Friday, July 1, 2011

I know I can, I know I can.....

Only 2 more posts till I get to 200 ....... I wonder why I feel that is a landmark.... anyway... it has all been such fun....

I was going to show these for June... but last night blogger wasn't playing nice and I couldn't sign in - did anyone else have that problem?

I never managed any Christmas items in June - hopefully this month will be better - lots of people like to celebrate Christmas in July here down-under - I haven't yet but perhaps it's a good time to start.....

Onward we go..... some time ago I won a lovely stitchery bag pattern by Michelle Ridgeway... I have been working on it for a while but finished it last week...... and was able to give it to a special friend yesterday..... (you see she always come to play stitch with me with a plastic container - there's nothing wrong with plastic containers - I use them myself - but I thought she would like something pretty to put it in....)

little bits of embellishment

lace and buttons

french knots on ric-rac and rows of daisies

bigger daisies

very cute stitchery.......

(If you look carefully you can see I forgot to stitch the doohickey that the spool is fitted on to.... I did fix it up before I gave it will one of those permanent pens..... Ooooops - but now she know I really did handmake it)

Although done in June this will have to kick start my July goodies..... that's okay

Michelle has tabs on her blog to her patterns - maybe you would like some ideas for those Christmas in July pressies?

I'm learning needleturn........  mmmm ....

Hope you find your Happy Place today


  1. Yes, I had that blogger issue yesterday - just when I finished composing my post!!!
    The bag is beautiful - hope your friend uses it and doesn't just admire it as some people like to do?
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hi Fiona, Yes blogger was not nice to me either. I love your bag, what a fabulous bag. I love Michelle's designs - she is so talented.

  3. Yes blogger was being awkward yesterday. I managed to log in but couldn't upload photos normally, had to go into the HTML mode.

    Your bag is lovely. So much to look at. I'm sure your friend will be pleased.

    Have a lovely weekend xo

  4. love the bag, very cute, oops about thread. Well Happy July. Hope you have a good day. Hugs, Kim

  5. Fiona i had trouble also with blogger yesterday and i was worried that i would have to start a new blog site as i couldnt do anything
    Your friend will love your bag you made her it is so pretty and has a vintage look to it,well done.
    I also love Michelle's patterns,i cut her wall hanging design out yesterday called Audrey.

  6. The bag looks fantastic and I love the embellishments. It makes it even more unique.
    Your needleturn applique looks great.
    Happy needleturning!

  7. That is a beautiful bag - love all those special embellishment touches. Keep at the needleturn, it is looking good. (Love doing needleturn).

  8. Gorgeous bag Fiona and I love the sewing machine stitchery.
    The french knots on the ric rac are a pretty idea.

  9. I love the bag. The needleturn looks great! The points are the hardest to do, for me anyways.

  10. Your stitchery is lovely, but your adorable embellishments take it to a whole new level - just adorable!

  11. Good luck with your needleturn...I'm learning too.

  12. I ADORE the stitched teddy and sewing machine...a WUNNY-FULL sewing bag!


  13. I love your Teddy I bought the same pattern from Michelle. I just love it but I have not started it yet. By the blogger is acting goofy tonight. Slow and just they change the follower feature?

  14. Well she is one lucky lady .. this is adorable.... I always smile at all your cute little stitcheries...

    Happy Christmas in July

  15. Your sewing teddy tote looks wonderful...I got all emotional. It's like sending one of your children out into the world (crazy I know)and seeing our great they are doing.I feel very special that you chose to make it for your friend.
    Blessings Michelle

  16. Beautiful bag, what a lovely gift for your friend, I bet she was thrilled with it!

  17. Love the bag, that was really nice of you to make it for your friend, yep much nicer than a plastic container!! Linda x

  18. Hey Fiona! I thought you said you weren't very good at hand stitching ... I think you were bluffing! :0) The bag looks FABULOUS and I'm sure your friend will love it. Great to catch up today for a chat and stitch. Oh ... your cushion was found in the carpark, so now you will HAVE to make a return visit to Quilters Angel to collect it ... and maybe shop just a little! Tee! Hee! Hee! Have a fab weekend - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. Looks gorgeous. Love the embellishments. I've tried needle turn applique. I quite like doing it, but need lots more practice!!

  20. Love the bag Bubz..and your needleturn looks so good...

  21. What a beautiful bag, so many details! I hope you'll be linking up needleturn applique as your LANT ;0) Are you using any tutorials?

  22. The bag looks great, especially with all the embellishments.
    And I think I recognise that pink heart with the needle turn - looks good!

  23. Lucky friend, Fiona - that is gorgeous! Love all the little added embellishments. Michelle's patterns are great!!

  24. I love that stitchery. I bought some material and fusible interfacing and fleece along with some fabric for bags. I'm not sure when I'll get to them but it was a thought anyway. I'll check out this site.
    Love your bag. Lucky friend.
    Mama Bear

  25. I haven't tried needle turn yet but I want to. I am tired of machine applique.

  26. Hello Fiona, I loved the bag you have made and all the embellishments...Warm Regards, lyn

  27. Gorgeous stitching and I love all the little touches of buttons and lace. Eagerly awaiting your next two posts! I completely missed my 200th post milestone and couldn't brag about it cause it looked so dumb to say " wow I'm up to my 204th post"

  28. You are a pretty special friend Fiona, your pal is going to absolutely love this gorgeous bag.xx

  29. That bag is so sweet! I have so many buttons, I really need to start using them on projects! I just look at them as say... oh they are so cute... and then put them away :)I'm sure your stitching friend was thrilled with her new bag!

  30. Cute bag, lucky friend...have fun with the needleturn...


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