Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finished blocks and New Gadgets......

I am celebrating Christmas in July with these finished blocks...

I do like the partridge one...
(I might need to make another)

and although I am not fond of real life mices... I do think these ones peeping out of Santa's boots are a bit cute...

This is a great stitch-a-long and I have enjoyed seeing several already made up and finished.

Now a couple of weeks ago I was discussing pinning a quilt with Bobbie - and bemoaning the fact that pinning quilts in cold weather is not much fun....

Now I have discovered Bobbie loves gadgets - in fact she is possibly the gadget queen around these parts and she introduced me to a wonderful gadget to help with my poor cracked and spiked fingers....

I was pinning my quilt quick smart from then on... and no stabbed fingers (or blood on the quilt)

Thanks for the tip Bobbie......

I do love weekends... there is an art exhibition Hubz and I are going to... I'm not knowledgable about art but I think it will be fun... and requires a short drive .. maybe a pub lunch... and a walk....

I wonder what your plans are .......

~ I've got some binding to do ~
..... and a stem stitch lesson to finish! ~
 ...... and a Christmas wall hanging to complete ~
......... and a mug rug to sew together ~
... and some felt ornaments to blanket stitch

.... and.... and..... and....

July has run away
~ Pfftsst ~

Have a lovely weekend and hope you find some time to spend in your Happy Place


  1. I love your Christmas blocks... I have been admiring them around blogland too... and trust our Bobbie to come up with a great idea for you xxx

  2. cann't wait to see the finished quilt that you are working on the sticheries are sew cute

  3. Do love your Chrissy blocks!!! I've got some binding to do too for my Mum's birthday pressie.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Joy :o)

  4. Lovely stitchery blocks.
    Nice way to say your poor fingers. LOL

  5. A great post Fiona and i love the pear tree the threads you used are spot on and yes the mice are cute

  6. Your blocks look lovely Fiona. That is such a good idea about the spoon, anything to save the fingers a little!

  7. What a great idea--using a spoon. Never would have thought of that. So glad you all shared it. Your stitchery is lovely. By the way, I visited Helen's blog and guess what I am now doing. Embroidery lessons! So glad you shared this. Thanks, Nola

  8. I love the partridge too. It is nice there are so many pears. You have done a lovely job. My mum told me about the spoon trick ages ago. I haven't done much quilt pinning lately but I will keep the spoon in mind. I have tender little fingers. I have yet to start my embroidery lessons. I have a plan in mind to use my samplers. I think my list of things to do is as long as yours but here I sit blog surfing :D

  9. I love free gadgets! I'll try it out tomorrow as I have a charity quilt to pin!

  10. I love your stitcheries.....

  11. I've just bought Tis the Season...I know, I know I am always the last one ... LOL. Not sure when I will do it, but at least I have made the first step. Hugs x

  12. Your blocks are so cute Fiona.. This is a fun quilt and I'm enjoying making mine too. I went to an Art exhibition just yesterday and I loved it. Dying to know which one you're going to.... Have fun and I hope you enjoy it!!!

  13. Just love the Christmas stitchery. and thanks for sharing the clever pin and spoon trick.

  14. Love your christmas blocks and what a clever idea using the spoon. Enjoy your exhibition and weekend

  15. Your Christmas blocks look lovely. I'm part way through the one with the mouse, but have it on hold while the Tour de France is on....Garter stitch knitting is much safer when I get excited, cheering on Cadel Evans. Thank you for sharing the spoon tip for pinning. Like they say on the Kellogs cornflakes ad....the simple things in life are often the best! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  16. Glad you've got the right gadget to help your fingers...hope you enjoyed your day out...seems you certainly won't be bored for the rest of the weekend...whew! that is some to do list...hope you get to tick everything off as done...

  17. Hello Fiona,

    Lovely blocks,not a lover of mice as well. Happy Sunday.

  18. so happy to see your fingers are being saved for those gorgeous stitcheries ... just beautiful Fiona ... wish I could do stuff like that ... ahhh .. maybe one day ....
    and the mousey one is very cute ...

  19. Love the stitcheries , so cute ,that is the way I like mice too ;-0 Glad you discovered the safety pin method for the quilt it sure does save those fingers . No sewing happening here as I have company for another week plus.

  20. Hi Fiona,
    The only good mice are the ones you stitch!! and yours are way too cute... Enjoy your weekend, and your art show xxxx

  21. Hmmm ... I won't talk about mice!
    Nice stitcheries and I especially like the fabric around the patridge block.
    I've been using the spoon method, it's great for the fingers.

  22. the blocks look great! and i love the tip! there is nothing worse than getting blood on the quilt top!!

  23. Your blocks are soooo cute! I tried using a spoon, but couldn't get it to work right...back to putting holes in my fingers. Hope you enjoyed the exhibit. Tomorrow is the last day for the largest art fair in the country here, and I'm so sad to miss it, but it's far too hot to be strolling city streets. :(

  24. Your Christmas blocks are lovely Fiona. You are really moving along. The partner of one of my quilting friends made her a gadget that does the same job as your teaspoon. I will take a photo of it and send it to you as I am sure Hubz could make you one. It makes pinning even easier than the spoon!
    Much kinder on the fingers.

  25. I love your little blocks.. and the cute project yet to come from them... and what a great gadget.... bet I might have one of those already around here somewhere....hehehe! thanks for sharing the great tip

  26. Hello Fiona, I hope you enjoy your day out....a good tip from your Christmas Stitcheries...Warm Regards, Lyn

  27. Loving your Tis The Season blocks. Great fun. Glad you found and easier way to pin. Works well!

  28. Teaspoons definitely belong in the sewing kit not the kitchen!!


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