Friday, November 4, 2011

Stitchin' Fun.....

Thank you so much for all the messages of congratulations on the arrival of our newest grandson Jack.... I have had my first Skype chat with him... he slept through it!!!  Technology is wonderful.

My brother has had his heart surgery on Wednesday and spent a night in the ICU and yesterday he was off the respirator and sitting up and ate a banana... today he was going to be going for a walk and will be home within a week .... just amazing... new heart valves just like that..... 

I have been lucky enough to be asked to make a demonstration quilt for one of our Local Quilt Shops...

It's called Wisteria Walk and made from Grandma's Flower Garden range...

I loved the extra ruffles and yo-yo's that gave the quilt that extra bit of fun....

You can see the full quilt on The Quilters Angel blog HERE

I enjoyed making this quilt... the basic top blocks can be done in a weekend ...  and the frills and binding in another weekend.... the quilting... well... someone else did that and very beautifully too!! 

Marion from The Quilters Angel has the quilt pattern and kits are available HERE

Quilters Angel have a giveaway on their blog at the moment..... some paper piecing products.... I don't know why I am telling you since reduces my chances!!  I'm thinking maybe it's time for me to learn something new???

This week has spun by..... 

do you remember our little Fairy Wrens?

I introduced them HERE when Mr had not changed colour and was being very protective of his girlfriend
then HERE they were flirting madly in my garden

well we have been hearing little tweets and seeing a youngster skit around.. they are very quick and shy
but look who took a wrong turn and flew inside

the picture is very blurry... this little wren was quite stressed so I didn't want to go too close

I opened the big door and he/she flew off... but a dinky little fellow (less than 3") with a funny short tail which makes him/her look top-heavy

Have a lovely weekend.... I need to do a bit of sorting... and washing.... and ironing... and cleaning.... and tidying... and stitching


  1. You have been busy. Isn't heart surgery amazing, now? Best wishes to your brother.
    Congrats on being asked to make the quilt. it does look lovely. Gorgeous colours. Love all the extras on it.
    Have a great stitching weekend.

  2. So glad your brother is fine now and what a beautiful quilt Fiona you are so clever,and such cute birdies,have a fun weekend.ox

  3. So glad your brother did well in his heart surgery , it is amazing what they can do today ,hope he continues to improve. Love the sweet colorful quilt with all those fancy ruffles and rickrack , wonderful job!! Isn't the wren just so cute , tiny little thing.hugs

  4. glad your brother had his surgery. Sounds like a walk in the park doesn't it?lol
    You have done a lovely job of the quilt. Love the yo yos and ric rac.

  5. Great to hear your brother's surgery went well.It's great how quickly they recover.
    Have fun giving doing your demo on the beautiful quilt.

  6. So glad you Bro' is doing well bet you will all be glad when you get him home. That quilt looks like fun. Oh look at your little bird, it's a good job it didn't come in our house, Sam would probably have eaten it!!!!!!! xxx

  7. It's great to hear that your brother came through the surgery very well and is doing so great! I'll keep him in my prayers. And that quilt is absolutely gorgeous... those fabrics are right up my alley!

    Aw, what a sweet little baby bird...aren't they just the cutest things? I've had birds fly into my house, too, which greatly excited the cats and scared the birds to bits. Luckily, they made it back outside safe and sound!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!



  8. Glad that your brother is doing to well! Forget the other stuff and just stitch. It's the weekend. TIme to take a day off from other stuff. If only we could!

  9. Such good news about your brother Bubs...and wow I do love your quilt...

  10. Surgery recovery times are amazing. Glad to hear all went well.
    Congrats on making a demonstration quilt...very nice honour!
    Your could sort fabric for a new project, wash the fabric, iron the fabric, clean up after cutting the fabric, tidy any loose threads and stitch away :o)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. So glad your brother has had his operation and is recovering so well. My son (in Belgium) has to have a kidney removed on Wednesday. He had meningococcal disease when he was 16 and,very fortunately, survived relatively unscathed, or so we thought. Looks like his kidney was damaged at the time. Luckily his other kidney is in tip-top condition. Hope he has as good a recovery as your brother. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful.Love the ruffles and yo-yo's.

  12. Best wishes to your brother, great to hear all has gone well. Your quilt is beautiful, love the ruffles and ricrac, very pretty!
    Happy housework, oops I mean stitching..........

  13. wow you have had a very busy time with baby Jack and your brother . . . .

    love the quilt it looks amazing . . . .

  14. Gorgeous quilt - it looks like it was fun to make. Modern surgery, especially with laparoscopes is amazing - I was home in less than 24hrs - went in at 3pm and left at 11am the next day (not as big an op as your brother though).
    And I have a great excuse not to do any housework - the only thing I'm prepared to lift is the presser foot!

  15. Great to hear your brother is doing well. Your quilt is beautiful, the ruffles and yo yos are gorgeous.

  16. I've missed so many fabulous posts. This quilt is gorgeous. Clever, clever you.


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