Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The long weekend....

I was given these sweet tarts last week... they are melts and smell as good as they look....  they look pretty on my plate with a little bunny....

On my machine I learnt to quilt roses.   I'm quite pleased with how they worked out...

Another block for Gardeners Journal was put together..... I think the designer was quite complimentary with my back view!!

Here they are all together..... I love seeing how it starts looking like a story... 

At the weekend Hubz and I visited a local Railway museum....

They are fixing up the trains and carriages to run trips... this is the Piano lounge....

This is a separate carriage "Great Gatsby" and decorated to suit

This carriage had actually been burnt by vandals many years ago so all the fittings and decor are newly made for it.... they have done it beautifully

a new bit of line has been added for when they run their trips.... very pretty gardens.  Completely run by volunteers who rely on donations and their own hard work.

another of their lounges with the bar in the background....

Lovely from the outside too...

There was coffee and slices available so we had that whilst listening to a Ukelele group..... 

Another lovely carriage had been painted Dreamtime, the artist called Domi did such a great job.  No photo's were allowed but they did have these beautiful postcards for sale which show some of the pictures...

this one gives an idea of the inside of the carriage... the whole roof was painted and various pictures on the sides....  

Played a little with my circles... these squares are all trimmed back to 4 1/2" but they are not sewn together... still a way to go as this is still small.... 

Righto, Gotto Go......time for some lunch....


  1. What a lovely way to spend the weekend. I love old trains so thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely weekend :) love the roses quilting

  3. That Domi carriage is beautiful. Loving your circle quilt. I’m a sucker for circles :)

  4. You have been busy. Your quilt looks gorgeous altogether. Love the train, a very talented artist for the paintings. Glad you enjoyed your time out :)

  5. Hi Fiona oh your roses are gorgeous,you are very clever my friend. Thankyou for sharing your pics of the train,the carriages are done up so elegant . You have been busy with lots of beautiful work,well done,hope you have a wonderful evening xx

  6. Your roses are lovely! And golly I love that Gardeners Journal quilt. The train is amazing - I've only traveled by train once, from Windsor to Toronto, and it was nothing like that, lol. I'd love to go back in time and travel by train.

  7. Great visit to the trains, you look at home in the piano bar there!! It is wondeeful to see the old carriages being restored. Your circles look great, and the roses are lovely. Ready for Robyns quilt now??

  8. Love your roses. The train looks fabulous & so elegant. Your Gardener's Journal & circles look lovely. Hugs,xx

  9. Pretty roses....your garden blocks are ocming together so beautifully...
    Great trains, what an elegant way to travel.
    Lovely circles!

  10. Your roses are so clever! Love how GJ is looking. The train is beautifully restored. You look quite at home in the piano barlol...... Mr R. will certainly like that train spot xx

  11. The train looks marvelous! We love train travel, but have nothing as lovely as this. The views through the American West are worth it, though. You just have to keep your eyes on the scenery and not on the horrible car interiors.

    I love your rose quilting and saved that photo for inspiration on my computer :)

  12. Lovely work with your roses. And particular quilt you are planning to use them on?
    Good to see the progress with the gardners journal and the circles - growing all the time.
    The work on the trains is amazing - skilled artist and tradies with the restorations. Great to see. Looks like a lovely setting, too.


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