Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Treasure.....

I do like pumpkins

but my Treasure today is wonderful NEIGHBOURS who provided them

don't you just love it when someone wanders down the road and gives you something from out their garden?

This week I was so lucky to get two lovely pumpkins

Pumpkin soup is a favourite

Melody hosts Tuesday Treasures and I love popping by and reading what treasures have been found

Well, you know Hubz was so well behaved at the weekend and fixed up my extension table for my sewing machine - so I thought he deserved a cake.....

Yup - lovely pumpkin cake with pumpkin icing
new recipe - firm and moist

(but don't tell Hubz - he doesn't believe in putting vegetables in cakes!)

he avoids carrot cake
so when I make carrot cake I just call it brown cake and he gobbles it up

this one I called orange cake - he doesn't know I am referring to the colour not the fruit
and you can see he has gobbled up quite a bit already

Have you got a treasure - why not come join us at Melody's?

I have added the recipe to the recipe page.... just in case you have nice neighbours too


Mr Postie visited today and brought me a squishy from Gulf Coast Mississippi
(I loved spelling MISSISSIPPI as a child)

This is a mug rug swap organised by Crafty Pug through our Christmas Quilting Block swap
I had never made one before and I love a new challenge

I love the expression on this polar bear - and he brought along a Christmas hexie flower too
Thanks so much Susan (no blog) ... I love it

.... and finally this binding is being done......

... I best get off the computer and go and stitch the rest of that binding ..... 

...... see ya ......


  1. Wonderful pressie and wow that cake looks delicious. Thank you so much for playing along today.

  2. Oh that cake does look so good Bubz...nice prezzies, lovely neighbours and great sewing can't wait to see more..

  3. That cake looks so wondeful...we used tell my son pumpkin scones were 'golden scones' for the same reason. LOL! I love pumpkin soup too. What a treasure to have such great neighbours and ones that can 'grow' things too. Great pressies as well.

  4. very nice mug rug!
    Loving the little felt ornaments.
    well done on your new extendable table. Happy quilting.

  5. Please save me a piece of that pumpkin cake!!

  6. Great neighbours are one of the joys of life. We have been lucky to have had some wonderful neighbours with whom we still keep in touch even though we have all moved, all around Australia.
    That cake looks so delectable!! Must be really good for you too, since it has pumpkin as an ingredient!!

  7. great post Fiona and very funny about hubby and the cake,lol

  8. The cake looks really yummy so I headed over to the Recipe, as that is one of the things that grow here really well on our bancallies and we have loads of them meandering all over the place just waiting to ripen - thanks.

  9. Lovely looking cake, I will have to make that for the family. Do you have the recipe?

    Great gifts, and well done on getting your binding done.

  10. Nice pumpkins....we have one waiting to made into soup too, a gift from friends who also gave us one a couple of weeks ago. We have had a lot of pumpkin soup lately, just as well we like it!

  11. can I pop over for a bowl of soup and a slice of cake (with a cup of tea), yummy post.

  12. I've never made anything with fresh pumpkin. Aren't you the sneaky one.
    Love the mug rug. I went to see the swap site and its just for Australia, right. I need to get in on one of these.
    Mama Bear

  13. The cake looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)
    The mug rug you received is darling.
    Have fun binding!!

  14. Yummy looking cake. I think the mug rug is too cute. Hope you are doing well and have fun sewing. Hugs, Kim

  15. How clever you are at disguising your cakes! I'm afraid I won't have pumpkins this year. Got them in a little too late and they are barely forming. So, I'm hoping I have neighbors like you who may want to share. The mug rug is darling. Have fun sewing today. Nola

  16. The cake is so pretty - but pumpkin? Ugh. Good idea to call it by its color, lol. Cute cute mug rug - and spotty binding, how lovely!!!

  17. You are making my mouth water. I love pumpkin soup and pumpkin cake! You cake looks delicious. I love your mug rug and matching hexies. Enjoy!

  18. Oh yum yum yum!
    Oh and the cake looks good too!

  19. My husband was sitting next to me in our warm room and I read out your post. We both laughed out loud at your tale about the brown cake and the orange cake :D
    I like your style :)
    The mug rug is very cute and yes, neighbours with pumpkins are a treasure.

  20. Yummmm ... your cake looks delicious, sounds like a perfect day!

  21. That cake looks delish.You have done some very nice work since I last popped in.

  22. That looks like some cake- will have to look at the recipe- it must be wonderful to have neighbours like that...

  23. I 'd love a piece of that cake please , it looks incredible and I will be checking out the recipe for when our pumpkins are ready .Definitely nice to have such special neighbors!hugs Sheila

  24. You are one very sneaky woman!! Does your hubby know how sneaky??


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