Tuesday, April 10, 2018


This Tuesday the Chooseday girls weren't able to meet..... so we did BagLady Monday instead....

I have made a Saddlebag before and it is by far my most used bag...... easy and versatile and holds a lot when required!

Last year Michelle gave me this lovely linen bird fabric.  I found some blue linen and a fun mustard contrast at my favourite quilt shop The Quilters Angel .....

As you can see it opens up good and wide and plenty of pockets... I added a doohickey (top of right hand side pocket) so I can link my keys onto it..... (my greatest challenge when shopping is finding my keys!!!) 

One of the bag ladies brought cute little handmade trinkets to add to the bag ...

Here are the three bags we made.... all look so different but the same - done in a day ...

I know I will be using that pattern again and again... I love it....

Over the weekend I got involved in tracing my Angel Story applique pieces...  

.. and therefor lacked in supervisory skills and went I went outside .......

... all those bushes had been dug out and branches chopped...... hmmmmmm

Later that day I could see a plan coming together with new plantings..... 

... we had a bit of fun at the nursery and whilst this space looks a bit bare it will grow..... Hubz is slowly converting the garden to predominantly native plants... tough and not needing constant watering and also bird and bee attracting....

Once I had recovered from the shock of the bare space I finally finished off the borders to the flying geese backing... it is now a good size for the back of Anthology...

All put together in a pile now with the binding fabric cut and ready too....

I've given up counting the quilt tops I have waiting to be finished..... lets just leave it knowing I will always have something to do.....

Righto, Gotto Go.... since I didn't have a work Monday it is today ... off to do jobjob!!!


  1. I love your tote and that fabric, really fun print for a bag. I need to redo my yard, nothing seems to grow lately and i want to attract more birds and butterflies.


  2. That is a great bag Fiona, all three look wonderful. Good to hear you recovered from the gardening shock!! Hope the new plants bring the birds and bees to yours. Great backing...now for the quilting!!

  3. Love the birdy saddle bag....what great fabric.
    my husband can be very ruthless when it comes to pruning....at least yours has a plan!

  4. just love that bag, looks like you all had a good day

  5. Hi Fiona ,lovely finish my friend,i love the bag and nice seeing the 3 of them all so different,looks like Dave is going to be very busy ,hope you have a wonderful day xx

  6. Your bags all look brilliant - what a great pattern. And your geese are looking great too. Love the idea of keeping the garden native - very sensible and I am sure it will soon grow and look wonderful. xx

  7. Love your new saddle bag....still don't know what happened to the escapologist fabric...lol! But glad you found a use for the birdies. Hubby has been very busy....lovely to have room for lots of natives. Love your anthology and Angels are airborne....woohoo!

  8. The bags are great. i have seen a lot of them made and they are so useful. Love the fabrics you selected.
    That's a lot of work in the garden. Looking good.
    And well done getting the backing finished. Love the way you organise your quilt tops.

  9. Love those bags. Yours looks wonderful. Hmmm wonder where my pattern is. I've a hankering to make one now. :) Love the backing. Hugs,xx

  10. Oh My Gosh! Those flying geese are for the BACK of a quilt?!?!? I love that bag. I would be able to think of a million uses for it. As will you, I'm sure!!

  11. I had a laugh at your Hubz being "unsupervised" and surprising you in the garden! Mine did a bit of work on the boat's sewage system while I was napping and I woke up to a horrible smell. He couldn't understand why I was upset, since he was improving things in the long run...

  12. Beautiful quilts and stitching :)

  13. Great bags..... Can you put this quilt to the top of the quilting list as I want it on my bed when I come and stay .... . Lol it's my favourite .....

  14. That looks like a very handy bag - where did you get the pattern? Not that I need more bags... haha! Love your geese, that's a pretty fancy backing for a quilt! xx


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