Monday, March 19, 2018

Something a bit different .....

My neighbour friend had a significant '0' birthday this weekend (a low number 0 mind you!) and I wanted to make her something a bit different but also special ........

For some reason in my mind covered coat hangers are one of those top luxury items! 

This is a napkin (not vintage but quite pretty) on top of some sort of shiny firm satin type fabric (I must find it and get some more) 

As you can see some pretty quilting which shows up so nicely on the shiny satin..... 

Some lace trim and satin bows .....

I'm happy with how these worked out - I must try and do more

I have been doing some prep work for projects

This is a needlecase from 2015 Stitchers Dream Day Out

designed by Bronwyn Hayes.  I started the stitchery on the day, finished it later and there it has sat with it's fabric

I also cut up yet more left over Japanese fabrics to make some blocks which will turn into my backing for the Shimocho quilt.... not so scrappy this time so it will be more of a double sided quilt. 

On Sunday Hubz and I drove inland to see some open gardens on farms, I snapped this picture when we sat under some willow trees for a cold drink (and cake).  Very flat land with black soil round there.

At home I have this little nursery happening in my kitchen.  When I transplanted little succulents into my glass bulbs some leaves dropped off...... so I laid them on the soil.. (the bigger one was already growing) ... can you see the tiny bits shooting off the end of the leaves? 


Very sweet - I have to be careful watering so not to shift them around.

Last night I appliqued my stitchery onto the background so it is all ready for machine sewing

Packed away waiting for a ChooseDay session

Righto, Gotto Go, I'm ready for a second coffee and some breakfast

Hope you all have a wonderful week


  1. Good morning Fiona. I love your covered coat hangers. It is a luxurious gift and they are so beautiful. I have no idea how you did these but you did an awesome job. In Canada, they would go for 20-25$ a piece. Love them both. Love the stitchery of the ladies. They are having a lovely tea time. Hope you do too. ;^)

  2. Hi Fiona wow those coat hangers covers are gorgeous and she will love these so much,love your stitched hexie my friend so cute and how lovely that you and Dave had a lovely day checking out gardens and what a lovely place you stopped to have a drink and cake.
    Hope you have an awesome day my friend xx

  3. Great Coast hangers...... Glad you enjoyed the gardens ....

  4. Beautiful hangers, your quilting is amazing. Nice to go and see gardens, great place to stop and sit for a while. Well done with the leaves....nice to see the new plants coming.

  5. Oh those coat hangers are devine....very luxurious! Love Bronwyns ladies. How cute are your baby succulents xx

  6. beautiful hangers...I remember that Bronwyn Hayes design - wonder where it is???And I don't think I have seen a weeping willow tree since I left Sydney...gorgeous.

  7. The coat hangers are beautiful - your neighbour must be feeling very spoilt. I love the little stitchery. xx

  8. Love your posh hangers, they are really beautiful. Love The quilting.
    Nice to be finishing off your lovely stitchery.

  9. Lovely hangers! Many years ago in the Big Smoke my quilt group had a hanger exchange for Christmas.....some very interesting and pretty results. Succulents are so easy go grow, mine haven't died off yet for a change!

  10. Love your work with the coat hangers. they are special.
    And you look super organised with your project plans. Good luck.

  11. The coat hangers are beautiful. I'm sure your neighbor loved them...
    The needle case is sweet.

  12. The coat hangers are just gorgeous! and oh how I love willows....! the stitchery is so cute :) xx

  13. Your neighbour will be thrilled with the coat hangers. They are gorgeous. I love country gardens, a real joy to visit.

  14. that hanger is gorgeous, really special

  15. Beautiful coat hangers, what a lovely gift. As usual so many great projects on the go, such variety xcx

  16. Awesome work with the coathangers Fiona... your quilting takes it to the next level :-) I bet the gift went down really well (or went up hahaha). Cute little Bronwyn Hayes project...isn't it funny how we put them away when they're almost done.....


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