're worth it! :0) Hope you're staying warm and dry in our 'lovely' winter weather ... SIGH!!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  20. Lovely santa sack with so many tempting packages :-) Wow Shez really went all out , gorgeous gifts , just love them all , the soap is really pretty , much to pretty to use . Must check out the recipe for homemade soap , if I can save some money it means more for fabric ;-) hugs Sheila

  21. You sure are making your mail person work lately.
    How can you look at all those pretty gifts for the next six months?
    Lucky you had some for now - the tea looks delicious and your little French things are perfect. Spoilt!

  22. What gorgeous gifts! How clever are those roses. Enjoy! Hugs x

  23. So many lovely gifts...lucky you.
    If you find one of those special cleaners let me know as I would like one too.
    Hugs Tanya

  24. Hi Fiona...

    What a lovely gift set you have received... beautiful, beautiful treasures in deed...


  25. What an exciting day getting such lovely gifts in the post! Great idea being able to open one already to enjoy. Shez's gifts look beautiful.

  26. Shez sent you a wonderful gift !! It is a lovely set !

  27. Clever Cathy letting you open a parcel now, it certainly helps with the temptation when the presents have to be put away until Christmas...wow! Shez certainly did spoil you, gorgeous giftees, those roses are way too pretty for husbands to use!...enjoy all your presents...


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