Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowflake... my pretty little Snowflake....

These have been ongoing for a while but at last I have finished

I used up some of my recycled jumpers/blankets felt to make Christmas decorations.... and I cut up a pretty crochet doily to make the snowflakes....
I don't really like chopping up peoples handiwork but it did have a stain and was 20c

they are all double sided so it won't matter which way they turn

we don't get snow at our place - ever - let alone at Christmas
.... but they do look pretty....

.... even on my rusty flying pigs....

A fun project to stitch in the evenings

I don't send many Christmas cards.. but I thought this year I would send a
Christmas ornament  - hand made  from recycled materials

sound like an aging wannabe tree hugging hippie? 

this native grass has finished flowering... I just love the berries it produces.. an amazing colour in the garden...
(they are closer to the blue colour)

... and that concludes November ....

wishing you all the best for the craziness of December

are you singing "Snowflake, my pretty little snowflake"??

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  1. WHAT!?!?!? You don't get snow??? Not any?? Think I am coming to live there! We don't usually get much here but we had quite a bit last year.....really hope we don't this year, it's fun to look at, and looks very pretty, but I hate having to go out if the roads are bad. I love your ornaments, thanks for the idea. Did your tracing number work?

  2. oops that should be tracking's nearly my bed time xxx

  3. Beautiful snow flakes and waht a lovely idea to send them instead of cards.

  4. lol,love your post Fiona,you are so funny,what a wonderful idea and i love that you are recycling,you are a tree hugging hippie,lol,love the flying pigs.

  5. I like the doily idea, can get those at discount stores around here, not good as doilies, but perfect for this idea.


  6. Love the ornaments. What a great idea. I especially love the snowflake on the purple felt. :) Love the flying pigs & the berries. Hugs,

  7. From one aging hippie to another I love them and I love that they recycled and got to have a new life as something so pretty.

  8. These are gorgeous!! Love the colours and the great effect using the doilies. Fantastic snowflakes!!

  9. You are so creative , the snowflakes are just sweet and a great recycling project as they will have new life for many years to come :-) What interesting berries .Oh and if you want some snow I can easily send some your way ,well not easily but I could try ;-0
    hugs Sheila

  10. The snowflakes are wonderful! And they fit so well with the flying pigs.... flying pigs!??

  11. You are just sooooo clever!!!

  12. what a great job on those ornaments. A very clever way to use up some of your wool.
    Those berries are a pretty colour.

  13. They are all Gorgeous..Well Done on the Recycling..

  14. How in the world do you get so much done! Those are really darling, hon! I'd love to send you some snow, it's coming down right now. *G* But I have my Spring design that you made hanging up, reminding me it's temporary!

    Pretty berries, and I love your rusty pigs!

  15. Fantastic snowflakes...I do love your idea of sending little decorations instead of cards. And OH those flying pigs how cute!!!

  16. I love felt decorations and yours are lovely. Great snow flakes.

  17. Fiona, those snowflakes are just lovely...they will look so pretty hanging on your Christmas tree. And heck, it's great that if you don't get snow where you live, you can just make your own! LOL!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!



  18. love your decorations, they are so cute...

  19. You are so ultra creative!!! I love them!

  20. Just way too beautiful Fiona... I love them....

  21. These are so lovely, wish I had time!

  22. I love these, what a gorgeous idea, they will look perfect on your tree.

  23. These are so cute and how clever to use snowflakes from doilies for those of us that don't crochet!!

    I am a new follower too!

  24. Great idea for decorations Fiona...they look fantastic...


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