Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Treasure - our pet

Melody has suggested we share a bit about our pets for Tuesday Treasures....
if you like you can join us - just link up HERE or just go and read stories of other people's treasures

Hubz and I found Tarka at the pound... so we don't actually know how old she is but we have had her for 8 years .....

Like me she is a reluctant model....

"you know these colours don't suit me"
"no treat... no pictures"
"did you know dogs have menopause symptoms too?"

Tarka is not overindulged.. she just needed her own place mat (mug rug??)....

Like me her waist is thickening.....

I think she is a bit of terrier (she is a natural hunter - which is not good for the lizards I love, but she has caught mice and even killed a snake), looks like a bit of corgi in there - an incredibly sweet tempered girl who I think may have been abused before we got her - she has a 'thing' about banging doors and won't go through one if you are still holding it .....

and while we are on the subject of Melody (the TT hostess) I am doing her free BOM and this is February's section done .....

... and how the two months go together .... taking shape nicely 

Righto.... Gotto Go.... 270 of these little half square triangles for squaring up....

Have a great week.. full of treasures....


  1. Little Tarka looks like a real sweetie-pie. Have a wonderful day

  2. Your Penny rug is looking great and have fun with all those HST! Give your cute little friend a pat for me :o) hugs, Sharon

  3. give your puppy a hug from me to, she is a sweety.

  4. What a wonderful pet story, She is really lovely.

  5. What a character Tarka is, good at playing hard to get. Your BOM project looks adorable. Tracee xx

  6. Tarka is a lovely dog Fiona. Penny rug looks good, I have purchased some felt for this project but haven't started, must do soon.

  7. What a sweet looking doggy ...she looks as though she has a real mind of her own .. bet she is spoilt rotten though on the quiet. hugs Laurie

  8. She sure is one cute girl .... love the dinner rug...

  9. She looks like such a sweetie, Tarka is gorgeous and so is your block of the month.

  10. How cute is Tarka,lol,i love her mug rug.
    Thankyou for my lovely parcel that came today,i feel very spoilt.xx

  11. Your fur friend looks like a character. Love her placemat featuring her friend.
    Enjoy your treasure and those colourful half square triangles.

  12. Hee hee.. Tarka makes me smile :) I love little dogs, much easier to cuddle!
    Your blocks are looking great! Are they felt?

  13. Tarka is a real sweetie and so glad she got to live with you and I can see how 'under' indulged she is with her own mat. Quite the quilt critic by the looks too.

  14. Tarka is beautiful. It's funny how we become friends with like minded people. We think Sam was abused before we got him, he was snappy and nervous when we got him..Ha..look at him now - not a care in the world. I am trying to do a post about Lady...but real life is taking over again. Hugs

  15. Hey Fiona! Tarka is a sweetie ... in your pics and in real life. Can't say I blame her about the slamming doors ... they make me jump too! :0) Lots of stitching happening at your place ... can't wait to see what those HST's will become. Happy Stitching! Bear Hugs!


  16. Nice trip down treasure lane with your furry family member! :)

  17. Tarka is gorgeous - love her placemat too.

  18. Tarka looks like a wonderful little dog and so nice you rescued her from the pound , I am sure her life has improved a great deal . Your BOm is looking great !!hugs

  19. Oh would you look at that sweet face!!! She is adorable! Of COURSE she needs her own place mat. And it's cute!
    Your bom is coming along so nicely, Fiona, I would love to start on mine - soon!

  20. Tarka looks like a wonderful dog. I love her place mat, I probably have to make Blackie one.too.

  21. Your Tarka looks like a wonderful friend...dogs bring so much love into our lives.
    Hugs Tanya

  22. Tarka is beautiful, thicker waste or not.

  23. What a sweetie :) At her mature age she probably isn't too keen on having her photo taken - so much fuss!

    Love your penny rug, yours it a bit more advanced than mine!


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