Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts ......

back from a lovely few days here
Last evening I caught up on some blog reading but not much commenting
I'm finding quite a few of the blog pages just disappear on my reader
and I haven't been able to reload my blog list on my page
the icons for short cuts to my side bars have disappeared
and I hear they are going to do away with the google connect
most annoying

..... but ......

A secret initial heart swap - hearts were made with initials added... 

This was send to Illene - I filled it with lavender.... 
added some chocolate and a daisy button pin

This lovely parcel arrived for me from Christine

I love it all - yummy chocs - the pretty red and white yarn that held the parcels together

so pretty and delicate - white lace on beige

* Love * Live * Laugh * tape.... how awesome

my initial in the corner - so subtle - so perfect

Thank-you Christine.... you couldn't have sent anything more perfect

Thanks Cheryll for organising this fun swap
this week I must get moving on my OASS swap

Marie reminded me about FNSI 
it's on this Friday

Join up is HERE
I always get quite a bit done


  1. Beautiful "heart" from Christine! Happy valentines day Fiona! :)

  2. Hi Fiona, I miss your posts when you are away but hope you had a fabulous time.

  3. great swaps sent and received Fiona,well done ladies.xx

  4. Such gorgeous hearts. Sorry about your blogger problems, I have lots of those!

  5. Your hearts are both gorgeous Fi!

  6. Both hearts are gorgeous , great job!hugs Sheila

  7. Lovely gifts Fiona...hope you enjoyed your time away. I just seem to get a handle on this blogger thing and then it all changes again.....arrgghh!

  8. Beautiful hearts, both given and received. I have to investigate this blogger thing. I hear there is a way to ameliorate the damage.

  9. I love the heart you created and the one that was sent to you. The lace and cream very pretty!

  10. they are both very beautiful hearts.
    Hope you had a relaxing time.

  11. Blogger is a pain sometimes. Love your hearts! x

  12. Happy Valentines Day... Your hearts are so lovely. Blogger has been a right royal pain to me lately.. I don't know what's going on!!! I have signed up for FNSI for the first time this Friday!!

  13. Oh how I want that beach...darling little hearts!!

  14. They're both very pretty....and the picture of the beach..umm...its quite chilly here today and wet so that looks like a wonderful place to go even in our dreams...
    I'm happy to know your package arrived safely. Funny isn't it that I had two sent before Christmas to places in the states that never arrived but yours to Australia did so....I asked the postman about confirmation insurance and he said I wouldn't want to know how much that would cost....I asked why postage overseas was so expensive and he said because everything is sent by air these days....and isn't air fare expensive.
    Happy Valentine's Day,
    Mama Bear

  15. gorgeous hearts, love the embroidery on yours....


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