Friday, April 27, 2018

Last weekend.....

A few more rows on my diamonds quilt.  I have to say I am having difficulty setting the colours as they are sewing diagonally.  So there will be a few times when similar fabrics and colours meet - so be it....

I am now starting down the other side as you can see.  The 3 rows across the top go on both sides and will be trimmed straight at the end...  This is about half way now....

I have a lovely big design wall - but it's not going to be big enough.

Hubz and I took a drive last weekend to a small town with a lake.  It was a lovely walk and we had widget and we skipped stones etc - I forgot to take pictures.

We went inside to look at the main centre there... and would you know it the local quilting group had a small exhibition on!!!

This is a whole group of 'sinchies' Six inch mini's....... they were so effective in their colours and different techniques....

I loved this one though the picture doesn't show off the true colours... it was very clever and beautifully made....

another wall of mini's... these ones were about 10" square I think....

Most of the pieces were 'art' pieces and I enjoyed seeing the different ideas....  

I do like seeing the sort of things other people make - the imagination and skill around is wonderful.....

Meanwhile I have for more blocks made for my Dutch Treat Quilt.....

I'm down to 30something left to make now - still amazed I have stuck to it....

Righto, Gotto Go.....  coffee is calling.....


  1. An unexpected quilt show is a bonus!

  2. Good morning my friend ,i am loving your quilt,it looks like so much work in it ,you are very clever Fiona. How lucky you went to the little town and it had a quilt exhibition on,lol i think you were meant to go for a drive and how lovely that you got to skip stones with widget.Your Dutch treat blocks are amazing ,how many have you done? Hope you have a lovely day Fiona xx

  3. I like how your quilt is coming out, the touch of colors, here and there, give it a nice look.


  4. What lucky timing to see a quilt show!!! - that collection of minis is fabulous.

  5. Lovely show and tell from your road trip, love the progress on your diamonds and Dutch treat.
    They look so perfect!

  6. How lovely to stumble onto a quilt show, extra bonus!! wow, you are nearly there with the Dutch treat blocks!!!! Can you see an improvement since when you started? xx

  7. Your diamonds are looking great - so effective! How cool to stumble across a quilt show; it sounds like you wre inspired - those minis at 6" must have been a sight to behold in person! There's some tiny little pieces in your latest Dutch Treat really will be a master when they're all done - if not already!

  8. Love your diamonds. They look beautiful. Nice to find a quilt show going on. Love your DT blocks. Hugs,xx

  9. Your DT blocks are amazing..great there are only 30 to go!! Hkw nice to have a day out and find a quilt show..the quilt with the 6inch blocks is great. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The diamonds are wonderful. You are so patient with them.
    How lovely to come across the quilt display. So lovely to see what others are doing.

  11. Of course, your Dutch Treats are a great display of your own talent and imagination! Very fun to find a surprise quilt show :) Your diamonds quilt does look tricky to keep track of the sideways rows, but a few similar blocks together will be lost in all that delicious variety of fabrics!

  12. I love the look you are achieving with your diamonds. Great display of mini's at the exhibition = looks like a wide variety of techniques and of course your Dutch Treat blocks are gorgeous! xx

  13. Those diamonds are looking great. There are some truly talented people in the word of quilting and patchwork, thank you for sharing, very inspirational xcx

  14. Those diamonds are spectacular, it's going to be so gorgeous Fiona - a masterpiece! The inspiration from quilt exhibitions is wonderful. I really like the quilt by the couch, wow. Your Dutch Treats are looking great!

  15. It certainly is fun visiting quilt shows to see the talent of different people. Thanks for sharing.


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