Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catching Up......

How awesome to have some time being fascinated with little limbs and creases ....

Whilst I was in Melbourne I caught up with two lovely friends....

here is Marina and Melody holding up Marina's Flower Garden quilt .....
('borrowed' pictures - hope you don't mind Melody???)

I was so pleased to get a chance to see Marina's outstanding needle-work in person... this is her Patchwork Village quilt...

there were lots more beautiful pieces to see..... and so much more to chat about 
I think I will have to go back ......

and I came back with some lovely gifts....

I had admired this canvas when I saw it on Marina's blog.... so was tickled pink when she found one for me

and Melody brought us each a hexagon fat quarter, with one of her lovely home made scissor fobs, a cute bear Christmas decoration and the ladybird chocs (I associate those with Melody now)

Thanks ladies...

Mr Postie had been at my house whilst I was away....

These are some pretty pretty decorations I won from Selina in a surprise giveaway .....

they are really going to brighten up our Christmas decorations this year... thanks Selina... love them


Yesterday I sent off this lot of parcels....

SSCS 2011 to (insert name here) overseas in (insert country here), Summer Swap and Candlemat to Sharon, and birthday fat quarters to Peg............ look out for Mr Postie ladies... I hope I made good choices!


And before you think I have forgotten here is the winner of the charm pack giveaway.....

Mr Random chose # 16 - that's you Michelle..... get your creative juices thinking Little Apples...... it will be in the post soon soon......


Back at home I was able to go to my flourishing vege garden and pick this crop....

ooooh... delicious ....... 


I have to admit I am feeling sorry for myself...... I am missing this .....

I better console myself with doing some stitching......


  1. picking fresh out of the garden ....boy oh boy do I miss that. I love the look of the flower garden quilt but have never tried it any bigger that a pin pillow.
    Have a great day. On the 25 th my friends head back from you lovely warm country ... back to the snow...not sure how they sill like that even though it is mild out they will freeze I think. I am sure they had a great time in your country. I know I sure did and would do it again

  2. adorable!
    And Marina's quilts are gorgeous...lucky you to enjoy a lovely visit.
    Enjoy your lovely fresh produce :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time!! ... Loving the little gifts ... And he is just adorable!!! Enjoy your stitching Bubz!!!

  4. So pleased you had an enjoyable trip and enjoyed your cuddle time as well as meeting up with friends.
    Happy stitching now !!
    The little man is so huggable.

  5. Lovely post Fiona. Nice to read about your trip, goodies & garden produce. He is so cute & adorable. Hugs,

  6. Awww.... so gorgeous! There is nothing like a cuddle with a little baby - especially your own grandie.
    Lovely photos!!

  7. Oh Fiona I might have smuggled that little bundle into my suitcase...with airholes of course....what a DARLING!!!!

    Love Marina's quilts, and all your gifties - so lovely!

  8. dont you all look cheeky hiding behind that quilt.
    Oh and what a gorgeous little guy,it would've been hard to have left him,he is so cute snuggling up to you.oxo

  9. What a lovely post with so many nice things to see. Looks like you had a wonderful day, the gifts look lovely and Marina's quilts are beautiful. Gorgeous baby too.

  10. I bet it was so hard to leave that little one! What a sweetie he is.

  11. I have really missed you Fiona and have enjoyed reading about your trip and what's been going on in your neck of the woods and Lo! and Behold! I am the winner of the charm neat! Thank you so much Fiona and Mr Random Selector.
    You are just showing off with all those gorgeous vegies....I've had a few meals off mine too. LOL!
    It is so nice to have you back.

  12. P.S. Little man is so cute and I bet you do miss him and your cuddles.

  13. I hope to get myself one of those little bundles one are so blessed...LOL...I love prezzies...LOL....

  14. So glad you got to spend some time with Marina and Melody, sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

    You have received some wonderful gifts as well.

    Oh Silverbeet - I've been trying to grow it here, but you just don't seem to get that size.

    Lovely baby bundles :-)

  15. The last picture is just adorable....and says it all really. x

    Congrats to Michelle.

  16. Oh what a hansom young man. You must be very proud

  17. Baby jack looks just like a little angel!
    It was lovely to have you visit, and you are welcome back anytime!!
    Those veges look so yum! Tomatoes already, lucky you..

  18. Oh what gorgeous little limbs and creases, I can feel my cluckiness emerging :o) Lovely friends, lovely quilts, lovely everything. toni xxx

  19. So good to have you back and hear all about your trip , nice you got to spend some time with Melody and Marina ,that was extra special.Your grandson is handsome and I can understand why you already miss him , those cuddles must have been heavenly . hugs Sheila

  20. What a sweet lil' ol snuggle bunny! Too cute!
    Totally jealous you got to visit with such fun friends!!

  21. Welcome back!! I've missed your bloggy goodness, but it's wonderful to see the sneaky peaks of your little guy ...... he is adorable. How cool that you were able to catch up with some lovely blogging friends ....... and all those goodies, they look fabulous.

  22. Special little arms, fingers and toes.... So much to cuddle and kiss... congratulations Fiona.. so much joy in one little bundle..

  23. Oh, what a sweetie...
    I love all the little 'Bear' gifties you got...
    Mama Bear

  24. I do not think sewing is going to come close!

    Your crop looks bountiful, lucky you.

  25. So sneak the small cuddly one back in your suitcase :( Such a cutie. How fun you got to catch up with Melody and Marina.


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